Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Rusted Diary...!

Arey waah Saavi, March 2014 ka pehla blog! Finally you did it! (At least started...!Because, dear reader, it has been around a week that I have been thinking to write the blog.. aur ab jaakar time mila hai..!) Khair, without wasting any more time let's start now!

Blog has been named 'The rusted diary...' hindi mein 'Jang lagi kitaab'! All it means is that these days I have been reminded of the old forgotten things from my life. To exaggerate, it has been three months in Jodhpur and dislike Kota, yahan par family ke nahi hone se I have been thinking 'fokat' things a little more than ever.

For example, suddenly I was reminded of my thoughts when I was in class 1. YES CLASS ONE! (tab main sochti bhi thi...hahah). Actually, then I thought that padhai is a HUGE TASK! I mean, I had planned then.. that third class ke baad main padhai nahi karoongi... bas painting karoongi! OMG! Could I have been that foolish! When I told this plan to my dear family, everyone laughed! Koi samajhta hi nahi mujhe huh!

Then, when I was in class four, I wrote on walls and doors at my place, and off course even then, nobody got my creativity. (Daant padi thi daant!) Uff, frankly at this moment I am actually reminded of many more incidences, but U'll laugh... aap bhi meri creativity nahi samjhene.

Generally, kehte hain ki poot ke pag paalne mein dikh jaate hain... that means, the talents you exhibit during childhood- decides what are you going to be in future- when you grow up. But apne case mein I never spoke when I was young . Infact, during my interview in Sophia (nursery) I left the teachers alone in the interview room with a thought- Huh- achchhi nahi hain- I don't like you teacher- main nahi aaungi aapke school mein!

But frankly, Saavi has changed. Not simply since my childhood, even in these past six years. For example, when it was the beginning of my career, I did cry for making my links worth listening- but not now. You'll say, experience Saavi! Probably. Even when it's about people's reactions as listeners even they have changed. Say for example, if you view my last blogs- you'll know people did propose to me in the beginning- but not now (Because main boodhi ho gayi hoon.... hahaha)Last propose is what I can't even recall. But then, I think that's maturing up. Because now, I get it that - koi flirt kar raha hai... and see, Saavi flirt ke saath kabhi bhi achchhi nahi thi. As a jock you certainly have to be flirtatious, but I am not like it. I the beginning of my career,, I didn't know what to say for a flirt. Kuchh time baad- I-was-like-in gussa. Then, I was being embarrassed. And now, I tell the person, yaar apna kuchh nahi hona- Don't waste your time- Apna kuchh nahi hona!

But ya, one thing was common in all stages of RJing, that I still believe- Awaazon se mohabbat nahi hoti! In fact, ek aur baat thi Earlier people were talking to 'RJ' Saavi. But now I tell them RJ hataakar Saavi se baat keejiye! You'll know, even RJ bhi insaan hote hain insane nahi!

And now, are you thinking... Saavi suna li raam kahaani?? We are not proposing you!
Kar bhi mat dena... humara seriously kucchh nahi hona!

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  1. one thought after listen bhai..confidence banda hai ...
    he has all this what he want..

    but seriously saavi ji u r look nice ...u don't rember my face but i was win lot ho prices on tadka...
    n i saw u when u gave gift u look not bad ..(ha...ha..)..