Saturday, April 14, 2018

Asifa waali Baat!

Life is... I don't know what!!
There are times we feel it's good.. the other times it may be a mess.

No dear reader, I have no personal problem to share at this moment. All I am troubled about is the eight year old who was raped and murdered in Kathua. Certainly, neither is this the first case, nor am I troubled the first time. Just that, I can't keep it inside right now. It's hurting, it's painful.

No, Asifa was not my relative- but she did share a bond- she was a girl. A sweetheart who could do wonders with her magical smile if she lived..
But! she was... I feel ashamed to say that I live in so called 'developing'nation- where some rascals haven't developed in their minds till date. They are the same snobs, who can't even gauge what it means to be a girl... Respect- the most necessary necessity of a girl is least in their minds. They are not even worth being called humans.

But tell you what... I am not writing to just talk about the incident. I mean more- I mean to the reason of this repeat telecast of emotional drain that affects those who face the brunt. To site an example, without naming a few people- I am telling you something. A few months ago, when I returned to Kota from Jodhpur, I was told about a bhaiya in the neighborhood. Sorry to call him "Bhaiya" so let's call him "L". This L is one person, who has a huge acceptance in his community- because the people think- "L can get any work done. Legal- Illegal.. all" Wow! A few months ago, a report in the newspaper told that this "L" has been arrested. Why? Because he had helped a few other men to deceive and mislead a girl. As in, Ek aadmi ne ladki ko shaadi karne ka jhansa diya, use physically, emotionally harass kiya ..aur iss aadmi ki madad ki - "L" ne.

I was happy then, after all Mr. L was arrested. That was justice. Wow. Immediately after the arrest, it was Diwali. Guess what! even after being aware of Mr. L's deeds- at least a dozen homes in my neighborhood did not celebrate Diwali. Unka Bhai jain mein jo tha! Uff! And before I could digest all this, one day I saw Mr. L roaming. After gathering the details I could understand- this man was free! And the day he returned, there was celebration.. Ohh No!How could these people celebrate his home coming. He helped in a girl's assault. Is that not unfortunate?? A criminal being silently supported.. Where are we heading? Just because he is your 'Bhai' - you will spare him?! Here, not just that criminal Mr. L was at mistake.. but also those who supported him were incorrect too... In-fact, I realize, this silent support itself is the cause of such worse conditions- where girls suffer.

I am sure there are people who will agree with me... aur agar aap ek female hain- we know.. ek gandi nazar bhi humein shool si chubhti hai.. Kayi baar iski shikayat koi sunta nahi- ya log izzat ke darr se chup karwa dete hai.. humein!!

Jabki saza milni chahiye use - jo galat nigaah se dekhta hai, aur unhe bhi jo bhaiprem se andhe hokar aise logon ko support karte hain...Yaad rahe jise aaj support kar rahe ho.. wo kal tumhare ghar ki santaan ke saath bhi zyadti kar sakta hai.. Baaki

Aap to mujhse zyada samajhdaar hain!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gaadi Bula Rahi hai!

Kya aapke saath bhi har din yahi hota hai- aap sochte hain ki likhenge, phir din khatm ho jaata hai.

To sahab- aapme aur saavi mein kuchh common hai! AALAS! :D

Par nahi, iss baar nahi.. maine apne aap ko manaane se zyada sataya hai- ke saavi ek Blog post likhna banta hai.

Likhne ka topic...? Driving!

Arey nahi sahab, koi traffic awareness ka session nahi hai. It's just the happening of my life that oscillates between Office and Office! You read that right dear reader, office and office. Those of you who know me since some time, you already have that idea that Saavi has been into job for around 12 years now- with radio approx 10 years. A love life to be cherished. Something like 'In relationship with Radio' Wow!The moment I say so, I hope you must be imagining a girl in a studio- with a pair of headphones and a mike to pose in front of. Listeners asking for selfies, many likes on facebook and a celebrity life! Yeah Majjo Aa Gayo!

Off course this is right, but with a pinch more :P

Nahi samjhe?I'll explain. Actually, after 10 years in radio- and that too with good work, I realize there will be good amount of people who will respect you, love you, mesmerized with you, even at times chase you. Good. Yahan tak sab achcha hai. But then there is another side of coin too.

For your parents, you are not a normal child..matlab aise abnormal bhi nahi.. but a Radio jockey cannot be sent to a sazimandi to buy karele. Neither can he/ she be sent to the roof top saying- beta! zara jhadu pochha kar do. Also, to add public mein be-ijjati mana hai.. bhai aapka bachcha celeb hai, jiski izzat saari duniya karti hai- aur aap bhi (forcefully hi sahi.. :D) Ab aap kahenge saavi ye to achcha to hai, par conditions apply ke saath. As in iss special treatment mein- personally saavi ke saath kuchh ajab ho gaya. Saavi ne driving nahi seekhi.

JI Ha! When I was 17, I was into job.. always escorted by family. Later the FM waala job gave me another privilege - office waale sada dhyan rakhte. Hum bhi befikr, bigde bachche- telling myself- Gaadi seekhne ki kya zaroorat..? Aur aisa karte karte humne 12 saal nikal diye.. thoda aur time nikalta to sahab , Limca book mein naam aa jaata. But then, I had a sister to conspire!

To be honest, I had no plans of learning a vehicle. Each time i was told to- I acted innocent. My parents being away- couldn't do much. In fact, I guess even they thought- chalo rehne hi do. But my younger sister (who herself drives an SUV) did something. April 2017, she came to Jodhpur for two months and explained - I needed to drive. I didn't understand this still - but some how, looking at her I knew- a gaddi is must.. as she was here for two months. Nateeja! Humne Gaadi li. A new one. She thought it is for me.. and I thought it's for her. wow!

And now, everyone told me- ab jab tak Chinki yahan hai, gaadi seekh lo. Hum bhi kam nahi- ha seekh lenge. par jab driving ka time aata- Chinki tu chala. Aisa karke do maheene nikal diye-- Office mein busy the na :P Even my sister went back. Ab gaadi yahi. Na chalayen to waste! Ye bhi manzoor nahi. Kya karen? It is then, one of my colleague came into picture. Rahul Bhai! tum na hote to meri gaadi na uthti. Seriously! In fact, I had a set of issues:

1. An RJ learning driving. To be honest, everyone glares at you. Gire to Beijjati. Huh.
2. Rahul was younger to me, I told him- Bhai sakhti kam baratni hai :P
3. RJ sunate hain.. sunte nahi. I told Rahul, Bhai please take a note.
4. Being a morning jock, Subah time kaise mile?
5. The others learn vehicles at 18.. apna maamla thoda 10 saal aage aa gaya.
6. Being a vigilant Radio Jockey- I knew I could not break rules

Par phir, training shuru hui- Thanks to Rahul- his guidance made me feel like an IIM pass out. Before this I never knew even driving mattered. To me, he was the hero better than Superman- who could actually dare to bear a student like me. Bhai main tumhara ehsaan kabhi nahi bhooloongi. Rahul ki mehnat ka nateeja raha ki meri gaadi ka engine bach gaya. :) However, I could drive only with a teacher after 1 month too. Also, Rahul took a leave! Ab kya? HUmare ghar aangan mein aayi khushi kaafoor ho hi jaati when Mayank continued my training. Mayank kaun hai? Mayank is my landlord's son. younger to me, bechare isne bhi mujhe jhela. Didi ko sikhaya. Poor guys! Par ab bhi gaadi akele nahi chalayi. Uff!

I gave myself a date. Ke Saavi ab to chalani hi padegi. And guess what.. I suffered an infection! Saari kaaynaat jaane kya chahti thi. IT's then Dinesh Bhaiya came into picture- he gave me certain tips to ride alone. Who is Dinesh Bhaiya- padosi Dr. Bhaiya! And I think that worked. Finally, beemar hone ke baavajood, I drove alone. To be honest, uss din aisa lag raha tha- Jaise maine koi kila fateh kar liya ho.. Apne darr ka kila. Aisa laga raha tha ki mera photo akhbaar mein aana chahiye-- kyon? Actually, fighting our fears is important- Super Important!

And just to add, 6 days ago, I even met with an accident too.. galti doosre ki thi.. par you know- what driving is like! I really think immediately after that I was scared- but life goes on- drive goes on.

Achcha ek aur baat. I seriously believe - RJing is much easier than driving! :D

Monday, May 8, 2017

Aag Aur Saavi ka Office!

Fire… Office... And Learning !

After reading the heading, I don’t know dear reader, what are you thinking. But I know… there was a fire.
No, I’m not talking about the fire in Hero’s eyes (Uski Aankhon Main Aag Thi…) or Ramgopal Verma ki aag! . I am talking of the actual fire that broke in my office on 21st April. Yes! Big FM Jodhpur’s office caught fire. A bad fire indeed. Smoke! Dark! Life Hazards!
I remember, it was 10 in the morning. I had just ended my show, and there was an expert in the office- Pt. Ramesh Bhojraj Dwivedi Sir with Updesh, Rahul, Raja Bhai Sahab, Narender Bhai Sahab and my co jock- Nikhil. We all were in the regular mood and were doing our daily stuff; but suddenly we realized- there was smoke rising, Rahul and Raja Bhaisaab ran upstairs to watch what had happened. Things seemed troublesome and my colleagues along with our expert rushed with the fire extinguishing resources to their part. But the wind had it’s will to destroy it all- hence, the fire couldn’t be controlled. We finally had to empty the premises. Because I am an asthamatic, my colleagues knew it was important to get me out safely. They did. We were out. But this fire taught me a few things:

1. It may not be your fault each time. The fire spread to our office that was located on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The fire originally broke on 1st floor, which certainly wasn't our premises, neither the fire break because of us!

2. Disasters never ask before happening. Teach your children to be informed and composed during a disaster. They can make things better.

3. What you preach on air helps. Yes! I say that on radio- be brave, informed. My information about the fire brigade and electricity department helped. My colleague asked me to call the fire brigade and electricity dept. I had the contacts in my list that really helped.

4. Government officials are good. Seriously, the fire brigade came in no time and the senior officers in electricity department were so vigilant that they sent 6 officers to my office to handle it all. Thank You Avinash Singhvi Sir! Thank You Sameer Kumar Sir for making the police conversations easier!

5. There will be a time when you will love your life more than anything else. Yes, as the fire broke- we didn’t even have the time to collect our bags.

6. Colleagues are wonderful. Yes, they are! They rescued me like never before. Special mention of our expert Pt. Ramesh Sir- he himself ran to help- without even bothering it was not his office. My team later got the things normal, they inspire!

7. You will find all sorts of people. Truly! On one hand some great minds rushed to help, the other great minds stood in the mob to ask some really funny questions.. like nuksaan hua hai kya?

8. A fire is nothing like the fire displayed in Sooraj Barjaatya’s Vivaah. It is dangerous. Much more than you can imagine. I think I could see something darker than night while we descended the stairs.

9. Small things have long consequences. Literally they have. The fire melted our Air conditioners and the machines perished too. A radio station takes a few months to be established. So you can imagine. A half an hour shook our lives. Just that we didn’t let our listeners be known about our troubles, but it is like your home being burnt – but the student living in the house moves to school every day. He reads, writes- but doesn’t tell his teacher- that his books, dress everything was burnt.

10. There are genuine people/listeners who love you. Receiving a handful of good wishes makes you go on. You think- bura hua, par chalo! Achche log to hain 

11. Not everything is to be updated on the social sites. I’m glad hum mein se aisa koi nahi tha- jisne fire ke saath selfie lekar kaha ho- Office in fire. In fact, to be honest, we simply wrote- THE SHOW MUST GO ON… AND WITH GRACE.!

12. Radio is a wonderful place, we generally guide the others in disasters- but this place has taught us to help others, and that is why even we were able to cope up with the same. In fact, we are safe but the life after fire has been demanding a lot more hard work than others can imagine. Sabere se sham tak hum busy hain, par aapko lagta hai RJ banna easy hai!

13. We could have complained saying… ye humare saath hi kyu hua.. but life isn’t a filmi affair.. all we have to do is rise and be back to the game. I’m sure a lot of people have realized it today itself that my office caught fire after reading the blog! I think hum log to theek hi hain… we don’t cry in public. And even today, I have written the blog, because I wasn’t able to talk to my listeners.

14. We are here. Very much working, and handling all we can. All we need is the support of the listeners. And a little patience. In fact, I realize – we are not able to connect via phone lines. But social network hai na! Aur phir humari aadaten boyfriend girlfriend waali bhi nahi.. babu khaana khaya is not our question. But yes! We will be there to meet you, to be with you whenever you need us.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Saavi .Eve Teasing. And Jodhpur Police!

Dear Reader, after reading the heading of the blog, are you assuming that this blog is related to a show on air? Probably, a social issue- about which I talked about on air a few days back and now I am here to shed some gyaan?! But then, believe me- this time this is no on air experience. In fact, this is a real incident. That happened with me.

Was Saavi stalked?
Did someone chase her?
But she is a Radio Jockey???

Are the questions haunting you? If yes, I have an answer. And unfortunately, in affirmation! Yes, RJs can also be a victim of eve teasing. (For those who do not know the meaning of Eve teasing, let me explain- Eve Teasing is the making of unwanted remarks or advances by a man to a woman in a public place.) In fact, as a normal girl I have all the rights to walk in public. To talk in my space. To be who I am. And it is here itself, someone tried to enter my space. To tell me something I didn’t approve. This is how it happened:

6th Nov 2016, Sunday: I had returned from my home town Kota and had to move to my office for next day’s show’s preparation (that’s how it happens in Radio) I started from my home alone (that’s my right – you know- as a free girl in India- I have this right like anyone else). I had just moved a few metres when a man aged almost 35 years, wearing blue jacket passed a comment. “Madam, main chhod doon aapko.. bade sahi chal rahe ho..”

What? Did he say that to me? Yes? But I told him nothing. But he had actually said that to me. A single sentence that made me angrier like hell. And frankly, it’s not just me who got angry. Every girl gets angry. Who doesn’t? and plus this man’s expression- attitude- stance he talked as he owns me. And it’s then when I shouted. With three tones up- I actually spoke everything I felt as a woman…
How dare you tell me? Who gave you the right? Don’t you realize you are talking to a girl? You cheap. In my flow in Marwari and anger together I felt he hadn’t expected this response from me. But he continued being strong. Took his bike and moved ahead. I kept shouting at him. He probably thought I’ll go now. But don’t know what kept me going- but I still kept shouting. Not for help but scolding the scoundrel. In this course, a thadi waala was smiling almost promoting him. I was angrier. I walked to the thadi waala where this guy was the visitor to shout- “Why are you smiling- don’t you know you are supporting him??” Thadiwaala: Ye to regularly aate hain.. (with that smiley look) I didn’t stop. The culprit finally stepped down from his bike and moved inside somewhere not to be seen by me.

By the time I reached my office, frankly, I had two things in my mind- How dare some one?? And second- there has to be a lesson. But dear reader, do I tell you something, I was happy I protested. Even if the others kept silent I kept going. I literally felt- What I tell on air to the people to oppose the worse- I lived it. I felt good for not being me. For not being afraid.

But more had to be done. How??
Should I call my office mates? They’ll come. But we’ll begin a group war that has no end. So, what next? I thought, no one has hurt me physically but I’m hurt morally. If I stop how will I say it on air again that let’s oppose. I dialed 100 number- but that was busy.
Meanwhile, my Guard saab Narender Singh Ji told, “Madam aapne bataya nahi- Aap kaun ho??” Me: Agar use pata hota main kaun hoon.. to kya wo aisa karta??” Finally after all the thoughts I dropped a message to the Commissioner of Police Jodhpur- Ashok Rathore Sir that read “Good Afternoon Sir. A short request, had to talk about eve teasing in pratap nagar area. And if I was the victim how to deal with the same? Please suggest.” I dropped the message at 3:28 pm and to my surprise- I had his number flashing on my phone screen. He called. The commissioner of police called to enquire if I was alright. If everything was fine. I shared the details. Commissioner Sir: Aap complaint darj karwa sakti hain.. and main aapke paas kisi adhkaari ko bhejta hoon. Me: Right Sir.

Dear Reader, frankly- I am as normal as you people are; and if the police helps me, I am proud to say even our future is enlightened. Donno why but we all believe less in Police?? Right?? Kuchh nahi karenge.. But they did it. Made me feel safe, secure. Immediately after the word with Sir, I was visited by the SHO, Chaupasni Housing Board- Jabbar Singh Si and three other officials. Within half an hour I was with some good people. Rahul from my office also came in a few minutes and together we visited the site- the thadi where it all happened. I was made to sit in the car itself while in normal attires, the police asked the thadi waala: Kya hua tha yahan? Thadiwaala: Kuchh Nahi! And he was not ready to tell the name. but police has their own measures. Finally the thadi waala spoke: Vickey Fighter. Vickey Fighter?? Naam to bada khatarnaak hai.. Swaroop Singh sir from the department was called for help. As he arrived, I was told: Madam aap jaaiye.. humein naam pata lag gaya hai.. bande ko hum pakad lenge”

I came back with Rahul. Abhi- my co –jock also arrived. Together after some research we realized- Vickey Fighter is a history sheeter. He has his name in the police records on 26th Position. By this time, neither he had an idea who had he eve teased nor I was aware of his level of crime. All I knew was- you cannot tell me anything. As a woman I have the rights to be me. I informed my parents at home. And definitely supported me. Commissioner Sir called again. And guess what he told me? – “Achchha kiya aapne bataya humein.. kyonki aise cases mein log mukar jaate hain.. ya kaarywaahi nahi chahte.. We’ll search the person. History sheeter hai—but you do not worry.”

Finally at 9 pm, I received a call from Jabbar singh sir again. “Madam, pakad liya hai- aap shinakht karne aa jaaiye.” And yes, for the first time I left for a police station for something like this. Ab tak sirf TV mein dekha tha. As I reached, Vickey Fighter stood there. But this time with no attitude, no pride. With his hands joined- he told me- “Didi, Maaf kar do.. ab nahi karoonga” And all I wondered- is this the same man whose eyes were boasting in pride-main kuchh bhi kar sakta hoon..? Look at the world. For him- I was an item a few hours ago.. and now I’m DIDI. Wow! He pleaded. But I had one thing in my mind. This is a gimmick. Finally Police did their work, gave him a lesson. Pitaai Hui?? Ha! Hui. He deserved it. For taking every girl for granted. He cannot do it to me. He cannot do it to us!

And this is what I wrote back to Commissioner Sir: Sir, have been to the police station. Recognized the culprit and m really thankful to you and your team. Couldn’t have expected a better response. For me it was the best way to handle the situation. I reiterate- policing in your management is worth a mention. You have made me believe in the system more than ever. Regards. Saavi!
Could I say more? Probably No. But wait he gave me a helpline number for girls in Jodhpur: 9530440800

So Girls! Go On! Raise your voice against the ill :)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Saavi and her estimated boyfriends!!

A blog just after Karwachauth..? No dear reader, this isn’t a Karwachauth special post. Just that.. some things have been happening since long now.. I thought, kyun na iss bare mein aapse hi kuchh baat kar loon!

So, as the heading reads.. ‘Saavi and her estimated boyfriends’… I must admit- people estimate a lot about me these days. They imagine, they mis- conceptualize, they mis-relate, and finally conclude- Ye to RJ hai… iske to bahut saare chakkar honge. And believe me this line is a mini heart attack statement for my Father- hey Bhagwaan! :D But Papa, don’t worry- that’s what the world thinks. Aapki bitiya pehle jaisi hi hai.. utni hi non interested!

In fact, one of my colleagues told me something hilarious a few days back..Which I wish to share here.

Fortunately or unfortunately I am the only girl in my office (except my super boss). And because my parents reside in a different city, my male colleagues are extremely considerate to drop me home safely. Sometimes, it’s Nikhil, the other times it may be Abhi, Ankit, Rahul, Priyawat Sir, Dhirendra.. all take care that I reach home safely. And practically, I thank them from bottom of my heart towards their gesture. I’m blessed to have colleagues like them. :) Even if I face any issue, I guess- they’ll be the first people who I ever give a call to.

But probably, the world thinks differently. They are the same, Ladka Ladki saath aate jaate hain.. kuchh to gadbad hai Daya! Khair, kissa kya tha?? Time to know the same!!

1. Actually, one fine evening Ankit (my colleague) went to a Mirchibada shop (Here in jodhpur Mirchibada is the national food) Someone from the shop staff asked him… “ye jo aapke saath aati hain… ye Bhabhi ji hain kya..??”
Ankit: Kaun..?
Shop Waale Bhaiya: Ye Aapke saath aksar jaate hain..
Ankit: Bhai ye meri colleague hai.. RJ Saavi hai, radio par show aata hai inka
Shop waale Bhaiya: Achcha..??

And I m sure, though the conversation ended, Shop waale Bhaiya wasn’t convinced. Ankit told me about this stuff quite late. He told me, “Saavi.. aap phir pata nahi kya sochte..!” Socha to sahi maine.. tabhi to likh rahi hu! But guess what dear Reader; I actually laughed after all this, because those who know me quite closely know… nobody tries to impress me. I ‘bhaizone’ the people quite spontaneously. That’s me! The cruel one! And this is the reason, why even in my 11 year old career people have not been able to talk much about me. All they do is IMAGINE!

2. For example, I remember, during my initial days of my RJing- my boss was my co jock. He is 10 years older to me, and such a respectable figure.. who taught me 90% of radio.. has always been a brother figure to me. But some listener asked me a few days ago.. you liked him…?? Right I told- Please NNNNNOOOO! He is Brother figure.. his wife is my Bhabhi! stop thinking so. Inspirations don’t make people your boyfriends!

3. There is another incident, a colleague was questioned by his friend. Bhai! Bhabhi ke haath mein haath dalkar ghoom rahe the?? (Off course I was being talked about here! ) My colleague was baffled.. Kya?? And listening to this I was angry too… Because one- main logo ke haath mein haath daalkar kabhi nahi ghoomti.. plus you are talking about a girl you do not know! Please spare us! We are Radio Jockeys.. and we deserve to be respected for what we are and similarly we have the right to be taken fairly. Humare bare mein baaten mat phailaao! Your fun is someone else’s loss.

4. A few years back, someone told me- aapka to boyfriend NIT Silchar mein tha na??? I was like- YEKyaTha? Ye to thought process ke bhi baahar tha..

Sach kahoo, aise kayi incidents hain.. that is why I told my landlords- that there will be my colleagues who will drop me home safely. My parents know about them.. So don’t misinterpret. They mean my safety. Sabse badi baat- they actually drop me home respectfully. The world when talks about women being unsafe.. they make me feel safe  Thanks guys! You make me respect the men :)

Also, jinke dimaag mein ye baat hai.. ke kyun mere colleagues mere boyfriends nahi ho sakte.. I have answers for them. But meet me personally someday. You’ll know… bahut khadoos hu main… hahahah. Bahut zyada Khadoos. Itni khadoos ladkiyan Girlfriend material nahi hoti :P :D

To bas .. spare yourself n me too!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Two Cities and 8 Years of Radio!

May 22nd 2016, Another wonderful date when I'm going to write :)

Frankly, at this moment, I am confused- how to start. Not because I am writing after a long time, but because I am actually confused. Why?

OK, I have an answer. So dear reader, today I am in Jodhpur. Returned this morning itself from Kota after a week long holiday. (Ji ha.. mujhe bhi chhutti milti hai! Mere 1000 episodes kuchh saal pehle ho chuke :)) ye baat alag hai- this holiday was purely meant for home. Just home. Fewer official commitments and more time for home. Met my nephew.. the Super cute Duggi.. Life can be so beautiful with kids :D No one except family knew that I am in Kota. Did not update on Watsapp, Facebook or insta. Why? Two reasons. 1. I was away from the social media too. 2. Hum itne bhi bade celebrity nahi hain ki logon ko humare location ka farq pade.. :P

However, during my visit, I could sense something. Something that is sweet as well as a little Khatta Meetha. Nahi Samjhe? Ok let me explain. 12th December 2013 was the date when I came to Jodhpur. Though my roots are from Marwar and we speak Marwari at Home, I was born in Kota. Read in Kota and my first Job and 1000 episodes' Record happened in Kota itself. 6 Years of Radio, 8 years of Job and 24 years of life,.. all in Kota. Everyone thought Saavi kahin nahi jaayegi. Even I thought so. Unless, Big FM hired me.

Being a Marwari by my origin and following the customs of Marwar I was placed in Jodhpur. The Bluecity, jahan sooraj kahin nahi chhipta. Originally, when I came- I hadn't thought much. As in, all I thought was- I am destined to be in Marwar. 6 saal tak Hadoti aur students ke betterment ke liye Radio ko jeene ke baad... Ab Marwar ki behtari ke liye kaam karenge. That's it. But that's not all.

After my departure from Kota, I got long messages describing betrayal- jaise maine sheher nahi duniya chhod di hai. :P Listeners are so cute that they fought for me on facebook statuses. Kota waalas and Jodhpuris together claiming and imagining that I belong to just one city. Kotawaalon ke liye Kota ki saavi, aur Jodhpurwaasiyan waaste.. Jodhpuri Saavi. In fact, when I meet the people from Kota- they tell me a lot- like- Saavi Jodhpur ka paani suit kar gaya.. aajkal photo badhiya daalti ho :D , or something like-- kOta ko to bhool gayi ho Saavi!!

However, dear Reader.. Is that claim even required? can I forget Kota.. or Jodhpur... I have my reasons too:

1. Kota ho chahe Jodhpur, hum hain to Indians hi. Arey bhai Chak de India mein bhi Shahrukh Khan ne kaha tha.. Yahan koi state player nahi hai.. everyone is Indian! :)

2. It's about good work, whether I am in Kota or Jodhpur- I will never discriminate towards good work. Kota ho chahe Jodhpur- my show will always talk of the betterment of my city and development of a logical approach.

3. I feel like a wedded lady- even before my wedding, why? Kota ko peehar aur Jodhpur ko Sasural ka darja mil gaya hai. But frankly... (if you are a woman reader)you already know that Maayka ho chahe sasural.. they are yours with no discrimination.

4. Most of the people thought that I may not be able to survive in Jodhpur. Why? A girl away from home.. haww Khuli tijori!, Arey kaam mushqil hoga wahan! Ok yes, changes bring difficult time, but does that not give us the opportunity to grow?

5. In the past 8 years, I have realized that people may be different in each city, but good work remains common. For example- In Kota people are blunt. They say what they feel blank faced. While Jodhpuris never hurt anyone in person. Meethi boli Meethi hi Daant bhi. But can we compare the two cities? Claiming one is good and other one is bad! Nahi na.. so it's about living your own qualities.

Bottom line- Let's not discriminate amongst cities. Let's praise each other. Lt's take good from each other. And if I can be the link.. I will be the happiest :) :)

With Lot of Love and Respect for each listener of mine- whether from Kota or from Jodhpur :) Let's make world a better place :)

Friday, January 15, 2016

27... Buddhi ho gayi hu main!

27… Aah!!

I just turned 27 the last Sunday.
I know women don’t disclose their ages to public at large. But it’s OK. Buddhi ho gayi hoon main. Exactly if you ask me, at 27 I feel old. A bunch of experiences... A match of opposites... that’s what I am. I am emotional- but have turned heartless. I am wise- but equally foolish. I am strong- but things do make me weak. I am Saavi- at 27.

But it’s OK. I like my life as it is. God couldn’t have given me better. 8 years of Radio career, almost 10 years of Job, a family who will cry if I die and a few people who accept me as I am. It’s more than OK. It’s more than I asked for. It is beautiful.

Dear Reader, you know what- this birthday was the first one when I wasn’t there with my family. Ya, I realized it just now itself. In 27 odd years, first time- no one was along. It was a silent day. I should call it peaceful, but will even rename it as lonely too. I talked to my family. With my Papa staying awake to wish me at night.. ohh he has never done it for anyone else. It was.. Overwhelming. Mamma wished at 11:58 pm… the first wish however. My jiji told… have a chocolate.. feel happy. I had the chocolate and told myself, “Not bad Babu- life is teaching you!” As readers, you might be thinking- Saavi why didn’t you party? Well two reasons- One, I don’t really party- bachpan se hi zara sudhare se hain. Two! I didn’t feel like.
I missed home. I didn’t tell them- but I missed home.
But now that it’s over, and the day has passed, I know I can handle it. Infact, after a real long break- it’s time to brush up some old chapters of my life. 5 chapters from my life. Dear Reader, here is Saavi to open up her heart- narrating those five incidents from last 27 years when Saavi cried. Ladki hoon na… rone ka adhikaar hai babuji!! :P

1. When my hairband broke: Yes, I was barely 3 or 4. An LKG Class student. I remember, I had some favorite things like a phoolwaala chammach (with a rose encarved), aam waala tiffin (mango shaped) and red waala hairband (my school dress waala band). And guess what I never let anyone use these things. Not even my story. Khaana khaaun to bas uss chammach se; shaadi ho, chahe party baalon mein band lagega to red waala hi. And then one morning, jab auto aane waala tha.. red band zara loosened sa lag raha tha—I tried to tighten it up the local way, bend karke .. kar hi rahi thi ke suddenly- it was gone.. toot gaya!! I felt as if hairband nahi mera dil toota ho! I cried for hours.

2. When Kavitji wore my dress: Ok, you may not know who Kavitji is. She is my elder sister. Technically my pair. With similar health and height, people called us twins (but frankly.. she always looked better and prettier)so, one day- when I was in class 2 and Kavitji in class 3- she had an activity where she required a dress in yellow and black- a frock specifically. And my new dress was exactly the same specification. MORAL: as Indian households say.. beta.. didi ko dress de do. But who was ready?? My parents tried it all, while I declared.. “nahi doongi.. meri hai!” Mine is mine.. Jaise dress nahi jaaydaad ho. Finally my family was ready with another idea. As I slept, and the new morning arrived- gharwaalon ne mere saath cheating kar di. And Kavitji wore my new dress without my permission.. (who cared for my permission though ) And plus she was gone befor I woke up. And this moment I felt like a girlfriend whose boyfriend cheated her!! Huh! My home turned a ‘Kopebhawan’. I cried again.. for two hours!
3. When I signed in place of my teacher: I was in class 4. And our Maths teacher Neelima Ma’am always collected the homework notebooks in the morning, before the assembly for checking. And poor me- my auto was always late. Nateeja.. notebook mere paas.. aur dark e ma’am daantegi. I feared Ma’am and her scolding. So, ek naya raasta nikaala, I thought copy khud hi check kar lo. I checked the copy myself. But haaye re phooti kismet- pehli baar hi kuchh ulta kiya.. pehli baar hi pakde gaye! Kavitji was called in my class (beizzati poori hui). And my family came to know of the blunder.
They didn’t spank me.. they explained and the first time I cried for a genuine reason!

4. When I got 80% in class 12: This sub heading could have two reactions- 80% mein bhi roye?? And second.. 80% is fine.. phir kyu roye? So dear reader, actually I was a good student. My previous home boards had been good.. I got 90% in the same.. and from 90% to 80% it was a blow! Though I knew it wasn’t my mistake totally.. as the same year I suffered from asthmatic attacks and kept a lot more ‘beemar’ . But, that’s not an excuse. A good student scoring low.. bad. The only good here was that I scored highest in Business Studies. I cried again because the very first time I realized that a disease can spoil it all. And the time gone cannot bring it back. I cried as a the second heartbreak happened.

5. When my boss scolded me: Yes this is when I was in job. An early job- because destiny chose me. But I was young and definitely non-samajhdaar types. I remember on a weekday a client interview was to be recorded. One of the major education clients. And before the interview, I don’t know mujhe kya soojha.. I asked the client his name. My boss heard it and after the client moved- I was gone!! Asking the client his name was a blunder. Boss scolded me- Samajhte kya ho apne aap ko.. celeb? Client se koi naam poochhta hai? Ohhh No! I was sorry! And I re-cried. Par iss baar I understood that we aren’t the best. The world possesses many more who are worth it and you are nothing!
And dear reader, for all this while you read the stuff Thanks!
Such experiences have taught me that you won’t get what you desire. You get what you deserve. And Ya, a confession, I am not narrating an important incidence that made me cry.. Something like a heartbreak,, par wo issliye.. kuchh secret secret hi rehne chahiye! Rest.. keep readin!