Sunday, May 22, 2016

Two Cities and 8 Years of Radio!

May 22nd 2016, Another wonderful date when I'm going to write :)

Frankly, at this moment, I am confused- how to start. Not because I am writing after a long time, but because I am actually confused. Why?

OK, I have an answer. So dear reader, today I am in Jodhpur. Returned this morning itself from Kota after a week long holiday. (Ji ha.. mujhe bhi chhutti milti hai! Mere 1000 episodes kuchh saal pehle ho chuke :)) ye baat alag hai- this holiday was purely meant for home. Just home. Fewer official commitments and more time for home. Met my nephew.. the Super cute Duggi.. Life can be so beautiful with kids :D No one except family knew that I am in Kota. Did not update on Watsapp, Facebook or insta. Why? Two reasons. 1. I was away from the social media too. 2. Hum itne bhi bade celebrity nahi hain ki logon ko humare location ka farq pade.. :P

However, during my visit, I could sense something. Something that is sweet as well as a little Khatta Meetha. Nahi Samjhe? Ok let me explain. 12th December 2013 was the date when I came to Jodhpur. Though my roots are from Marwar and we speak Marwari at Home, I was born in Kota. Read in Kota and my first Job and 1000 episodes' Record happened in Kota itself. 6 Years of Radio, 8 years of Job and 24 years of life,.. all in Kota. Everyone thought Saavi kahin nahi jaayegi. Even I thought so. Unless, Big FM hired me.

Being a Marwari by my origin and following the customs of Marwar I was placed in Jodhpur. The Bluecity, jahan sooraj kahin nahi chhipta. Originally, when I came- I hadn't thought much. As in, all I thought was- I am destined to be in Marwar. 6 saal tak Hadoti aur students ke betterment ke liye Radio ko jeene ke baad... Ab Marwar ki behtari ke liye kaam karenge. That's it. But that's not all.

After my departure from Kota, I got long messages describing betrayal- jaise maine sheher nahi duniya chhod di hai. :P Listeners are so cute that they fought for me on facebook statuses. Kota waalas and Jodhpuris together claiming and imagining that I belong to just one city. Kotawaalon ke liye Kota ki saavi, aur Jodhpurwaasiyan waaste.. Jodhpuri Saavi. In fact, when I meet the people from Kota- they tell me a lot- like- Saavi Jodhpur ka paani suit kar gaya.. aajkal photo badhiya daalti ho :D , or something like-- kOta ko to bhool gayi ho Saavi!!

However, dear Reader.. Is that claim even required? can I forget Kota.. or Jodhpur... I have my reasons too:

1. Kota ho chahe Jodhpur, hum hain to Indians hi. Arey bhai Chak de India mein bhi Shahrukh Khan ne kaha tha.. Yahan koi state player nahi hai.. everyone is Indian! :)

2. It's about good work, whether I am in Kota or Jodhpur- I will never discriminate towards good work. Kota ho chahe Jodhpur- my show will always talk of the betterment of my city and development of a logical approach.

3. I feel like a wedded lady- even before my wedding, why? Kota ko peehar aur Jodhpur ko Sasural ka darja mil gaya hai. But frankly... (if you are a woman reader)you already know that Maayka ho chahe sasural.. they are yours with no discrimination.

4. Most of the people thought that I may not be able to survive in Jodhpur. Why? A girl away from home.. haww Khuli tijori!, Arey kaam mushqil hoga wahan! Ok yes, changes bring difficult time, but does that not give us the opportunity to grow?

5. In the past 8 years, I have realized that people may be different in each city, but good work remains common. For example- In Kota people are blunt. They say what they feel blank faced. While Jodhpuris never hurt anyone in person. Meethi boli Meethi hi Daant bhi. But can we compare the two cities? Claiming one is good and other one is bad! Nahi na.. so it's about living your own qualities.

Bottom line- Let's not discriminate amongst cities. Let's praise each other. Lt's take good from each other. And if I can be the link.. I will be the happiest :) :)

With Lot of Love and Respect for each listener of mine- whether from Kota or from Jodhpur :) Let's make world a better place :)