Monday, February 25, 2013

When Saavi felt like leaving...

Chhod do aanchal zamana...kya kahega... aah! According to the heading, I must start the same way. Buttt! before that thoda paka to loon!
Another year with Tadka…! Yeah! We turned an year older today, 5 years old. Awesome has been the journey, with soooooooooo many mega events- 95 feet long cake, Mission 24*95 (visiting 95 homes of Kota in 24 hrs- with an average of just a few minutes to be spent at each home.), Mission Minakshi ko Bachao, Mission Zindagi, Sara Jahan Aaha Nache Nache, Knock Knock 95, Tadka Bravery Awards, Shiksha Tadka Education Rewards, Tadka Chef, Tadka Singing Star, etc. (I mean, the list is longer than your expectation, therefore I’d like to end up with an ‘etc’ ) During events it was hectic, but I love that ‘hecticness’. Ab to jab events nahi hote to I miss them.

As I met a few listeners today, I realize, they think our profession is really difficult. Staying happy on air, even if you are tensed- is what they think is most difficult.Ya, that’s difficult but not impossible. In fact, it is the part of our job and life too. And above everything, I admit, that because of good listeners, all talks take a good turn. They actually react so good! They actually Sound Good!

However, a confession. In these 5 years, there have been two occasions when I felt like leaving the profession. But somebody prevented me. The story so far…!

Occasion One
: Year 2008, Afternoon of September. Kota Ki Kitty was my show in the very beginning. If you read my previous posts you will know I never wanted to be a radio jockey, so RJing ka R bhi nahi aata tha. I was merely a student who thought like students only. And on top of that, I got the ladies time band. ( Ab karoon to kya karoon???ladies jaisi baaten aati nahi) This meant, I will have to talk like ladies, think like them and the worst part- Har din kuchchh naya hi karna hai. No repetitions allowed. In fact initially , it isn’t a guarantee that you will be liked by everyone (or rather anyone). Shuruwaat ke 2 months mein to, we simply concentrate on speaking (good speaking to bhool hi jao). The thought was like- nobody will like me.

You know what, for two months regularly, I did my show, came home and cried hard. I practiced with mirrors. Did some vocal exercises to improve. But I still felt, “will I be able to??”. With the same dilemma in my mind, once I went to my boss. I told him, “ Boss! I don’t get triggers (topics in Radio Vocabulary) every day.” My Boss bluntly replied “ TO CHHOD DO”. Somehow, I didn’t like the statement; or you can say it pinched me in my eye. I felt miserable. How-dare-you-sorts. But then, he was true, Nahi aata to chhod do! (aajkal naukriyaan to vaise bhi kam hain, tum aur disguised unemployment kar do!) That was the day I took his statement as a challenge. And the same Saavi has completed around 1500 shows. That means at least 1500 triggers have been discussed by me on air. (Isse zyada count nahi kiye..)
Moral: It pinches when somebody introduces you to the reality. We don’t accept it, but criticism is for betterment. My Boss’s bitter statement, saved me from leaving the profession.

Occasion Two: Year 2011. Then I had already completed my 1000 shows. By God’s grace, listeners were great too. Loved my show. But wo kehte hain na Rakhi Sawant aur museebat aane se pehle nahi poochhte. So, a Krk sort museebat came. I mean kuchh hua that made the matters worse. (Nothing on air, Sorry, can’t narrate the whole story. ISI marked confidential hai :P ) I called my boss to tell him, “ Boss! I am resigning. Just called to inform you.” We had a conversation of around one and a half hrs when the same boss who asked me to leave on occasion one told, “ TU INDUSTRY MAT CHHOD! TERE JAISE LOGON KI INDUSTRY MEIN ZAROORAT HAI” Again, a boss’s statement saved me!
Moral: Keep in touch with knowledgeable people. They recognize the talent and save the same.
Aaj ke liye gyan... bas itna hi!

And.. are you still thinking... ke what was the second occasion!?

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