Friday, April 5, 2013

Known by my name.. Pa??

Another month without blogging.. Aah.. it can only be me! Sooooooooo irregular!

But never mind, because it's a good day, let's talk the deal. After all it's my Pa's b'day today. So finally Papa has turned an year older and even today I didn't wish him on his face. You might call that a little dramatic, (Main ikkisvi sadi ki ladki hoon) but even today I find 'HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU...PAPA' quite awkward. I can ask him for treat, I can call him n wish him, I can even speak it on air or on Facebook, but on face- dikhawa sa lagta hai. And now, even the reason's simple- Pa has never been a person who would show off his love for me. He's strict. He's bothered. He's he.

The first time I got a foul call on air, he got all the numbers of my area checked up. He still scolds me as if I am a six year old, but never listens to me, " mujhe mat sikha". If by chance we have had an argument, neither he sleeps nor can I rest in peace. We'll talk after a day or two, with our egos restored respectively. But that's the beauty of a father -daughter relation!

In fact, a confession. My Father never wanted me to be in Media. He always thought, "Beti bigad jayegi.. do -chaar boyfriend ghar lekar aayegi." So, though he sent me for the auditions, but kept inquiring more than ACP Praduman (Daya.. pata lagao). I remember, the only reason he sent me at Tadka was, "Kyonki Patrika hai... vishwaas hai." But that didn't prevent him from being 'He'. In the sense, I was launched in Tadka on Feb 25th- 9 pm. For others it's like, "Pehli baar meri aawaaz poore Kota ne suni.." Wow! The same day when I came home I asked my family, "Kaisi lag rahi thi awaz?" My sisters told, "We didn't hear. Papa turned off the radio!" I was like the red hot furnace. I asked Papa, "Why?" He spoke nothing, but asked me to take care of the studies. I got it- Padhai wale gharon mein TV/ Radio disturb hi karte hain. Well at this point, I generally think- if I dramatized at that moment, my dialogue should have been "mujhe us waqt hi ghar chhod dena chahiye.. jis ghar mein mere talent ki kadr nahi.. wahan meri kadr kya hogi??

But frankly speaking, it is this behavior of my parents that keeps me grounded. Ghar mein koi RJ nahi hota.) In fact, till date my Father doesn't listen to me on air! But if I am low or disappointed from office, he's the one who says, "Tu to chhod de, apne koi zaroorat nahi hai... Kisne kaha tujhe kuchh, bata abhi seedha kar dete hain. Tu bata de bas!" Being a successful businessman he dominates and I love that. Because somewhere in his his mind he knows.. "ha..kar legi". Can you imagine, whenever he feels he has to tease me, he will call me by the prefix-'RJ'. Ha RJ Sahiba.. ghar mein shuru kar di na RJing??? I repeat, My Father doesn't listen to me on air. But I think he is proud of me. An incident reminds me.

It was my 999th show that day. My Father was with our Pandit ji and they together visited some uncle who was there in Nagar Nigam. As the conversation between Papa and uncle proceeded, uncle realized I(Saavi) was Papa's daughter. He asked his wife to get a diary , which he handed over to Papa saying, " Kal aapki bitiya ka 1000 va show hai.. use humari or se bhent!" "Ye saavi ke papa hain! Aapki bitiya ki wajah se hi Radio sunte hain.."

I wonder... How does he feel when he is known by my name... but for me ye achchha hai...!

And now, don't keep thinking- main 2-4 boyfriend ghar layi ki nahi!