Thursday, January 27, 2011

ye patriotism kis bala ka naam hai...???

oohho... a headache to begin a blog...?? pretty different... but no... the show must go on... so aaj kuch likhna banta hai..

It was 26th January yesterday- our 62nd REPUBLIC DAY. What? Where? How?... India... Republic... public...n me??? OMG!now, if you are thinking that's a patriotic blog, HOLD... it's a purely 'just my feeling' blog.

One of my listeners (alike others) called up yesterday- to wish me a happy republic day..(achcha lagta hai... kam se kam hum wish to karte hain...). However, at the same moment, I felt- had he really called up to wish me... or to regret? Means k, the boy who called up, is a student of class 12. (imagine- ek bikhra sa bachcha... sorry bada.. with bikhre se baal.. a branded bag to suit him... a latest hair color...baju mein ek bike...and something of the same sort..!).
And yes, as he called... the same 12 class ka bada told that he went to the school- FOR A REPUBLIC DAY...!! So the question is.. A TWELFTH CLASS KA BADA FOR A REPUBLIC DAY...?? OMG! How dare he??? didn't his girlfriend stop him??..Didn't his group fine him for doing the same punishable act??? how dare he??

Now guys, if you are thinking that I am over reacting- I am not.. the fact is.. literally, these days, twelthies don't go to school... and that too for a REPUBLIC DAY...its impossible!! IT'S EXPLOITATION OF THEIR SPIRITS. Arey bhai... case kar do..!

Vaise.. this moment, i feel like talking as an oldie.. (jinhone apni jawani bahut dekhi thi..hheh..) Something like... "humare time par hum to jaate the school.. 26 janvari aur 15 agast ko.. chocolate milti thi 10 rupaye waali... aur kuch bachche to ek chocolate lene ke baad bhi phir line mein lag jaate the...hheheh" But dear reader, no chocolates can please the students these days. they say..." chocolate ye to naya boyfriend aise hi khila dega... meri shart lagi thi..." So again..zamana badal gaya hai janaab...!

Any ways... what all did he tell?? The student... say D(let's name him)... told.. "arey yaar... happy republic day... pata hai... aaj mein school gaya.. and 12th class ka main akela bachcha tha... main neeche bhi baitha tha... main akela!!

Me: tum akele???
D: Ha.. my friends.. they told wo bhi aayeinge... but they didn't...seriously yaar...socho... me for a republic day...!I just went for my school..
Me: MMM pata nahi.. par tum aise hi ho..?? like aisa nahi hai yaar...repulic day ke liye jaana... are you feeling it that hard??? mujhe kuch achcha nahi lag raha..
D: Why?
Me: yaar.. you u mean.. you went for your school... but couldn't afford to go for your country???
D: Yaar i know... mere ghar mein sab mujhse bhi zyada patriotic hain...
Me: But then you mean... your school is much important than your know what..while u are in your school, you think your school's the best. But after wards you realize school se aage bhi bahut kuch hai...
D: yarr... i'm not an rj who's talking to people..
Me: Even I know.. but u were born in india... not your school. And yes.. as you'll grow with life... u'll know know... school is not all... and ... you paid for your schooling..
D: But my school made me smarter...
Me: all english medium schools.. especially your school teaches us to be that you call smartness. It shows.. you are the best..
D: I know. But i think, right now i am more important than my country...

I had no time to explain him better. My station Id. had already been played... I had to stop. But I mean it...Does an English medium school really stand much important than my country???

And yes... you know what?? 'D' and I are from the same school..Modern School Kota
And though,D didn't speak... I knew he meant..."ye patriotism kis bala ka naam hai...???"