Thursday, June 4, 2015


No apologies… no excuses… I know it has been months that I wrote. But then time hi nahi mil raha tha. Aur kuchh bura likhne se achchha mat hi likho.. Right??

Anyway, time to write again. Aur aaj to kisi ki buraai karne ka bada mann hai. Aur ye kisi koi aur nahi- mere landlords hain. To be specific, it has been more than 18 months in Jodhpur now. And believe me the worst part of being alone was – having pathetic landlords. (Wo kya hai- kota mein kabhi kiraye par rehne ki zaroorat nahi padi… ghar ka ghar than na!!) In fact, for the first time in my life I realized, if a girl – single girl is living out of her home town, the people assume- ZAROOR KOI MAJBOORI HOGI! Arey bhai talent bhi koi cheez hai.
If you are still not getting- what I mean to say, let me narrate it simply. Actually I came to Jodhpur on 12th Dec 2013 for my job off course. It was here that I met a team which was ready to help me. From kota I had Vikas Sir and Anu Bhabhi. (Wonderful people- they made my life quite livable). In fact, as I came here, Vikas Sir told that there was a separate portion, where I could stay back on rent. I saw the portion- sort of liked it- and shifted from the hotel.
The good news here was that Anu Bhabhi and Vikas Sir were really good. They made me feel like home. I could go for shopping, talking, sharing and much more. But as they say, God balances everything- so I had my share of Bad people too. My landlords!! Aah! So in the next few lines, my experiences with my landlords!

1. They judged every tenant (though I don’t like to use that word for me.. but they think the same. huh). In fact money was a huge issue. The third question they asked me was- What is your salary? Grow up dude.. you are not my HR that I discuss my salary with you.

2. Their calculation… oh God! One fine evening, I came home and was cooking my meal, the lady came and handed me over the bijli ka bill- 360 units for a month. My head whirled. I told what? 360 units? At my home in kota with 8 rooms- three portions- still the bill isn’t 360 units. She argued thinking- I was not ready to pay. Finally, I saw the meter reading- and guess what? IT WAS 36 UNITS INSTEAD OF 360! And I was like… aah! And the way she argued.. God queen Victoria!

3. One day I was in a hurry. Probably, out of my mistake, I left the bathroom’s light switched on. And when I returned the lady came to me saying-“ you know what, you left the light on- aise to bijli ki line par load padega” And I actually flipped all my rules to science asking myself… kya 12 watt ki CFL itna load daal sakti hai ki line trip ho jaaye? Maana ki meri science buri hai..par itni!! Ohh no! I explained the lady- don’t trouble yourself with such bad ideas- I’ll pay you!

4. One evening, she came to me and said- leave the keys to your room to me when you leave- my kids will use the bathroom. And I was like- if you had to use it- why did you rent it? When I explained her about the impossibility of her great idea- she had her rata rataya line- ANU SE POOCHH LE.! And this time I was in temper. I told- what fish.. har baat anu se pooch le.. galat Idea tum laao.. aur anu se poochh le! And I actually called anu bhabhi to clear out that everything that they say is not right and definitely if they are wrong there is nothing like- anu se poochh le!

5. Another stance, I guess as media people we have to go to many events. And officially that’s like quite obvious too. But it is not obvious of your landlords to expect that even they will get the passes. Two reasons- one, that is professionally incorrect. Two, their own behavior wassn’t like the president of India. Haha

6. Next is an unbelievable one. Actually, being a jock my working hours are long. I have to meet authorities- who may be males too. I may get late and also my office males (who take care of me like heaven) will drop me home too. Looking at all these things they actually considered my job to be- ‘don’t know what’. But then on 26th January, 2015 their life took a shock bigger than earthquake. They saw my picture in the major newspapers – being awarded by the udyog mantra and district administration. I guess, because I never flaunted my work- they underestimated my work. It is then they chatted to me like- I was the best and last person in this world. Hahah.

Baaki I have much more to narrate- jo aap sun nahi paayenge.. so, amidst all these conversations, the best news is- I am leaving my landlords- because isse zyada hum le na paayenge..
But yes, I’d like to reiterate- just because I am out of my city does not mean I am helpless. I have a beautiful family and home- that’s my strength. So don’t judge me!