Monday, January 13, 2014

A birthday and Daadi's Demise!

10th January has already passed. A birthday that I mmight not forget soon. A handful of friends already sent in their wishes via facebook and other mediums (thanks to the internet…). But finally Saavi couldn’t reply. You must be thinking- Old Habit Saavi! You hardly reply. Ya, that’s a bad habit. In fact, things should have been as you have guessed- unless I had lost her.
Daadi was 96 and people say she had lived her age. But losing her wasn’t preferred. 8:29 am- I received a call from my younger sis- “Jiji! Granny is no more.” The news frankly, came in as I-Don’t-know-what! (You might be thinking- Saavi Party ka plan raha hoga tumhara?? No, Dear Reader, I am never so-enthusiastic about my birthdays. In fact, I never know how to reply the people when they wish me. I am like Thank-u-ab-aage-kya-kahoo? In all –the feeling was just as- Oh Daadi! I loved you- this is not what I wanted.
Finally, whether you call it our fate or our helplessness as a Jock that even after having the news at 8: 29- I did my show till 10 without even hinting what had happened. Because actually, the listener would sink into our sorrows forgetting his own happiness. And obviously, Main ye kabhi nahi chahoongi ki listener humari wajah se pareshaan ho jaaye. Plus- meri daadi ka jaana koi radio ratings badhaane ka zariya nahi hai.
Anyways, at 10 sharp, my Station head Sir came to wish me B’day. But looking at my sad face he asked – Kya hua??? Why so low? I shared the news and he re-asked- Wanna leave. I affirmed and ran to board a Roadways ka bus (because phir sham 5 baje tak koi saadhan nahi tha- Imagine- we talk of human getting developed aur haalaat ye bhi hote hain ki agar 10 ghante ka raasta hai 10 ghante ka hi rahega-) In all, by any chance- 10 ghante se pehle I couldn’t reach home- No options Girl!! So, with due help of Bhupender Sir, Vanita Ma’am and Raju Bhaisahab (my cab man) I reached the bus stand. Boarded. But alas. Bus raaste mein kharaab ho gayi and Saavi Granny ke last rituals mein anhi panhuch paayi. But then, I can still tell you about my Granny Right???

So Dear Reader, My Granny is who I shall always love for a few things:
1. She never fixed matches for me. Thanks Granny!
2. Once I was kneading the dough… and shayad sahi nahi ho raha tha… she readily offered – La main sikha doon!
3. She was really spashtwaadi- Would even curse with open heart!
4. Never ate anything before offering chugga, and chara to animals. But ghar ki gay ko roti nahi deti thi Daadi…
5. Very religious. Aa dharma ki aankdi sikhaau thanne!
6. She heard me too. Told the others, aa Radio mein bole hai-. In fact, she loved once I returned home and did the basic works of home. (Yes! RJs kaam karte hain).
7. She wouldn’t watch television. As in her words- main dekhu to tv mein koi mar jaave hai!! Hahah
8. And everything her heritage is what is running us.
Probably you would now say, to aisa kya naya hai tumhari Daadi mein Saavi- sab ke jaisi hi to hai! Yes! Sab ke jaisi hi hain! But still I love my Daadi! She holds a special place in my life !Bhale hi wo Kapil ki Daadi jaisi nahi hai na hi aanandi ki daadi jaisi but... Daadisa I will miss you!