Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seven Sisters

August 10, 2014

Rakshabandhan’s over – or say almost over. A few more hours to go. And before today, I had never felt to nostalgic on this day. After all this has been my first Rakhi without home. Without mamma, papa, without Chetna, Ranjana, Shagun – Mamtai, Samtai, Kavitji – No one’s around…
I’m not mourning – but I am undoubtedly missing you girls!

And dear reader, with that word ‘Girls’ : You might be thinking – Missing Girls? Why not Brothers? Its Rakshabandhan – with Saavi being a girl of course. Your question is very much – like – obvious. So let me tell you – I have no brother and by God’s grace – I am blessed with 6 Sisters. So thet makes us 7 Sisters!!! YES SEVEN!!! Urgently a dialogue like – ‘Hum Rainbow ke Saat Rang hain’ can come in. But no dialogues. But yes my attachment with my sisters can be called as an e-mail’s – Everything is incomplete without them!

Also, as and when people hear this number 7 with real sisters, their brain sort of whirls and they come up with their wild imaginations – itne saare bachche – bad financial condition – crying babies – scolding father – troubled mother – being from a ‘Maru’ family, this is never an issue. With best financial health, all of us are well versed with the study part. Touch Wood!!! And we have actually been nourished like BOYS. My rights, my duties all as a male does… and I love my parents for this. They have never discriminated in us…+

So for now, because I really cannot write everything since my childhood – in a few paragraphs, just an intro to the lovely ladies in my life…

Manta Ji – Oh! Her name is not Manta – She is Mamta. But, I call her that way. She is the eldest (She won’t like this word though) amongst us. And fairest too. And her favorite pastime should be either worrying about us or giving us different names. Ya!!! She calls me Billu / Billbook / Baabti and don’t know what more!!! She is blessed with two children, but the child in her is still alive. To have a heart like her is what I can’t even dream of. Manta Ji! How do you really take care of all six of us? U know that even when you talk to me on phone I feel you are around. And one more thing – are you paid for being that beautiful (A revelation – My father rejected at least 50 guys to find a perfect match for my this beautiful sis.)

Samtai – Of course, even her name is not the same. But this is what I call Samta Jiji. Another sharp blessing in my life. SHARP?? Ehh Ya… She is the only one with whom my discussion can very well turn into an argument. Actually, since my childhood, I have seen her demanding perfection. Studies – she made us read. Clothes – She decided. Our Behavior – she guided. Ohh Godd!! How can she manage that much? Treating us like her children–more–than–sisters is what makes her character. And you know her best part – she keeps me so grounded. (Being a jock, we may be celebratising outside – but your family gives you the correct path.) And that’s what she does. Samtai – how can you keep us before your children??? I love you for your backbone babes!!!

Kavitji – With her name – frankly – my brain turns half confused and full short circuit. Afterall, Kavitji is being talked about. Kavitji is short for Kavita Jiji and technically - I can skip Jiji as she is just Paune Do Saal older to me. But then Kavitji – I am not that Bad… ;) And when you are my pair, how can I forget that you have been so caring (and even the care is worried about your care) that you have been the first person in my family to attempt a job. If by chance – I’m ever able to work as hard as you do – I’m sure I’ll be something! And finally a question… Feeling Like Married???

Chinks – With my shift from jiji to a short and modern name, dear reader, you should guess it right, Chinks is younger to me. She is my sister with wings. Seriously, she has dreams bigger than anybody else. And the differentiating point being, she has the power to fulfill them too. She sponsors her own studies; purchased her own vehicle and not to forget, carries me home on her gaddi. (Chinks! I am proud of you) She is the first one in my house to get her pic in newspaper. Class 10 above 90% and CA – IPCC cleared in first stance… Babes! I repeat – I should be envious, if you weren’t my sis. And Yes – are you still worried that I look younger to you despite our 5 years age difference?

Ranj – Oh God… How can somebody’s individual features be that beautiful? Ya… she is my second youngest sibling – Ranjana. And frankly, I had never thought that she would be rated as the most intelligent one in my family. (Ranj used to be a meek and gussu child. But suddenly, everything changed.) She holds 92% in class 12th and graduation first year topper (despite her bad health and vomit on an exam paper). Ranj - you amaze meas your thoughts are so very developing and you know how to manage. Your culinary skills are something I’d still like to learn and finally – you’ll look good in your wedding. :P HaHa!!

Shagghy – Dear Reader, Shagun is my youngest little sister. Her English amazed me even when she was in Class 2nd. Her sense of conversation was practically praised by my previous boss. I admit we all have been protective about her. And Shagghy, believe me – I haven’t seen a more beautiful child than you. You’ve grown now but I can’t forget the day when I took you in my arms. The way you made that beauty list and kept me at the bottom will always prick me – but that’s a sweet prick sweety. Keep your brains and care on! I love you!

And more than all this – Meri Family ke bare me itna hi – Isse zyada bore nahi karegi Saavi!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rusted Diary- 2: Saavi a Loser... ??!

March 2014... A little nostalgic Saavi is about to open her rusted diary... doosri baar!

But before I begin my Raam kahaani, let me tell- aaj ka blog likhne ki inspiration aakhir aayi kahan se... To dear readers, do hafte pehle maine Qeen dekhi... and the movie... wow.. my words should fall less to praise the same! Awesome it was. Rani- our heroine- when the movie begun, she was so rabbit- kindo. And then her journey took twists and turns- towards a happy ending. All i loved about her was- She was a loser... but she transformed herself (Chemical reaction ki tarha.. haay!)YES I LOVED HER LOSER STANCE!

Actually, we all are losers. Aur baaki ka to pata nahi... Saavi is a loser. If I see my my life till date- I have feared many times..Maine cheezon ko first stance mein 'NA' hi kaha hai..!Whether it was being a jock, or joining another concern! NA! NA! NA!(Abhi recently Shaadi ke liye...)Khair, aaj ke blog mein Saavi ki buraaiyan hi! Here's a list:

1. When I was admitted to class Nursery, I was dhai years old. I literally didn't like the teachers interviewing me in Sophia... and then got an admission in Modern School. I still have a marksheet with nursery mein 0%! Wow! what a kickstart to life.

2. Then, as a child I loved a red hairband and yellow bangles. Yes bangles- yellow waale and though they looked pathetic I didn't leave them. Giving me the gorgeous GAVAR look. My parents and sisters explained, "Beta achchhe nahilagte!" But who was listening??

3. Nursery to 12th, I never got 1st Rank. Yes, 2nd,3rd, 4th...and what not! Saavi got all ranks.. bas 1st hi nahi aayi. And i'll regret for this my whole life.

4. When I was in class 5, I was really bad at drawing. Kill yourself or watch saavi's drawing. Passing marks aa jaaye bahut hai!... (Though abhi... things have changed!)

5.When I was in class 7, we were given an assignment of maps and question answers in Geography. I made beautiful maps, but with a pathetic handwriting.. My teacher taunted: Untidy work. And there... dil main chubh gayi baat! Saavi was hurt!Uske baad I started working on my handwriting... and watch it out now!

6.I was never stylish. Not even in my childhood (yellow!) My sisters would give me examples- " DEKH USKI DRESS DEKH- HOW SHE CARRIES" Who was worried though!!?

7.I never danced well. Kisi dance ko bigaadna ho to approach Saavi!. In HKG I danced for the first and the last time for any function officially. See! As a girl it is your moral responsibility to dance well. But but but Saavi... a big no! I just learnt to shake a leg in group dance... after being in job!

8. I was never a backbencher. Sochiye, masti karna was also a huge task for me. Mujhse aaj bhi ulte kaam nahi hote... hahah hoo na Khadoos! uff!

9. Neither can I flirt nor can I act a celebrity. 50 lakh ki gaddi mein bhi sar ghoomta hai mera. In this case, how can I act as an ameerzaadi1 WO saavi... yahan bhi loser! Yes dear reader, to be a celebrity is a huge effort. And I can't celebritize.

10. Till date I don't drive. I learnt driving a little while ago... buttt exactly can just drive the public crazy... no more driving I bet! Also auto pakadna bhi nahi aata tha mujhe! huh!

11. I'm really bad at PRs... I mean practically I try to answer the people on calls, SMSs, Facebook... but take a lot of time! Why Saavi Why??

12. Bad at travelling too! Saavi...ohh no! For continuous years... due to my 1000 episodes I didn't travel! Main trains, buses bhool gayi thi...

Vaise, these are 12 points... but frankly speaking I can still narrate many more that how has saavi been a loser... I cried for my links in the beginning of my career. I was arrogant too.



Aur baaki buraaiyon ke liye! you'll have to meet me! I'm sure jo likha hai... usse bhi buri hoon main:P

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Rusted Diary...!

Arey waah Saavi, March 2014 ka pehla blog! Finally you did it! (At least started...!Because, dear reader, it has been around a week that I have been thinking to write the blog.. aur ab jaakar time mila hai..!) Khair, without wasting any more time let's start now!

Blog has been named 'The rusted diary...' hindi mein 'Jang lagi kitaab'! All it means is that these days I have been reminded of the old forgotten things from my life. To exaggerate, it has been three months in Jodhpur and dislike Kota, yahan par family ke nahi hone se I have been thinking 'fokat' things a little more than ever.

For example, suddenly I was reminded of my thoughts when I was in class 1. YES CLASS ONE! (tab main sochti bhi thi...hahah). Actually, then I thought that padhai is a HUGE TASK! I mean, I had planned then.. that third class ke baad main padhai nahi karoongi... bas painting karoongi! OMG! Could I have been that foolish! When I told this plan to my dear family, everyone laughed! Koi samajhta hi nahi mujhe huh!

Then, when I was in class four, I wrote on walls and doors at my place, and off course even then, nobody got my creativity. (Daant padi thi daant!) Uff, frankly at this moment I am actually reminded of many more incidences, but U'll laugh... aap bhi meri creativity nahi samjhene.

Generally, kehte hain ki poot ke pag paalne mein dikh jaate hain... that means, the talents you exhibit during childhood- decides what are you going to be in future- when you grow up. But apne case mein I never spoke when I was young . Infact, during my interview in Sophia (nursery) I left the teachers alone in the interview room with a thought- Huh- achchhi nahi hain- I don't like you teacher- main nahi aaungi aapke school mein!

But frankly, Saavi has changed. Not simply since my childhood, even in these past six years. For example, when it was the beginning of my career, I did cry for making my links worth listening- but not now. You'll say, experience Saavi! Probably. Even when it's about people's reactions as listeners even they have changed. Say for example, if you view my last blogs- you'll know people did propose to me in the beginning- but not now (Because main boodhi ho gayi hoon.... hahaha)Last propose is what I can't even recall. But then, I think that's maturing up. Because now, I get it that - koi flirt kar raha hai... and see, Saavi flirt ke saath kabhi bhi achchhi nahi thi. As a jock you certainly have to be flirtatious, but I am not like it. I the beginning of my career,, I didn't know what to say for a flirt. Kuchh time baad- I-was-like-in gussa. Then, I was being embarrassed. And now, I tell the person, yaar apna kuchh nahi hona- Don't waste your time- Apna kuchh nahi hona!

But ya, one thing was common in all stages of RJing, that I still believe- Awaazon se mohabbat nahi hoti! In fact, ek aur baat thi Earlier people were talking to 'RJ' Saavi. But now I tell them RJ hataakar Saavi se baat keejiye! You'll know, even RJ bhi insaan hote hain insane nahi!

And now, are you thinking... Saavi suna li raam kahaani?? We are not proposing you!
Kar bhi mat dena... humara seriously kucchh nahi hona!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First encounter with Jodhpur!

Lo, ho gayi Saavi filmi! Why filmi? afterall, I have named my blog post 'First encounter with Jodhpur'. Hindi mein -Jodhpur se meri pehli mulakaat!! aah! Waah! Jaise main heroine- aur hero hai Jodhpur!

But then you can sigh in relief as ye meri aur Jodhpur ki lovestory nahi hai. BAS FLASH BACK HAI!!
So, 11th Dec 2013 was the day when my Mom and my sister kept asking me, " Dekh le.... aur kuchh chahiye to?" Five bags!(Ohh ! I must not lie butttt though I have been in job for around Seven and a half years, my visits to any other city have been more than less! Literally pehle school ne time nahi diya; aur baad me Job ne. In simple words main, life mein pehli baar ghar ke baahar rehne jaa rahi thi saavi. Seriously yahan kabhi auto nahi pakda to ghar ke baahar rehna uff! kaise hoga?!(I KNOW, MAIN PHIR SE GAVAAR SOUND KAR RAHI HOON PAR REALITY TO YAHI HAI.. AB SAAVI LIFE MEIN PEHLI BAAR KOTA KE BAAHAR RAHEGI- FAMILY KE BINA!) Parr jaana to hai!

So boarded a bus (at 9:30 pm) with my younger sister, which had to reach at 6:30 in the morning. My Ma'am had already provided the call-in number of our cab driver. I had heard that Jodhpur is a real good city. Raasta poochho to log ghar tak panhucha ke jaate hai! Par inn sab ke liye bhi pehle Jodhpur panhucho to sahi.... To janaab, after a kachchi pakki sleep at night with a few nightmares, we were informed by some murmers- JODHPUR AA GIYO! To couple the situation with a little humor as we were about to halt. Some body played a song , "Jeth kio dupahri mein paanv jale hain saiyyan... paanv jale hain..." that too in December ki sardi. I now knew- Beta saavi jodhpur aa gaya!

We were finally dropped on the bus stop ke baaju waala chauraha where the cab driver would arrive. Got all our luggage down. And spotted the Big van. A 23-24 year old banda with tel-patta look came in (our cab driver). I confirmed, and after loading the luggage, we moved towards our hotel. Admiring the pahaads, morning beauty, doodh waalas, students in autos and what not! wow! But Wait!! RED WAALA WHEEL BAG KAHAN HAI??? OHHH! BUS MEIN REH GAYA?? I almost shouted... Chinks (my sis)you didn't check it twice! OHH NO! ISILIYE.... ISILIYE... GIRLS KO BRAINLESS KAHA JAATA HAI!

Waise all talks apart, right now at my rescue was just one person- MAHENDER BHAISAHAB...OUR CAB DRIVER! So, asli jodhpurwaasi ko pehchan-ne ka time ab tha... will mahender bhaisahab cooperate?? Will he help us searching our lost luggage? And that too when it was a private volvo.. where should we get the address from??? The office - wo kahan hoga?? (Frankly, at this moment it was a news channel hour for me- jitne sawal maine apne question paper mein reply nahi kiye the- utne aaj saamne the!) PAR! MAHENDER BHAI SAHAB... ???

I looked at him. But before I could tell him much... he rushed the cab to the place where we were dropped. Back to the bus stand- Bus stand. At the bus stand inquired about the travel bus's office. To the bus office- where we were told that the office would open at 9. Gosh- at 9 I have to be in my office. Ab...! Suddenly, I was reminded- Bus waale ko to repairs ke liye jaana tha... So, from here we rushed to the place where the bus maintenance had to be carried. Bus yahn bhi nahi! Meanwhile, called home to have the Bus's Kota office number. Narrated the problem here, and got the bus driver's number. Finally met this person on the same place where we went the second time. Bhaisahab came out and Said- lo bai- aapro bag- hum to yahin milte! AND BAG MIL GAYA! wow! All thanks to mahender bhai sahab!

To bas panhuch gayi Saavi Jodhpur..!

Monday, January 13, 2014

A birthday and Daadi's Demise!

10th January has already passed. A birthday that I mmight not forget soon. A handful of friends already sent in their wishes via facebook and other mediums (thanks to the internet…). But finally Saavi couldn’t reply. You must be thinking- Old Habit Saavi! You hardly reply. Ya, that’s a bad habit. In fact, things should have been as you have guessed- unless I had lost her.
Daadi was 96 and people say she had lived her age. But losing her wasn’t preferred. 8:29 am- I received a call from my younger sis- “Jiji! Granny is no more.” The news frankly, came in as I-Don’t-know-what! (You might be thinking- Saavi Party ka plan raha hoga tumhara?? No, Dear Reader, I am never so-enthusiastic about my birthdays. In fact, I never know how to reply the people when they wish me. I am like Thank-u-ab-aage-kya-kahoo? In all –the feeling was just as- Oh Daadi! I loved you- this is not what I wanted.
Finally, whether you call it our fate or our helplessness as a Jock that even after having the news at 8: 29- I did my show till 10 without even hinting what had happened. Because actually, the listener would sink into our sorrows forgetting his own happiness. And obviously, Main ye kabhi nahi chahoongi ki listener humari wajah se pareshaan ho jaaye. Plus- meri daadi ka jaana koi radio ratings badhaane ka zariya nahi hai.
Anyways, at 10 sharp, my Station head Sir came to wish me B’day. But looking at my sad face he asked – Kya hua??? Why so low? I shared the news and he re-asked- Wanna leave. I affirmed and ran to board a Roadways ka bus (because phir sham 5 baje tak koi saadhan nahi tha- Imagine- we talk of human getting developed aur haalaat ye bhi hote hain ki agar 10 ghante ka raasta hai 10 ghante ka hi rahega-) In all, by any chance- 10 ghante se pehle I couldn’t reach home- No options Girl!! So, with due help of Bhupender Sir, Vanita Ma’am and Raju Bhaisahab (my cab man) I reached the bus stand. Boarded. But alas. Bus raaste mein kharaab ho gayi and Saavi Granny ke last rituals mein anhi panhuch paayi. But then, I can still tell you about my Granny Right???

So Dear Reader, My Granny is who I shall always love for a few things:
1. She never fixed matches for me. Thanks Granny!
2. Once I was kneading the dough… and shayad sahi nahi ho raha tha… she readily offered – La main sikha doon!
3. She was really spashtwaadi- Would even curse with open heart!
4. Never ate anything before offering chugga, and chara to animals. But ghar ki gay ko roti nahi deti thi Daadi…
5. Very religious. Aa dharma ki aankdi sikhaau thanne!
6. She heard me too. Told the others, aa Radio mein bole hai-. In fact, she loved once I returned home and did the basic works of home. (Yes! RJs kaam karte hain).
7. She wouldn’t watch television. As in her words- main dekhu to tv mein koi mar jaave hai!! Hahah
8. And everything her heritage is what is running us.
Probably you would now say, to aisa kya naya hai tumhari Daadi mein Saavi- sab ke jaisi hi to hai! Yes! Sab ke jaisi hi hain! But still I love my Daadi! She holds a special place in my life !Bhale hi wo Kapil ki Daadi jaisi nahi hai na hi aanandi ki daadi jaisi but... Daadisa I will miss you!