Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First encounter with Jodhpur!

Lo, ho gayi Saavi filmi! Why filmi? afterall, I have named my blog post 'First encounter with Jodhpur'. Hindi mein -Jodhpur se meri pehli mulakaat!! aah! Waah! Jaise main heroine- aur hero hai Jodhpur!

But then you can sigh in relief as ye meri aur Jodhpur ki lovestory nahi hai. BAS FLASH BACK HAI!!
So, 11th Dec 2013 was the day when my Mom and my sister kept asking me, " Dekh le.... aur kuchh chahiye to?" Five bags!(Ohh ! I must not lie butttt though I have been in job for around Seven and a half years, my visits to any other city have been more than less! Literally pehle school ne time nahi diya; aur baad me Job ne. In simple words main, life mein pehli baar ghar ke baahar rehne jaa rahi thi saavi. Seriously yahan kabhi auto nahi pakda to ghar ke baahar rehna uff! kaise hoga?!(I KNOW, MAIN PHIR SE GAVAAR SOUND KAR RAHI HOON PAR REALITY TO YAHI HAI.. AB SAAVI LIFE MEIN PEHLI BAAR KOTA KE BAAHAR RAHEGI- FAMILY KE BINA!) Parr jaana to hai!

So boarded a bus (at 9:30 pm) with my younger sister, which had to reach at 6:30 in the morning. My Ma'am had already provided the call-in number of our cab driver. I had heard that Jodhpur is a real good city. Raasta poochho to log ghar tak panhucha ke jaate hai! Par inn sab ke liye bhi pehle Jodhpur panhucho to sahi.... To janaab, after a kachchi pakki sleep at night with a few nightmares, we were informed by some murmers- JODHPUR AA GIYO! To couple the situation with a little humor as we were about to halt. Some body played a song , "Jeth kio dupahri mein paanv jale hain saiyyan... paanv jale hain..." that too in December ki sardi. I now knew- Beta saavi jodhpur aa gaya!

We were finally dropped on the bus stop ke baaju waala chauraha where the cab driver would arrive. Got all our luggage down. And spotted the Big van. A 23-24 year old banda with tel-patta look came in (our cab driver). I confirmed, and after loading the luggage, we moved towards our hotel. Admiring the pahaads, morning beauty, doodh waalas, students in autos and what not! wow! But Wait!! RED WAALA WHEEL BAG KAHAN HAI??? OHHH! BUS MEIN REH GAYA?? I almost shouted... Chinks (my sis)you didn't check it twice! OHH NO! ISILIYE.... ISILIYE... GIRLS KO BRAINLESS KAHA JAATA HAI!

Waise all talks apart, right now at my rescue was just one person- MAHENDER BHAISAHAB...OUR CAB DRIVER! So, asli jodhpurwaasi ko pehchan-ne ka time ab tha... will mahender bhaisahab cooperate?? Will he help us searching our lost luggage? And that too when it was a private volvo.. where should we get the address from??? The office - wo kahan hoga?? (Frankly, at this moment it was a news channel hour for me- jitne sawal maine apne question paper mein reply nahi kiye the- utne aaj saamne the!) PAR! MAHENDER BHAI SAHAB... ???

I looked at him. But before I could tell him much... he rushed the cab to the place where we were dropped. Back to the bus stand- Bus stand. At the bus stand inquired about the travel bus's office. To the bus office- where we were told that the office would open at 9. Gosh- at 9 I have to be in my office. Ab...! Suddenly, I was reminded- Bus waale ko to repairs ke liye jaana tha... So, from here we rushed to the place where the bus maintenance had to be carried. Bus yahn bhi nahi! Meanwhile, called home to have the Bus's Kota office number. Narrated the problem here, and got the bus driver's number. Finally met this person on the same place where we went the second time. Bhaisahab came out and Said- lo bai- aapro bag- hum to yahin milte! AND BAG MIL GAYA! wow! All thanks to mahender bhai sahab!

To bas panhuch gayi Saavi Jodhpur..!

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