Thursday, October 20, 2016

Saavi and her estimated boyfriends!!

A blog just after Karwachauth..? No dear reader, this isn’t a Karwachauth special post. Just that.. some things have been happening since long now.. I thought, kyun na iss bare mein aapse hi kuchh baat kar loon!

So, as the heading reads.. ‘Saavi and her estimated boyfriends’… I must admit- people estimate a lot about me these days. They imagine, they mis- conceptualize, they mis-relate, and finally conclude- Ye to RJ hai… iske to bahut saare chakkar honge. And believe me this line is a mini heart attack statement for my Father- hey Bhagwaan! :D But Papa, don’t worry- that’s what the world thinks. Aapki bitiya pehle jaisi hi hai.. utni hi non interested!

In fact, one of my colleagues told me something hilarious a few days back..Which I wish to share here.

Fortunately or unfortunately I am the only girl in my office (except my super boss). And because my parents reside in a different city, my male colleagues are extremely considerate to drop me home safely. Sometimes, it’s Nikhil, the other times it may be Abhi, Ankit, Rahul, Priyawat Sir, Dhirendra.. all take care that I reach home safely. And practically, I thank them from bottom of my heart towards their gesture. I’m blessed to have colleagues like them. :) Even if I face any issue, I guess- they’ll be the first people who I ever give a call to.

But probably, the world thinks differently. They are the same, Ladka Ladki saath aate jaate hain.. kuchh to gadbad hai Daya! Khair, kissa kya tha?? Time to know the same!!

1. Actually, one fine evening Ankit (my colleague) went to a Mirchibada shop (Here in jodhpur Mirchibada is the national food) Someone from the shop staff asked him… “ye jo aapke saath aati hain… ye Bhabhi ji hain kya..??”
Ankit: Kaun..?
Shop Waale Bhaiya: Ye Aapke saath aksar jaate hain..
Ankit: Bhai ye meri colleague hai.. RJ Saavi hai, radio par show aata hai inka
Shop waale Bhaiya: Achcha..??

And I m sure, though the conversation ended, Shop waale Bhaiya wasn’t convinced. Ankit told me about this stuff quite late. He told me, “Saavi.. aap phir pata nahi kya sochte..!” Socha to sahi maine.. tabhi to likh rahi hu! But guess what dear Reader; I actually laughed after all this, because those who know me quite closely know… nobody tries to impress me. I ‘bhaizone’ the people quite spontaneously. That’s me! The cruel one! And this is the reason, why even in my 11 year old career people have not been able to talk much about me. All they do is IMAGINE!

2. For example, I remember, during my initial days of my RJing- my boss was my co jock. He is 10 years older to me, and such a respectable figure.. who taught me 90% of radio.. has always been a brother figure to me. But some listener asked me a few days ago.. you liked him…?? Right I told- Please NNNNNOOOO! He is Brother figure.. his wife is my Bhabhi! stop thinking so. Inspirations don’t make people your boyfriends!

3. There is another incident, a colleague was questioned by his friend. Bhai! Bhabhi ke haath mein haath dalkar ghoom rahe the?? (Off course I was being talked about here! ) My colleague was baffled.. Kya?? And listening to this I was angry too… Because one- main logo ke haath mein haath daalkar kabhi nahi ghoomti.. plus you are talking about a girl you do not know! Please spare us! We are Radio Jockeys.. and we deserve to be respected for what we are and similarly we have the right to be taken fairly. Humare bare mein baaten mat phailaao! Your fun is someone else’s loss.

4. A few years back, someone told me- aapka to boyfriend NIT Silchar mein tha na??? I was like- YEKyaTha? Ye to thought process ke bhi baahar tha..

Sach kahoo, aise kayi incidents hain.. that is why I told my landlords- that there will be my colleagues who will drop me home safely. My parents know about them.. So don’t misinterpret. They mean my safety. Sabse badi baat- they actually drop me home respectfully. The world when talks about women being unsafe.. they make me feel safe  Thanks guys! You make me respect the men :)

Also, jinke dimaag mein ye baat hai.. ke kyun mere colleagues mere boyfriends nahi ho sakte.. I have answers for them. But meet me personally someday. You’ll know… bahut khadoos hu main… hahahah. Bahut zyada Khadoos. Itni khadoos ladkiyan Girlfriend material nahi hoti :P :D

To bas .. spare yourself n me too!


  1. Di hats off..... vse b ese logo k bare m sochna b nhi chahiye aapko....dey dnt deserve ur anger too.... hehehe.. u r just awsm dats it..baki ka pta nhi bt i respct u lot ��