Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gaadi Bula Rahi hai!

Kya aapke saath bhi har din yahi hota hai- aap sochte hain ki likhenge, phir din khatm ho jaata hai.

To sahab- aapme aur saavi mein kuchh common hai! AALAS! :D

Par nahi, iss baar nahi.. maine apne aap ko manaane se zyada sataya hai- ke saavi ek Blog post likhna banta hai.

Likhne ka topic...? Driving!

Arey nahi sahab, koi traffic awareness ka session nahi hai. It's just the happening of my life that oscillates between Office and Office! You read that right dear reader, office and office. Those of you who know me since some time, you already have that idea that Saavi has been into job for around 12 years now- with radio approx 10 years. A love life to be cherished. Something like 'In relationship with Radio' Wow!The moment I say so, I hope you must be imagining a girl in a studio- with a pair of headphones and a mike to pose in front of. Listeners asking for selfies, many likes on facebook and a celebrity life! Yeah Majjo Aa Gayo!

Off course this is right, but with a pinch more :P

Nahi samjhe?I'll explain. Actually, after 10 years in radio- and that too with good work, I realize there will be good amount of people who will respect you, love you, mesmerized with you, even at times chase you. Good. Yahan tak sab achcha hai. But then there is another side of coin too.

For your parents, you are not a normal child..matlab aise abnormal bhi nahi.. but a Radio jockey cannot be sent to a sazimandi to buy karele. Neither can he/ she be sent to the roof top saying- beta! zara jhadu pochha kar do. Also, to add public mein be-ijjati mana hai.. bhai aapka bachcha celeb hai, jiski izzat saari duniya karti hai- aur aap bhi (forcefully hi sahi.. :D) Ab aap kahenge saavi ye to achcha to hai, par conditions apply ke saath. As in iss special treatment mein- personally saavi ke saath kuchh ajab ho gaya. Saavi ne driving nahi seekhi.

JI Ha! When I was 17, I was into job.. always escorted by family. Later the FM waala job gave me another privilege - office waale sada dhyan rakhte. Hum bhi befikr, bigde bachche- telling myself- Gaadi seekhne ki kya zaroorat..? Aur aisa karte karte humne 12 saal nikal diye.. thoda aur time nikalta to sahab , Limca book mein naam aa jaata. But then, I had a sister to conspire!

To be honest, I had no plans of learning a vehicle. Each time i was told to- I acted innocent. My parents being away- couldn't do much. In fact, I guess even they thought- chalo rehne hi do. But my younger sister (who herself drives an SUV) did something. April 2017, she came to Jodhpur for two months and explained - I needed to drive. I didn't understand this still - but some how, looking at her I knew- a gaddi is must.. as she was here for two months. Nateeja! Humne Gaadi li. A new one. She thought it is for me.. and I thought it's for her. wow!

And now, everyone told me- ab jab tak Chinki yahan hai, gaadi seekh lo. Hum bhi kam nahi- ha seekh lenge. par jab driving ka time aata- Chinki tu chala. Aisa karke do maheene nikal diye-- Office mein busy the na :P Even my sister went back. Ab gaadi yahi. Na chalayen to waste! Ye bhi manzoor nahi. Kya karen? It is then, one of my colleague came into picture. Rahul Bhai! tum na hote to meri gaadi na uthti. Seriously! In fact, I had a set of issues:

1. An RJ learning driving. To be honest, everyone glares at you. Gire to Beijjati. Huh.
2. Rahul was younger to me, I told him- Bhai sakhti kam baratni hai :P
3. RJ sunate hain.. sunte nahi. I told Rahul, Bhai please take a note.
4. Being a morning jock, Subah time kaise mile?
5. The others learn vehicles at 18.. apna maamla thoda 10 saal aage aa gaya.
6. Being a vigilant Radio Jockey- I knew I could not break rules

Par phir, training shuru hui- Thanks to Rahul- his guidance made me feel like an IIM pass out. Before this I never knew even driving mattered. To me, he was the hero better than Superman- who could actually dare to bear a student like me. Bhai main tumhara ehsaan kabhi nahi bhooloongi. Rahul ki mehnat ka nateeja raha ki meri gaadi ka engine bach gaya. :) However, I could drive only with a teacher after 1 month too. Also, Rahul took a leave! Ab kya? HUmare ghar aangan mein aayi khushi kaafoor ho hi jaati when Mayank continued my training. Mayank kaun hai? Mayank is my landlord's son. younger to me, bechare isne bhi mujhe jhela. Didi ko sikhaya. Poor guys! Par ab bhi gaadi akele nahi chalayi. Uff!

I gave myself a date. Ke Saavi ab to chalani hi padegi. And guess what.. I suffered an infection! Saari kaaynaat jaane kya chahti thi. IT's then Dinesh Bhaiya came into picture- he gave me certain tips to ride alone. Who is Dinesh Bhaiya- padosi Dr. Bhaiya! And I think that worked. Finally, beemar hone ke baavajood, I drove alone. To be honest, uss din aisa lag raha tha- Jaise maine koi kila fateh kar liya ho.. Apne darr ka kila. Aisa laga raha tha ki mera photo akhbaar mein aana chahiye-- kyon? Actually, fighting our fears is important- Super Important!

And just to add, 6 days ago, I even met with an accident too.. galti doosre ki thi.. par you know- what driving is like! I really think immediately after that I was scared- but life goes on- drive goes on.

Achcha ek aur baat. I seriously believe - RJing is much easier than driving! :D

Monday, May 8, 2017

Aag Aur Saavi ka Office!

Fire… Office... And Learning !

After reading the heading, I don’t know dear reader, what are you thinking. But I know… there was a fire.
No, I’m not talking about the fire in Hero’s eyes (Uski Aankhon Main Aag Thi…) or Ramgopal Verma ki aag! . I am talking of the actual fire that broke in my office on 21st April. Yes! Big FM Jodhpur’s office caught fire. A bad fire indeed. Smoke! Dark! Life Hazards!
I remember, it was 10 in the morning. I had just ended my show, and there was an expert in the office- Pt. Ramesh Bhojraj Dwivedi Sir with Updesh, Rahul, Raja Bhai Sahab, Narender Bhai Sahab and my co jock- Nikhil. We all were in the regular mood and were doing our daily stuff; but suddenly we realized- there was smoke rising, Rahul and Raja Bhaisaab ran upstairs to watch what had happened. Things seemed troublesome and my colleagues along with our expert rushed with the fire extinguishing resources to their part. But the wind had it’s will to destroy it all- hence, the fire couldn’t be controlled. We finally had to empty the premises. Because I am an asthamatic, my colleagues knew it was important to get me out safely. They did. We were out. But this fire taught me a few things:

1. It may not be your fault each time. The fire spread to our office that was located on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The fire originally broke on 1st floor, which certainly wasn't our premises, neither the fire break because of us!

2. Disasters never ask before happening. Teach your children to be informed and composed during a disaster. They can make things better.

3. What you preach on air helps. Yes! I say that on radio- be brave, informed. My information about the fire brigade and electricity department helped. My colleague asked me to call the fire brigade and electricity dept. I had the contacts in my list that really helped.

4. Government officials are good. Seriously, the fire brigade came in no time and the senior officers in electricity department were so vigilant that they sent 6 officers to my office to handle it all. Thank You Avinash Singhvi Sir! Thank You Sameer Kumar Sir for making the police conversations easier!

5. There will be a time when you will love your life more than anything else. Yes, as the fire broke- we didn’t even have the time to collect our bags.

6. Colleagues are wonderful. Yes, they are! They rescued me like never before. Special mention of our expert Pt. Ramesh Sir- he himself ran to help- without even bothering it was not his office. My team later got the things normal, they inspire!

7. You will find all sorts of people. Truly! On one hand some great minds rushed to help, the other great minds stood in the mob to ask some really funny questions.. like nuksaan hua hai kya?

8. A fire is nothing like the fire displayed in Sooraj Barjaatya’s Vivaah. It is dangerous. Much more than you can imagine. I think I could see something darker than night while we descended the stairs.

9. Small things have long consequences. Literally they have. The fire melted our Air conditioners and the machines perished too. A radio station takes a few months to be established. So you can imagine. A half an hour shook our lives. Just that we didn’t let our listeners be known about our troubles, but it is like your home being burnt – but the student living in the house moves to school every day. He reads, writes- but doesn’t tell his teacher- that his books, dress everything was burnt.

10. There are genuine people/listeners who love you. Receiving a handful of good wishes makes you go on. You think- bura hua, par chalo! Achche log to hain 

11. Not everything is to be updated on the social sites. I’m glad hum mein se aisa koi nahi tha- jisne fire ke saath selfie lekar kaha ho- Office in fire. In fact, to be honest, we simply wrote- THE SHOW MUST GO ON… AND WITH GRACE.!

12. Radio is a wonderful place, we generally guide the others in disasters- but this place has taught us to help others, and that is why even we were able to cope up with the same. In fact, we are safe but the life after fire has been demanding a lot more hard work than others can imagine. Sabere se sham tak hum busy hain, par aapko lagta hai RJ banna easy hai!

13. We could have complained saying… ye humare saath hi kyu hua.. but life isn’t a filmi affair.. all we have to do is rise and be back to the game. I’m sure a lot of people have realized it today itself that my office caught fire after reading the blog! I think hum log to theek hi hain… we don’t cry in public. And even today, I have written the blog, because I wasn’t able to talk to my listeners.

14. We are here. Very much working, and handling all we can. All we need is the support of the listeners. And a little patience. In fact, I realize – we are not able to connect via phone lines. But social network hai na! Aur phir humari aadaten boyfriend girlfriend waali bhi nahi.. babu khaana khaya is not our question. But yes! We will be there to meet you, to be with you whenever you need us.