Monday, September 5, 2011

A letter to my teacher....!

Respected Ma'am,

It is 5th September today- and I know- We celebrate this day as YOUR DAY- THE TEACHER'S DAY- The day when I turned a student and you became a teacher!
Her you must be thinking- "What's new dear child??" I know nothing's new.. but something's better than new. I mean, today when I have completed 9 years of my study under you- there should be some confessions, some heart opening expressions... through which you may understand- how important you are.. how classic you are... how close you are.

So ma'am, years ago, when my parents told, "इसे स्कूल में admission दिलवाना है..." I never knew that I'll meet you...! My greatest pleasures were my school bag and box, while choosing an ice cream flavor was also an assignment. But when I met you- I met the world beyond Home."मम्मा का बिंदी, वहां से पापा का घर, फिर मम्मा का घर...बन गया 'उ'." Even 'A for apple' and 'sharing is a good habit' are the facts, that you fed in me. You made me learn what life is!

When grown up a little- I remember, you taught me ADDITION/SUBTRACTION/SPELLS/वाक्य प्रयोग AND WHAT NOT!.I remember if you told, "घर जाकर मम्मा से कहना है..SEND NAPKIN". Then the repetition the whole day was, "Ma'am ने कहा है...send napkin" And finally, Mamma had to say "हा.. तुम तो तुम्हारी Ma'am की ही सुनो..". And best of all.. you know what Ma'am- The only game that I played in my childhood was- TEACHER TEACHER. Old books in one hand and non working pen in the other- and fighting for the role of the Teacher- is something that I'll never forget!

I remember- once you slapped me in front of the whole class. I was embarrassed and hurt- and afraid too. But the next time when I improved on the same matter- It was you who appreciated me front of the whole class saying "LOOK AT THIS GIRL-I SCOLDED HER - BUT NOW- HOW NICELY HAS SHE DONE HER TASK. GOOD CHILD! KEEP IT UP!" I knew, this was almost like winning an oscar!

Ma'am, once I saw you in a party- I remember with greatest fear, I came to you saying " Good afternoon Ma'am!" and more than smiles, you talked so informally!! You are so good Ma'am.

But Ma'am, I still have some requests to make, and that is- Ma'am please don't compare me with my other classmates. I know some of us are really talented but others might not be the same. Your confidence in us makes the subject so beautiful. If you tell me- "CHILD YOU CAN DO IT!" I actually feel that I can. I mean it Ma'am- you taught me how to live- please keep the same in continuation. Ma'am YOU ARE THE BEST! PLEASE LEND ONLY 1% OF YOUR THOUGHTS. I'LL BE OBLIGED!

I DON'T KNOW- WHAT NEXT TO SAY... simply i love you ma'am!

Your lovable child