Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Saavi .Eve Teasing. And Jodhpur Police!

Dear Reader, after reading the heading of the blog, are you assuming that this blog is related to a show on air? Probably, a social issue- about which I talked about on air a few days back and now I am here to shed some gyaan?! But then, believe me- this time this is no on air experience. In fact, this is a real incident. That happened with me.

Was Saavi stalked?
Did someone chase her?
But she is a Radio Jockey???

Are the questions haunting you? If yes, I have an answer. And unfortunately, in affirmation! Yes, RJs can also be a victim of eve teasing. (For those who do not know the meaning of Eve teasing, let me explain- Eve Teasing is the making of unwanted remarks or advances by a man to a woman in a public place.) In fact, as a normal girl I have all the rights to walk in public. To talk in my space. To be who I am. And it is here itself, someone tried to enter my space. To tell me something I didn’t approve. This is how it happened:

6th Nov 2016, Sunday: I had returned from my home town Kota and had to move to my office for next day’s show’s preparation (that’s how it happens in Radio) I started from my home alone (that’s my right – you know- as a free girl in India- I have this right like anyone else). I had just moved a few metres when a man aged almost 35 years, wearing blue jacket passed a comment. “Madam, main chhod doon aapko.. bade sahi chal rahe ho..”

What? Did he say that to me? Yes? But I told him nothing. But he had actually said that to me. A single sentence that made me angrier like hell. And frankly, it’s not just me who got angry. Every girl gets angry. Who doesn’t? and plus this man’s expression- attitude- stance he talked as he owns me. And it’s then when I shouted. With three tones up- I actually spoke everything I felt as a woman…
How dare you tell me? Who gave you the right? Don’t you realize you are talking to a girl? You cheap. In my flow in Marwari and anger together I felt he hadn’t expected this response from me. But he continued being strong. Took his bike and moved ahead. I kept shouting at him. He probably thought I’ll go now. But don’t know what kept me going- but I still kept shouting. Not for help but scolding the scoundrel. In this course, a thadi waala was smiling almost promoting him. I was angrier. I walked to the thadi waala where this guy was the visitor to shout- “Why are you smiling- don’t you know you are supporting him??” Thadiwaala: Ye to regularly aate hain.. (with that smiley look) I didn’t stop. The culprit finally stepped down from his bike and moved inside somewhere not to be seen by me.

By the time I reached my office, frankly, I had two things in my mind- How dare some one?? And second- there has to be a lesson. But dear reader, do I tell you something, I was happy I protested. Even if the others kept silent I kept going. I literally felt- What I tell on air to the people to oppose the worse- I lived it. I felt good for not being me. For not being afraid.

But more had to be done. How??
Should I call my office mates? They’ll come. But we’ll begin a group war that has no end. So, what next? I thought, no one has hurt me physically but I’m hurt morally. If I stop how will I say it on air again that let’s oppose. I dialed 100 number- but that was busy.
Meanwhile, my Guard saab Narender Singh Ji told, “Madam aapne bataya nahi- Aap kaun ho??” Me: Agar use pata hota main kaun hoon.. to kya wo aisa karta??” Finally after all the thoughts I dropped a message to the Commissioner of Police Jodhpur- Ashok Rathore Sir that read “Good Afternoon Sir. A short request, had to talk about eve teasing in pratap nagar area. And if I was the victim how to deal with the same? Please suggest.” I dropped the message at 3:28 pm and to my surprise- I had his number flashing on my phone screen. He called. The commissioner of police called to enquire if I was alright. If everything was fine. I shared the details. Commissioner Sir: Aap complaint darj karwa sakti hain.. and main aapke paas kisi adhkaari ko bhejta hoon. Me: Right Sir.

Dear Reader, frankly- I am as normal as you people are; and if the police helps me, I am proud to say even our future is enlightened. Donno why but we all believe less in Police?? Right?? Kuchh nahi karenge.. But they did it. Made me feel safe, secure. Immediately after the word with Sir, I was visited by the SHO, Chaupasni Housing Board- Jabbar Singh Si and three other officials. Within half an hour I was with some good people. Rahul from my office also came in a few minutes and together we visited the site- the thadi where it all happened. I was made to sit in the car itself while in normal attires, the police asked the thadi waala: Kya hua tha yahan? Thadiwaala: Kuchh Nahi! And he was not ready to tell the name. but police has their own measures. Finally the thadi waala spoke: Vickey Fighter. Vickey Fighter?? Naam to bada khatarnaak hai.. Swaroop Singh sir from the department was called for help. As he arrived, I was told: Madam aap jaaiye.. humein naam pata lag gaya hai.. bande ko hum pakad lenge”

I came back with Rahul. Abhi- my co –jock also arrived. Together after some research we realized- Vickey Fighter is a history sheeter. He has his name in the police records on 26th Position. By this time, neither he had an idea who had he eve teased nor I was aware of his level of crime. All I knew was- you cannot tell me anything. As a woman I have the rights to be me. I informed my parents at home. And definitely supported me. Commissioner Sir called again. And guess what he told me? – “Achchha kiya aapne bataya humein.. kyonki aise cases mein log mukar jaate hain.. ya kaarywaahi nahi chahte.. We’ll search the person. History sheeter hai—but you do not worry.”

Finally at 9 pm, I received a call from Jabbar singh sir again. “Madam, pakad liya hai- aap shinakht karne aa jaaiye.” And yes, for the first time I left for a police station for something like this. Ab tak sirf TV mein dekha tha. As I reached, Vickey Fighter stood there. But this time with no attitude, no pride. With his hands joined- he told me- “Didi, Maaf kar do.. ab nahi karoonga” And all I wondered- is this the same man whose eyes were boasting in pride-main kuchh bhi kar sakta hoon..? Look at the world. For him- I was an item a few hours ago.. and now I’m DIDI. Wow! He pleaded. But I had one thing in my mind. This is a gimmick. Finally Police did their work, gave him a lesson. Pitaai Hui?? Ha! Hui. He deserved it. For taking every girl for granted. He cannot do it to me. He cannot do it to us!

And this is what I wrote back to Commissioner Sir: Sir, have been to the police station. Recognized the culprit and m really thankful to you and your team. Couldn’t have expected a better response. For me it was the best way to handle the situation. I reiterate- policing in your management is worth a mention. You have made me believe in the system more than ever. Regards. Saavi!
Could I say more? Probably No. But wait he gave me a helpline number for girls in Jodhpur: 9530440800

So Girls! Go On! Raise your voice against the ill :)