Monday, December 30, 2013

Nayi Company..Orientation 1

Hey ooparwaale... Kuch cheezen mini mushkil hoti hain na.... jaise blog likhna... aur wo bhi wo blog likhna, Jisé likhne ki bekaar koshish aap pehle bhi chaar baar kar chuke ho!
Dear reader.... practically I wrote the beginning of this blog thrice before today... and each time due to some or the other work left the blog in between.

Never mind.. trying to be a hardworking blogger... i'll re begin.

First of all an apology to the listeners from kota. I'll soon send my replies to all of you. I hope you understand my situation. Leaving you people actually made me feel guilty. No choice however. Abhi wahi kar Rahi hoo... Jo zindagi karwa rahi hai kar rahi hai.

In fact... I am in jodhpur these days. The sun city. Today itself I completed 10 days of being on air ... ladkiyon ke liye kehte hain na... pyaar ko chahe bhool hi jaaye taareekhen na bhulaye. U'll ask me... howz da place. I an happy with the listeners. But taking time to form any opinion.

Vaise at this moment I wish to describe my first encounter with the new life here. Not in jodhpur... but in mumbai. We had our orientation there. Orientation bole to.... your introduction to the new company.I received my tickets from Delhi office and boarded the train alone for the first time for such a long distance. (I know main gavaar sound kar Rahi hoon... par I'm being genuine.. ha) during the journey I was two things.
1. Ek kilometre me diameter mein there was no girl in my coach.
2. The South Indians who I was travelling with were all non.Veges. so beta saavi ne life mein pehli baar non veg coach share kiya. Haha

Anyways... I reached panvel station from kota at 5 in the morning. Caught a Meru cab for Mumbai. The driver Saab was from UP and good to talk to. An hour long journey ended at meera CHS. The official guest house u see. I reached at 6:30 and the office time was 9. So immediately after the breakfast and mai- panhuch- gayi sort conversations finally headed for the lift. Yahan bhi Pata chalta hai kya. . No girls in my guest house. Sab bande. Ohh. It's not so that I like girls in that way. But hota hai na. Koi smile karne layak to hoti. That's a girly little thing you know. Never mind, CHALIYE AAPKO OFFICE LIYE CHALTE HAIN!.

Office... wo ek mall mein that 4 thi floor par. Again a lift. (Dear reader.. if you don't know this about saavi... I am not really fond of lifts and escalators. I prefer stairs instead.) A huge lady waited to check us up at the office gate. I wish she smiled- I bet she could have looked prettier. What I liked about her was her sincerity while- I mean it- if she smiled- she could have looked like a human being. After our signatures and all we were guided to a board room. In between, the office was huge as a party hall. And trust me- baaraatiyon se zyaada employees they wahan. Bas, department ke hisaab se baaraaten alag alag thi. Finally, I joined a group where many were better than me and almost everyone older to me. You see, jaate hi laga- yahan to sab bade log hain. Finally I acquired a seat on the left. The third seat. which remained mine for the next five days.

On my right was Ranjan- who joined as an on air scheduler. And the only person in the hall who I thought was more bothered than me. There's one thing that I understood out here. Your previous job experiences never move out of your head but you have to forget everything in the present. To proceed further, we were greeted by a lady fairer than the the face-cream-advertisement-waali-girl. Agle Paanch din tak wo ghazal ki tarah aati aur kahaani ki tarah nikal jaati. uff! Khoobsurati bhi bala hoti hai (from the side of the males in the board room.)

So practically, the life was now no less than Chennai express. Train kahan jaayegi ye to pata hai par hit hai ya flop. Pata Nahi. All we could do were 3 things:

1. Ask the person beside us- from where are you??
2. Look at the orientation plan sheet- behaving as if I-am-waiting-u-see.
3. Gaze at the board room walls/ sheeshas- trying to be a super analyst- who would now submit a fresh report on walls of the board room soon!

And one more! Check the 3G phone uselessly.
To be continued....

Nayi Company: Orientation 2

continued from the last post...
Dear Reader, here I'd like to mention- if I'll describe all the sessions from the orientation you'll probably not feel interested. So, instead of boring you just a few excerpts. With the tags I'd like to give to a few people!

The best session I found was the creativity one. Mr. Dheeraj Kumar was the mentor and I bet agar creativity Na hoti- life worth living bhi na hoti. You motivated me Mr. Kumar. Hats off. What I liked about your session was- you weren't diplomatic at all! Hata off! aapki chashme waali aankhon se creativity tapak rahi thi!

Meeting Tanya Kaushal was another incident. Older to me by at least 7-8 years Tanya was really particular and she loves English music. If she's watching Bigg boss, don't dare to disturb her. Tanya, if read this ever- I loved mentioning your qualities in that describe-your-partner session. What I liked about you was- though you don't mingle up with people hard- but you were soft to me. Why? I don't know! I won't miss you Tanya... but won't forget you either.

THE WONDERFUL SMILE: Mr. Suresh and Mr. Rajesh
By reading the names dear reader, you might be thinking- five star ka advt???@@ AAh no! Mr. suresh and Rajesh were south Indians and I admit the most sweet ones. Their smile ohh it made you feel heavens. I know Iknow you might be thinking Saavi bandon ki smile par fida! Ji nahi inki simplicity par moe-than-happy hoon main! Aur ha, ther best part- ye baithte bhi mere saamne ki row mein they!

Why Mr. Sachin 'I'. Ohh because we had two sachins in the board room. The one I am talking about was from sales. Sachin I guess mujhse age mein 4-6 saal bade to zaroor rahe honge. And by that thinking unka mujhse zyada thoughtfull hona banta bhi tha. But no, this was a liitle different. He has aspirations- and I hope he fulfills them soon. If we were there for lunch, he shan't forget asking me - Saavi! u.. and that was decent too! Dear Sachin, if you are reading, stop thinking- you'll do wonders!

Mr. Amit was the only person in the boardroom whom I knew before joining the new concern. He was my facebook friend. I knew he writes quite emphatically, but the reason I realized was this time in orientation- his singing, his spirituality.

With this long name- you might think- Aanandh must have ben 35+. But no, I guess Aanand is not more than 27. Anyways, blessed with an old Maru gf, he seemed to be the most formal person as I met him. But just seemed. I think due to his proximity in the seating process- he was my internet-chalu-kar-do colleague. Thanks Thorat! you helped me with my phone. But, I should have been happier, if it worked!

With the tag it must be clear Pulkit did ask many questions. Mujhse bhi zyada. In fact sales mein hote hue. You were a genius. When we were in school, ek baat kehte they... sawaal aksar periods nikaal diya karte hain. So pulkit's questions were actually non minded by others. But pulkit, I did not expect that question- Why is your bag that heavy! Oh bless me.!

Ohh everybody in the boardroom knew that- especially after that intro session- where RJ Sachin described Bala. Bala was another south Indian in the group and trust me all I met were good. Khair, best about Bala was- he was simple- simply simple! Bless you Bala- And my suggestion- catch a girlfriend!hahah.

Aayush had to join Goa. He reached the session on the second day I guess. But seriously, I was so very relieved to have a Rajasthani acquaintance! Jaipurite Aayush.. Right??

RJ Sachin: I won't tag this person. But he was good. Phir simple kahoongi to aap kahenge ye bhi simple- wo bhi simple! But then sachin: I'll read your novel.. bas likh lo!

Mr. Girish: He was another person who I think I should mention Akele hindi bhashi! Sir, language power hai!

There are others who I think I should mention. Butttt aap padh nahi paayenge! sO, JUST LAST!

THE BEST MOMENT: The product presentation. Seriously after the presentation- Iwas most satisfied. Ab tak 4 din mujhe lag raha tha... can I and after the presentation- chalo! I am not dead. Creative karke achchha lagta hai!

And dear reader, agar aap padhte padhte nahi thake hain... saavi likhte likhte that gayi hai! so spare me!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Aaye bhi, Baithe bhi,... aur bin kuchh kahe... chal bhi diye!

Dear Listener (Yahan off course Reader), I apologize. Sry for not declaring my departure. For not letting you know that probably Kota will never be able to hear my voice (on air) again. PROBABLY, 30TH NOVEMBER AAKHIRI HI THA!

You know, more than you people, my heart sank, my life slipped into questions, my tummy clinched inside- as on 30th November I said, aaj Kota mein Saavi ka aakhiri, 'Humse Bachke Kahan Jaaoge Babu...'I guess isse pehle ye line kehne par I never cried. (doosre rote honge to pata nahi... but at least I never cried.) Par iss baar I couldn't stop. U know aansu aur bina kaam ke sms roke nahi rukte. AAh.(YOU KNOW WHAT, I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE COURAGE TO TELL THE LISTENERS THAT I AM GOING- SO I DIDN'T SPEAK THAT ON AIR. BUT SOMEHOW, THE WHOLE SHOW THAT DAY WAS LOW) Khair, I am sure, even you must have had that question- Saavi kyon?? Kya hua? Has the company chucked you? Zaroor kisi ne zyada paisa diya hoga? And greatest of all Shaadi to nahi ho rahi?? Uff!!

I know that is not your mistake, thinking and imagining that I probably had a Thakur v/s Gabbar waali ladai with Tadka and now badle ke liye- Saavi chhodkar jaa rahi hai. But seriously, sometimes... nothing of the sort happens. In fact, jahan main 5 saal 11 maheene rahi... jahan 1000 episodes (bina chhutti ke) poore kiye... jahan ghar se zyada maine time bitaya... jahan ki team is no less than my best mentors...wahan se jaana was just like - mujhe exam mein answer aata hai- par likh nahi rahi hoon...I know I can top, par bas fail hone ki koshish kar rahi hoon! Life aisi hi hai.

Any ways, the original question: Saavi ne chhoda kyon? I have heard the film stars saying- " humein falana film ki shooting karne mein bada maza aaya... it was like a family on the set" But urgently, lets not forget.... every film's shooting does come to an end. Nahi to- agar amitabh bachchan taaumr agar sirf 'vijay' bane rehte to kya chalta? Mamma ki shaadi se unka bhi ghar change ho gaya. And jaise khaane mein aap har roz kuchh ek jaisa nahi kha sakte waise roz saavi ko kaise sunte?? To bas, socha- Achchha to hum chalte hain! Phir kab miloge?? na tum jaano na hum!

Aur ha, sabse badi baat, mere jaane se kaiyon ko space milegi. Naya talent saamne aayega. Logon ne socha hoga... kab se kundali maarkar baithi hai saavi... ye jaayegi to humara number aayega... To bas, ek social decision lete hue- kaiyo ko naukri ka mauka dete hue- MAINE TADKA KO BBBBYE BID KAR DIYA!! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The hidden blunder- Saavi...a host?

Saavi… a show host?

Life mein koi bhi cheez sirf do hi sooraton mein hoti hai…
1. When you wanna do it.
2. When you are thrown into it..!

Aah! Dear reader, you might be thinking.. arey mohtarma… bade philosophical ho rahi hain, sab theek to hai na..!

Ya, yun to sab theek hai… bas zara kuchh yaad karke hum female Devanand ho rahe hai… you know… dramatically emotional. Rajasthan Patrika’s Dandiya this year ended just yesterday. The public was good and so was the experience. But frankly, if it had been my choice, I would have never been the host to this show. (Kyun, Main hoon ‘Naaa’) So, it’s another incident that happened a few years back (imagine the flashback), when Saavi never knew that she could even host any show.

If you have read my previous blogs, you’d know that I never aspired to be a jock. But life had its own plan. A forced audition got me the prefix RJ; while another forced effort got me into hosting. Four years back, 2010. Alike each time my colleagues told me, “Saavi .. Apne dandiya mein chalen???”
Me: Yaar apna to Dandiya dance zara kamzor hai… tumhi chale jaana.
Colleague: To tujhe konsa Dandiya karna compulsory hai. Bas chal challenge, ghoom ke aa jaayene.
Me: Ha, par jaldi aa jayenge… subah show hota hai…
Colleague: K.

So there, after office, Saavi was picked up by her colleagues and together we reached the venue. My colleagues on one hand wanted to enjoy, I simply accompanied them for their hearts. Ya, being a speaker myself, at that moment I was even wondering about one more thing… Who shall be the host. I had heard then, that a famous and the only anchor of Kota did that job. So, us waqt to bas yun laga.. koi nahi aaj kisi aur ko bolta dekhenge… kuchh unse bhi learn karenge. (I don’t know, how many of you have actually experienced this- but kabhi kabhi apna kaam kisi aur ko karte dekhna – here speaking- bhi kaafi achchha hota hai.. ) Chalo aaj kisi aur ki galtiyaan nikaalenge.. hahahah.
In fact, that evening, we quite entered as the ‘shareef kids’ ..I mean, all in time… Jaise Master Chef ke ghar ki clock chal rahi ho..! I remember, hum kuchh zyada hi jaldi panhuch gaye the- tabhi jis host ko main dekhna chahti thi- wo bhi nahi dikhe… I thought, kuchh der baad aayenge shayad.
So, dressed in pink, I walked as a khulla rabbit! Haha, kaam kuchh karna nahi- basss dekhenge. But donno why, our Branch Manager sir and a few other seniors kept glaring- while we entered. I thought, koi nahi, hum zara naye hain… to dekh rahe honge. Suddenly, he called us and said- “Saavi, show sambhalna hai…” And I was like- jaise kisi ne Vindu Darasingh se autograph lene ke liye majboor kar diya ho… Na keh nahi sakte- Haa Karen to kaise… ab ise pehle kabhi itna wadda public event host kiya bhi nahi. Bura ho gaya to koi chhodega nahi, aur achchha hone ka sawal hi nahi! Saavi bure phanse.

Ooparwaala jhooth na bulwaaye… at that moment- My colleagues were no less than Big Boss’ Andy. I actually cursed my colleagues in the purest language of my heart- Pata nahi kaunse moohoort mein inko maine ha kiya… ab batao mujhe to dandiya mein aana bhi nahi tha… ab sambhalna padega…Sab ke sab…uff!
Finally, I was handed over with mike (Life mein pehli baar mohabbat bhi nafrat si lag rahi thi). I started and ended. All I tried to remember was- what my boss did as a host and applied all that I had. I was literally nervous (hum bhi insaan hi hain yaar!). Bas bol diya… But frankly as I stopped, one… two… three… four… all came asking- AAPKA NAAM… BAHUT BADHIYA BOLE AAP… AAPKA NUMBER DE DEEJIYE…And I was like- gazzab mazaak kar rahe hai… baawre to nahi hue hain na koi..! I was still confounded. All I thought was- subah se koi nahi mila inn logon ko.. yahan kabhi hosting ki nahi… oopar se ye mazaak… uff! But then, Sir seemed happy.

Till date I have not been able to guess… as of what made me a host. But ya with the experience I can lend you something…

Top three things to do to be a good host:
1. Apne shabdo ko paise ki tarah kharch karo
2. Mike ko geela mat karo…. And..
3. Ab bas bhi karo!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The story behind 'Humse bachke Kahan jaaoge babu..!'

A day or two ago my Facebook status read something like..
“I think about you when no one's around, I think about you- when in open air, When others are talking I listen to you… Dear Radio, There are all reasons to fall in love with you.. — feeling wonderful.”

And my sis turned to me asking… “So what were you feeling wonderful about??” Me: Radio…
And I must not lie, radio actually makes you feel wonderful. Those hours when you are on air, that new thought each day, that thirst to be creative each moment, that fear-‘will you be able to do your best..?’! wo!
Anyways, isse zyada senti hone par aap ye blog padhna band kar denge… so aaj ki kaksha ka topic ho hi jaaye.

I mean, just memorizing the past. Often people tell me, “ Saavi aap wo bolte ho na- Humse bachke kahan jaaoge baabu- aap samajh nahi sakte kaisi feeling aati hai..!” Frankly speaking, I really don’t know, how should you be feeling like, I to simply speak ‘Humse bachke..’ and don’t ponder much. Because if I start thinking, I realize- the line ‘Humse Bachke kahan jaoge babu..’ actually doesn’t define me. Sorry to say, but practically, I can’t flirt and nor can I ‘jhelo’ the flirts. I tell the listener, “Boy, you are knocking a wrong door.” And being a Capricorn, I am supported by my instincts equally. So the actual question, ‘ how did ‘Humse Bachke’ happen?

Definitely the year was 2008, beginning of my career. One fine afternoon preceding our launch in Kota, we had our seniors from Jaipur planning the affairs for the grand day (launch of 95 FM Tadka off course!). Now, in Radio we simply don’t have songs- if you have ever heard the jocks are promoted via some audio clips that inform the general public that so and so Jock’s programme is aired at this time, and he speaks somewhat like/… this is the ‘promo’ in our language. So, my promo was being planned, according to what I sound like. And the two seniors (jo itneeee creative the, aur humein pata hi nahi tha... ) came out of the backup studio informing, “ Chalo Saavi ka promo sunte hain..” We jocks followed them,,, and the audio sounded as scripted-

“Bhari dupahriya mein chhukariya..? (Ae babu.. in background assuming saavi is speaking) Ek rahi Saavi, ek rahe hum, ek rahi saavi, ek rahe hum… To batao ka kare bhaiya… saavi kahe kota ko hilaaye, saavi kahe tadka lagai.. humka jaane Kota ki Kitti ban Jaaye.. (followed by) Humse Bachke Kahan Jaoge Babu!

I apologize dear reader, for I cannot produce the audio tape of the promo. But one of my female colleague once told me that as she heard the promo she got a feel as if a ‘chhapra’ in lungi passed through a busy market (with kajal in eyes, and a ‘bidi’ at the end of his lips) and Saavi comes with a Tokri on her head repeating “Humse Backe Kahan Jaoge Babu!” (Ohh! Saavi aur aisi… maine to sapne mein bhi apne bare mein aisa nahi socha tha… nahhhi!! ) Frankly, then I did not approve of the promo- But today I know, this was one of the best production ever made with such an apt Voice over and packaging! I thank Dheeraj Sir (our sound engineer then- and off course now a senior who I will always look high to..) and RJ Shekhar – who lent his versatile voice for the promo- Undoubtedly, though he’s no more today but that each word of my promo still echoes in my ears.

So, practically- these few people- Shekhar Anna, Dheeraj Sir and Vikas Sir (our Group Programming Head then- now with NEWS NATION - a channel you can can on ur TV sets- Please refer to my 'purple shirt waale sir' for his intro! ) were the only reasons behind my words, ‘humse bachke..’ They told and I did. I had no options of refusing them. (Gustaakh ladki tum jaanti hi kya ho radio ke baare mein... Khaamosh!)I remember, on my first multi jock link (link is what RJs speak and multi jock will be many jocks on air at a time), as I spoke the line ‘Humse bachke… my colleagues shouted…”woooooo” I was embarrassed but radio had started happening then.. tab se aaj tak aaj bhi har show ke end mein aata hai.. Humse bachke kahan jaaoge babu!!

Confessions regarding my punch line “ Humse Bachke Kahan Jaoge Babu..”
1. I should never like my Father to listen ‘humse..’.. bhai mein shareef ladki hoon! :P
2. I am actually blank (kora kaagaz) while speaking ‘humse…’, but I do change my tones .
3. Once a girl called me up saying.. “Saavi wo aap bilte ho na Humse bachke,… pata nahi kya ho jaata hai ladki hokar aisa hai, to ladke to na jaane..” I told her, “Apne papa se mat keh dena..”
4. I once heard a jock of competitor station copying my same ‘Humse bachke..” I felt like telling her- Girl! Spare yourself!
5. I still don’t know how to reply when any listener writes- ‘Humse Bachke..’ in any of his comment on my wall… aah!
6. The most embarrassing answer to my question ‘humse bachke..” is.. “to jaana bhi kaun chahta hai saavi???” (oh no boy.. I am single but not ready to mingle!)
Khair, I think I can write more… but isse zyada points aapko bore kar denge.. so shabba khair AND
Humse bachke kahan jaaoge babu!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Known by my name.. Pa??

Another month without blogging.. Aah.. it can only be me! Sooooooooo irregular!

But never mind, because it's a good day, let's talk the deal. After all it's my Pa's b'day today. So finally Papa has turned an year older and even today I didn't wish him on his face. You might call that a little dramatic, (Main ikkisvi sadi ki ladki hoon) but even today I find 'HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU...PAPA' quite awkward. I can ask him for treat, I can call him n wish him, I can even speak it on air or on Facebook, but on face- dikhawa sa lagta hai. And now, even the reason's simple- Pa has never been a person who would show off his love for me. He's strict. He's bothered. He's he.

The first time I got a foul call on air, he got all the numbers of my area checked up. He still scolds me as if I am a six year old, but never listens to me, " mujhe mat sikha". If by chance we have had an argument, neither he sleeps nor can I rest in peace. We'll talk after a day or two, with our egos restored respectively. But that's the beauty of a father -daughter relation!

In fact, a confession. My Father never wanted me to be in Media. He always thought, "Beti bigad jayegi.. do -chaar boyfriend ghar lekar aayegi." So, though he sent me for the auditions, but kept inquiring more than ACP Praduman (Daya.. pata lagao). I remember, the only reason he sent me at Tadka was, "Kyonki Patrika hai... vishwaas hai." But that didn't prevent him from being 'He'. In the sense, I was launched in Tadka on Feb 25th- 9 pm. For others it's like, "Pehli baar meri aawaaz poore Kota ne suni.." Wow! The same day when I came home I asked my family, "Kaisi lag rahi thi awaz?" My sisters told, "We didn't hear. Papa turned off the radio!" I was like the red hot furnace. I asked Papa, "Why?" He spoke nothing, but asked me to take care of the studies. I got it- Padhai wale gharon mein TV/ Radio disturb hi karte hain. Well at this point, I generally think- if I dramatized at that moment, my dialogue should have been "mujhe us waqt hi ghar chhod dena chahiye.. jis ghar mein mere talent ki kadr nahi.. wahan meri kadr kya hogi??

But frankly speaking, it is this behavior of my parents that keeps me grounded. Ghar mein koi RJ nahi hota.) In fact, till date my Father doesn't listen to me on air! But if I am low or disappointed from office, he's the one who says, "Tu to chhod de, apne koi zaroorat nahi hai... Kisne kaha tujhe kuchh, bata abhi seedha kar dete hain. Tu bata de bas!" Being a successful businessman he dominates and I love that. Because somewhere in his his mind he knows.. "ha..kar legi". Can you imagine, whenever he feels he has to tease me, he will call me by the prefix-'RJ'. Ha RJ Sahiba.. ghar mein shuru kar di na RJing??? I repeat, My Father doesn't listen to me on air. But I think he is proud of me. An incident reminds me.

It was my 999th show that day. My Father was with our Pandit ji and they together visited some uncle who was there in Nagar Nigam. As the conversation between Papa and uncle proceeded, uncle realized I(Saavi) was Papa's daughter. He asked his wife to get a diary , which he handed over to Papa saying, " Kal aapki bitiya ka 1000 va show hai.. use humari or se bhent!" "Ye saavi ke papa hain! Aapki bitiya ki wajah se hi Radio sunte hain.."

I wonder... How does he feel when he is known by my name... but for me ye achchha hai...!

And now, don't keep thinking- main 2-4 boyfriend ghar layi ki nahi!

Monday, February 25, 2013

When Saavi felt like leaving...

Chhod do aanchal zamana...kya kahega... aah! According to the heading, I must start the same way. Buttt! before that thoda paka to loon!
Another year with Tadka…! Yeah! We turned an year older today, 5 years old. Awesome has been the journey, with soooooooooo many mega events- 95 feet long cake, Mission 24*95 (visiting 95 homes of Kota in 24 hrs- with an average of just a few minutes to be spent at each home.), Mission Minakshi ko Bachao, Mission Zindagi, Sara Jahan Aaha Nache Nache, Knock Knock 95, Tadka Bravery Awards, Shiksha Tadka Education Rewards, Tadka Chef, Tadka Singing Star, etc. (I mean, the list is longer than your expectation, therefore I’d like to end up with an ‘etc’ ) During events it was hectic, but I love that ‘hecticness’. Ab to jab events nahi hote to I miss them.

As I met a few listeners today, I realize, they think our profession is really difficult. Staying happy on air, even if you are tensed- is what they think is most difficult.Ya, that’s difficult but not impossible. In fact, it is the part of our job and life too. And above everything, I admit, that because of good listeners, all talks take a good turn. They actually react so good! They actually Sound Good!

However, a confession. In these 5 years, there have been two occasions when I felt like leaving the profession. But somebody prevented me. The story so far…!

Occasion One
: Year 2008, Afternoon of September. Kota Ki Kitty was my show in the very beginning. If you read my previous posts you will know I never wanted to be a radio jockey, so RJing ka R bhi nahi aata tha. I was merely a student who thought like students only. And on top of that, I got the ladies time band. ( Ab karoon to kya karoon???ladies jaisi baaten aati nahi) This meant, I will have to talk like ladies, think like them and the worst part- Har din kuchchh naya hi karna hai. No repetitions allowed. In fact initially , it isn’t a guarantee that you will be liked by everyone (or rather anyone). Shuruwaat ke 2 months mein to, we simply concentrate on speaking (good speaking to bhool hi jao). The thought was like- nobody will like me.

You know what, for two months regularly, I did my show, came home and cried hard. I practiced with mirrors. Did some vocal exercises to improve. But I still felt, “will I be able to??”. With the same dilemma in my mind, once I went to my boss. I told him, “ Boss! I don’t get triggers (topics in Radio Vocabulary) every day.” My Boss bluntly replied “ TO CHHOD DO”. Somehow, I didn’t like the statement; or you can say it pinched me in my eye. I felt miserable. How-dare-you-sorts. But then, he was true, Nahi aata to chhod do! (aajkal naukriyaan to vaise bhi kam hain, tum aur disguised unemployment kar do!) That was the day I took his statement as a challenge. And the same Saavi has completed around 1500 shows. That means at least 1500 triggers have been discussed by me on air. (Isse zyada count nahi kiye..)
Moral: It pinches when somebody introduces you to the reality. We don’t accept it, but criticism is for betterment. My Boss’s bitter statement, saved me from leaving the profession.

Occasion Two: Year 2011. Then I had already completed my 1000 shows. By God’s grace, listeners were great too. Loved my show. But wo kehte hain na Rakhi Sawant aur museebat aane se pehle nahi poochhte. So, a Krk sort museebat came. I mean kuchh hua that made the matters worse. (Nothing on air, Sorry, can’t narrate the whole story. ISI marked confidential hai :P ) I called my boss to tell him, “ Boss! I am resigning. Just called to inform you.” We had a conversation of around one and a half hrs when the same boss who asked me to leave on occasion one told, “ TU INDUSTRY MAT CHHOD! TERE JAISE LOGON KI INDUSTRY MEIN ZAROORAT HAI” Again, a boss’s statement saved me!
Moral: Keep in touch with knowledgeable people. They recognize the talent and save the same.
Aaj ke liye gyan... bas itna hi!

And.. are you still thinking... ke what was the second occasion!?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

28th January has already passed. The day when I completed 5 years of my RJing. I shan’t say that I waited for the day. Because frankly, I never wanted to be in radio. Neither I knew what a radio jockey was nor his/her job contour. Listening to ‘Vividh-Bharti’ with speakers like Mamta Ji, Nimmi ji constitute my memories from childhood. Whereas when I grew older- I guess no parents want their daughter in Media. (thodi buri field hai na.. beti bigad gayi to??? In fact, the conversations about the Radio Jockeys are generally like- “Ha Radio par bolta to hai par… karta kya hai?”)So no plans seeded there.

Finally, aisa kya hua ki ye disaster ho gaya?
Turning a little dramatic; Aakhir is accident ke peechhe kiski saazish thi???

Ab saazish to pata nahi, but medium pata hai. It was an audition that happened in Rajasthan Patrika Office in January 2008. And for the first time in my life I met someone from Radio industry. Two gentlemen sat to audition the candidates. And now follows the brief description of the one who auditioned Saavi.

Name: Purple shirt waale Sir
Age: 30 around
Occupation: Listening to the candidates, Signing bills, attending calls, lifting spects to sound more like erudite, conducting meetings etc.
Physical properties:
1.Tall, Fair, Handful (handsome se zyada!)
2. Intelligent types
3. Possessed 4 eyes and 8 ears
4. Attended more calls than what the PM does. Missed calls= twice the attended calls
5. Most grounded. Sits with team as a colleague. Answers as Rajnikant does-“ Tu nahi Jayegi.”

Chemical Properties:
1. Does not boil even in most heated conversations
2. Balances all equations by turning into precipitate.
3. Forms infinite idea compounds when introduced to a single idea atom.
4. Para-magnetic towards good ideas however did not show repulsion towards bad ideas.
5. Seldom reactive...

And Dear Reader, before I google more chemical properties to describe our 'purple shirt waale sir,you might be wondering who actually is he...
So meet Mr. Vikas Tiwari, Former Group Programming Head 95 FM Tadka. To describe him, I'll use the excerpt from my old blog post from 2010- My first meetings

Purple colour ki shirt.. with a half jacket on..such solemn personality. It felt as if- iss chashme ke peeche kitni creativity hai re.. phone humesha silent par n ek minute mein hi 15 missed call- that was Vikas Sir.. His best part.. chashme ko centre se press karna.. and yes.. how so humble..! His words, "tu nahi jaayegi.. are ones that I remember the most.." (this was regarding who was to stay back.. finally at the Kota Station as an RJ). Yaar..'puchka'.. bada achcha word hai.. kuch ho skta hai ispar..dekho zara.."
Ek shikayat: mmmm.. pata nahi..
Ek tareef: Sir you are so simple!

More Description:

Meeting Vikas Sir was such a such a butterscotch experience in the bitter gourd pallet. I mean, he was our boss and I always thought boss kahan achhchhe hote hain, but I never saw him frowning, never heard him shout. I wonder how subtly had he inculcated the 'sitting on ground for meetings' attitude in us. Yes! we at Tadka sat in our backup studios to discuss any idea. (Chairs kam nahi thi- zameen par jagah zyada thi.!). His vision is what leaves me awestruck. Look at the people who he chose. They are such wonderful radio professionals. In fact, till date I can't answer the question- 'Which quality makes saavi a radio jockey?'But probably he knew. For him any body could be creative. From technical department to backoffice everybody participated in the creative meeting.

I remember, during my last meet with him he told, "Ask your listeners their blood group.. and pen it down. Join hearts with your listeners." (Listeners se khoon ka rishta banaao! :). And no changes since years (twacha nahi attitude ki baat kar rahi hoon :P)- he's still so humble to talk. Still listens like Anandi. I mean so patient. When we surprisingly went to receive him at the station during his visit to Kota- he was so happy. I told him, " You look so informal Sir! He replied, "Office chalo, phir batata hoo.." (Even bosses believe in kidding! wow!)

A few more points... Vikas Sir

1. Knitted plans as if bachpan se manger rahe ho
2. Emphasized on words like a hindi professor, “ Ye ‘puchka’ bada achcha word hai… ispar kuchh socho”
3. When you write him a loooooooong mail regarding your official problems, returns you with a compliment that says, “ ye likhti to achchha hai…” (And yes! This moment you even forget you wanted solutions, instead you rest with that compliment thinking “Yaar Sir ne kaha hai…”)
4. Behaved sooooooooo patient as if hospital mein dakhila le rakha ho.
5. Encouraged in ‘bhabhka’ meetings too. “ Ek bure idea se hi achchha idea aata hai.” Wins hearts babu ji!
6. Silent killer for almost all situations. “Ek kamm kar Ha*aam ***** bhi bol de aur khatm kar”
7. Possessed connection in each part of that world where your radio frequency reaches. (Aaapne kuchh bhi galat bola ho unke kaano mein to panhuchna hi hai..
And before I write more, Sir, I cannot thank you for bringing me in the industry! But phir bhi Thank you!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When Saavi Meets someone. Pt 2

A few days after my last blog, I happened to visit the market with my sis. Mujhe sabzi lena nahi aata, so my Mom took safe measure by asking me to get 'pao' for pao bhaaji. (Or rather my sis was sent for shopping. I simply accompanied.).

Originally I learnt a lot that evening. Excerpts:

1. I can now narrate where ever in this world of kota shall we 'not' find pao. We visited at least 10-12 kirana shops.(Beta itni ghumi ghumi to humne morning walk par bhi nahi ki..)

2. The chaupati waale bhaisahab actually charge for paos by looking at the gaddi you come into. (In fact, a bhaisahab charged just the double of what the pao costed. To which I replied - Bhaiya imported pao nahi chahiye!)

3. The chaupati waale bhaisahab(2) actually search a prospective customer in you. His expression is like- "Ab pao nahi mil raha hai to pao bhaji yahin kha lo na" (AB HOW DO I TELL HIM- GHAR PAR MAATAJI MUJHE KHA JAAYENGI!)

4. Breads don't resemble internet browsers. Like Chrome can work in place of Mozilla, the bread cannot. (Mamma tells you on phone line- Get pao only! No bread!)OMG!

However, Dear Reader,before I write the 5th point, I apologize. I mean, I just realized,I have to write regarding my meetings. Yes Saavi, you named your blog 'When Saavi Meets someone. Pt 2' Right??

So, during my search for pao, we came to just next kirana shop. It was a big one. And a boy looking little older than me sat there. My sis asked,"yahan pao milenge" He tried to behave I-don't-know-sorts. Meanwhile, I thought, I had seen him. AAAAAAAAANNND I spoke, "'A'?? 'A'___(His full name)" He said "Yes"

Saavi: You were in Modern? Right?
He (trying to act hideous): Yes
Saavi (happy): I am Saavi! Are tum to bade dikhne lag gaye!
My sis: You were classmates? Good!
He (out of courtsey gesture): You?
My sis: She is a Radio Jockey now.
I could read in his eyes he recognized me. But he somehow didn't want to talk more. Therefore I couldn't ask him more. Because I think he was feeling embarrassed. Probably, what he thought was that he wasn't at a very good place/ in an exclusive profession like others are. So what would I think of him?

But seriously 'A', if you ever read this blog; That moment I felt, If my RJ tag makes you uncomfortable as my classmate- I better avoid the tag. Being an RJ isn't a wonder. And where ever you are it is an equally respectable job. If joined your family business you did your job as a son. And nobody ever can steal this pious feeling from you. It's a mixed feeling, but I am happy for you!

And next time, when you meet me- think you are talking to saavi. Not RJ Saavi!