Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ek RJ ko prem patr...!??

The life's good...I must say... RJing is not that bad... experiences bade alag alag type ke hote hain...hehehe...

One of the RJs once said, "I love my job..because I can even stay back in my office.. with the PAYJAMAS on..." But dear reader.. I affirm there are still better reasons to be an RJ (But yes.. confusions do come free..)

So another co co co co coooooooo post..(sorry.. feeling kuch aisi hi thi)


It was 9:47 in the morning. I had just completed my link and was preparing for the next one. My console phone imitated itself once again. It rang, and I picked up the receiver. A male voice over on the other end said " I LOVE YOU..". Technically, I should have actually reacted like half blushing Madhuri Dixit...with my hands on my face "kya kaha tumne...?? zara phir se kaho...??" But yes, nothing of the sort happened. Instead, I laughed back. And now the pramukh Jhalkiyan of our conversation.


Banda: I LOVE YOU(speed itni thi.. ki rakhi sawant sharmaa jaaye)
Me: Naam kya hai tumhara..?
Banda: Wo nahi bata sakta..
Me: Arey pyar karne waale darte nahi hai,.. naam nahi bataoge, to it will be difficult.
Banda: Nahi..
Me : Achcha tumne kya meri aawaaz sunkar pyaar kiya hai??
Banda: Nahhi.. maine aapko dekha hai.. roz dekha...
Me: achcha to you must be humare guard sahab... wo roz milte hain humse (mind ..i wasn't able to see our guard sahab then.)
Receiver Kept..i kept thinking wide..(even wild//!!huh!)

Banda: Hallo... Saavi..??
Me: Yes.. Kaun bol Rahe hain?
Banda: Hum...??
Me: Kaha call lagaya hai aapne??.
Banda: Tadka..
Me : Ha.. kahiye..
Banda: Main aapko chahne laga hoo...
Me (laughing): achcha...kab se..??
Banda: Bahut Din ho gaye..
Me: To aaj kaise kehne ki sochi?
Banda: Ab aapke bina jee nahi sakta..
Me: Achcha..To phir...??? jaante ho.. pyar kise kehte hain..??
Banda: Nahi..bas pyar ho gaya..
Me : Jeetu.. bachche ho tum.. pyar jaante bhi nahi ho...
Banda: Nahhi.. mujhe kuch mat sikhaao.. main jaanta hoo. Mujhese shaadi karogi??
Me: abhi??? Are you alrirght...?? nashta kiya..
Banda: nahi..pyaar karta hoo.. tum phone rakhogi.. to main phir karoonga.. bye..!!
Receiver Kept..i still kept thinking wide..(even wild//!!huh!)

I think, I can still mention CASE III, CASE IV.. or even more. But then lamba ho jaayega.. aap bhi sochoge.. apni luv stories sunane ke liye aur koi nahi mila..?? So no more.. Simply.. thinking.. kya RJs ko prem patra aise hi bheje jaate hain?? Phone ghumao.. n say.. "I L U".. Easy hai yaar..! Phone par dikhta bhi nahi.. so aur bhi easy hai yaar..!! bandi ka bhai aur papa bhi nahi... to to aur bhi easy hai yaar!! .I wonder, by the time I'll actually receive a full fledged proposal, how will I react. (Abhi tak to iss maarg ki sabhi laainen vyast hai..!)
Finally in my own words, how do I feel on each Prem purn call..

1. Has the unemployment grown that high, that the bandas have nothing to do Except love. (Kuch nahi mila- chalo pyaar karte hain...)
2. Sach bol bhi rahe hain ya nahi.. kitno ko kaha hai mujhse pehle..?
3. Log kitne filmi hote hain...How can they fall in love with a voice.. AAWAAZ se pyaar??? bahut na-insaafi hai re...
4. At times, guys behave a little different- sharma kyo rahe hain...(begum pt 2!)??
5. When I am explaining them things... they mean it "Seriously kyon nahi le rahi...?" But dear reader I mean it- my personal profile doesn't match with this- My parents are definitely not thinking about my wedding. (no wedding bells..)
6. Frankly speaking, my family is still ready to listen to me - I simply mean- boyfriends are generally used to talk of topics like- Maine haircut kaunsa karwaya, boss se kis baat par ladai hui, chhoti sis ke notes kab present karne hain..etc. For this my family does exist..!
7. Why do guys ask that question... "pehle se koi hai kya..??" Why don't they check out my chirkut or facebook status.. it's still 'single'
8. Iski koi girlfriend nahi hai kya...?? I mean kya ek Rj hi mili ..??
9. I think it happens with each RJ.. how do they react then...??
10. Is it that easy to talk of the three golden words..?? Dialogue yaad karo.. and vomit it!! (Main to shree devi ho gayi..!)

I must not lie but this has been a blog post where I am most confused.. Abhi tak nahi pata how should I end. My boss says, even if a dog barks on air.. log kaheinge.."kya bhonkta hai yaar.. amazzing!!" So there I think.. hai to wo bhi ek aawaaz hi.. and now-, SAWAL PAANCH KAROD KA.. CAN ANYBODY FALL IN LOVE WITH A VOICE...??

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ek social networking site ka chaska....@!!

Writing is fun at times. And the best part.. when you feel like returning... JUST DO IT..!! (kam se kam ye aapki 1st wife jaisa to nahi hai... that you can't even return..!! wow.!) Well...Finally,after much delay.. an October blog post arrives.

With a recent update, I have been 2 yrs and 9 months old with Rjing. And that reminds me my another love at first sight -a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE. You must be thinking what does that mean.(If not.. please think.!) So the fact is, I actually sunk into Internet with the combo of Rjing only. When I wasn't an RJ.. school didn't let us use the social sites, and the other way round papa thought.. 'bachchi bigad gayi to...??'.
Gmail, Orkut, Yahoo were somethings we never heard of... and Facebook with Twitter.. It was hard to dream. (Ab ye mat sochna... arrey... saavi ko chirkut nahi pata tha...? it's OK... Papa kehte hain...Top 3 ranks mein aane ke liye itna chalta hai...).

I remember, in the first month of my RJing my co-RJ told..." sab Rjs ka orkut profile hota hai.. nahi to unke fans unse kaise baat kareinge???" And there, I almost felt like Lady Shahrukh Khan... (mere bhi fans honge?? woww!!) So now, without the next single thought, I jumped into Orkut. Scraps, testimonials, home,photos, videos, privacy.. and what not?? everything excites us to such a blunder mode. I remember, When I received the first Testimonial.. It was such a drama... arrey... people like me... this one knows my name... and she.. she has mentioned what I speak on air. He likes my 'humse bachke kahan jaaoge babu...' and this one...'kitty kitty kota...'. Whenever any listener asked.."aap on line kab  aate ho...??" It felt like... are the people waiting for me...?? And the dialogue..."aap busy hain kya.... ?? aap to jawaab hi nahi dete...??" almost made you re-feel like Shahrukh Khan. If by chance you saw a competitor Rj's name in your recent visitors...It was another proud (pata hai... aaj mujhe kisne visit kiya..??) I wonder, if I should have seen myself then... i should have probably sunk to see myself that way... (oooo...kitni dramebaaz thi main....!!) 

Well... with this, if you are thinking... its over... it is actually the first chapter... kahaani to abhi baaki hai mere dost. FACEBOOK abhi baaki hai mere dost. 

I Joined Facebook... I guess 3-4 months ago. Again thanks to my boss.( Pata nahi kitni baar kahoongii... unki TRP to mere blog se hi double ho jaayegi..!) A few revelations..

1.The first day, or rather the first minute.. it felt like .. "Kya hai ye..??? Iss par baat kaise karte hain.. lo... humare yahan to logo ko do gaj zameen nahi milti... yahan to poori ki poori wall de daali  hai.. aur uspar bhi aapki marzi se likh do...(rang de basanti..!)... aur wo bhi sab padh sakte hain??.

2. A few parts being..Select your profile pic, give the official details, Name yourself (naam bhi asli chahiye yahan), Likes too (ye sahi tha..jab kuch na keh kar do... but yahan bhi prob hai... ek friend ne likha...'i'm sad..'..kuch kehna bhi nahi.. par like bhi kaise karoon???:(.

3. Kisi ke daant mein dard tha... he shared this with his status. Another friend had a breakup.. he copied a dard bhara sms from his in box. Ek bande ko kucch nahi mila... T-shirt ka quote de diya. Kisi event ka promotion ho to Facebook... Kisi ka b'day to facebook.

4. One even gets gifts like 2 barrel fuel, a cow, milk etc. also. I guess.. it's only obituary that i haven't read on the wall.(iska bhi bharosa nahi/... kya pata I see it the next moment.. bless me!!) 

5. And recently, another 'chonchla' of the facebook.. 'LOOK SOMEBODY HAS ANSWERED A QUESTION ABOUT YOU..' Now the questions being...

Do you think Rj Saavi has slapped anyone?
Would you trust Rj Saavi with your life?
Do you think Rj Saavi is a gold digger?
Has Rj Saavi showered today?
Do you think Rj Saavi is a flirt?
Do you think Rj Saavi ever dated somebody?
Now can any mamma ka beta tell me, what has these questions to do with my immediate life? Flirting, dating, slapping and even my social networks mean this??? Par koi nahi.. I will manage.(i have to manage..!)

6. Yahan pata hi nahi chalta.. that anybody visited you... koi competitor RJ or so.... But yes.. humne visit kiya to bhi kaise pata chale...?

7. After joining Facebook.. ab Chirkut par nazar hi nahi dalti.. recently..582 fren req. on chirkut... (yeeee!!)

Vaise.. don't you think...i named my post.. 'Ek social networking site ka chaska..' soooooo.. i have to discuss the chaska also.. so dear reader.. I must admit.. however hard I have condemned the social networking part of this facebook... phir bhi... sapno mein aapka naya facebook status hi aata hai... dhai ghante lagte hain ye sochne mein..'uss pic par comment kya daaloon?'... office main enter hone par boss ke main se pehle face book khulta hai... And before the 'haal chaal' they generally ask..'toone mera naya status dekha?' Friends imagine..."ye to facebook ka naya status ho gaya.." all in all ye to facebook ki mahamaya hai re...!!

But otherwise... iss mahamaya se nibatne ka tareeka....keep facebooking!!