Sunday, October 13, 2013

The hidden blunder- Saavi...a host?

Saavi… a show host?

Life mein koi bhi cheez sirf do hi sooraton mein hoti hai…
1. When you wanna do it.
2. When you are thrown into it..!

Aah! Dear reader, you might be thinking.. arey mohtarma… bade philosophical ho rahi hain, sab theek to hai na..!

Ya, yun to sab theek hai… bas zara kuchh yaad karke hum female Devanand ho rahe hai… you know… dramatically emotional. Rajasthan Patrika’s Dandiya this year ended just yesterday. The public was good and so was the experience. But frankly, if it had been my choice, I would have never been the host to this show. (Kyun, Main hoon ‘Naaa’) So, it’s another incident that happened a few years back (imagine the flashback), when Saavi never knew that she could even host any show.

If you have read my previous blogs, you’d know that I never aspired to be a jock. But life had its own plan. A forced audition got me the prefix RJ; while another forced effort got me into hosting. Four years back, 2010. Alike each time my colleagues told me, “Saavi .. Apne dandiya mein chalen???”
Me: Yaar apna to Dandiya dance zara kamzor hai… tumhi chale jaana.
Colleague: To tujhe konsa Dandiya karna compulsory hai. Bas chal challenge, ghoom ke aa jaayene.
Me: Ha, par jaldi aa jayenge… subah show hota hai…
Colleague: K.

So there, after office, Saavi was picked up by her colleagues and together we reached the venue. My colleagues on one hand wanted to enjoy, I simply accompanied them for their hearts. Ya, being a speaker myself, at that moment I was even wondering about one more thing… Who shall be the host. I had heard then, that a famous and the only anchor of Kota did that job. So, us waqt to bas yun laga.. koi nahi aaj kisi aur ko bolta dekhenge… kuchh unse bhi learn karenge. (I don’t know, how many of you have actually experienced this- but kabhi kabhi apna kaam kisi aur ko karte dekhna – here speaking- bhi kaafi achchha hota hai.. ) Chalo aaj kisi aur ki galtiyaan nikaalenge.. hahahah.
In fact, that evening, we quite entered as the ‘shareef kids’ ..I mean, all in time… Jaise Master Chef ke ghar ki clock chal rahi ho..! I remember, hum kuchh zyada hi jaldi panhuch gaye the- tabhi jis host ko main dekhna chahti thi- wo bhi nahi dikhe… I thought, kuchh der baad aayenge shayad.
So, dressed in pink, I walked as a khulla rabbit! Haha, kaam kuchh karna nahi- basss dekhenge. But donno why, our Branch Manager sir and a few other seniors kept glaring- while we entered. I thought, koi nahi, hum zara naye hain… to dekh rahe honge. Suddenly, he called us and said- “Saavi, show sambhalna hai…” And I was like- jaise kisi ne Vindu Darasingh se autograph lene ke liye majboor kar diya ho… Na keh nahi sakte- Haa Karen to kaise… ab ise pehle kabhi itna wadda public event host kiya bhi nahi. Bura ho gaya to koi chhodega nahi, aur achchha hone ka sawal hi nahi! Saavi bure phanse.

Ooparwaala jhooth na bulwaaye… at that moment- My colleagues were no less than Big Boss’ Andy. I actually cursed my colleagues in the purest language of my heart- Pata nahi kaunse moohoort mein inko maine ha kiya… ab batao mujhe to dandiya mein aana bhi nahi tha… ab sambhalna padega…Sab ke sab…uff!
Finally, I was handed over with mike (Life mein pehli baar mohabbat bhi nafrat si lag rahi thi). I started and ended. All I tried to remember was- what my boss did as a host and applied all that I had. I was literally nervous (hum bhi insaan hi hain yaar!). Bas bol diya… But frankly as I stopped, one… two… three… four… all came asking- AAPKA NAAM… BAHUT BADHIYA BOLE AAP… AAPKA NUMBER DE DEEJIYE…And I was like- gazzab mazaak kar rahe hai… baawre to nahi hue hain na koi..! I was still confounded. All I thought was- subah se koi nahi mila inn logon ko.. yahan kabhi hosting ki nahi… oopar se ye mazaak… uff! But then, Sir seemed happy.

Till date I have not been able to guess… as of what made me a host. But ya with the experience I can lend you something…

Top three things to do to be a good host:
1. Apne shabdo ko paise ki tarah kharch karo
2. Mike ko geela mat karo…. And..
3. Ab bas bhi karo!