Monday, December 30, 2013

Nayi Company: Orientation 2

continued from the last post...
Dear Reader, here I'd like to mention- if I'll describe all the sessions from the orientation you'll probably not feel interested. So, instead of boring you just a few excerpts. With the tags I'd like to give to a few people!

The best session I found was the creativity one. Mr. Dheeraj Kumar was the mentor and I bet agar creativity Na hoti- life worth living bhi na hoti. You motivated me Mr. Kumar. Hats off. What I liked about your session was- you weren't diplomatic at all! Hata off! aapki chashme waali aankhon se creativity tapak rahi thi!

Meeting Tanya Kaushal was another incident. Older to me by at least 7-8 years Tanya was really particular and she loves English music. If she's watching Bigg boss, don't dare to disturb her. Tanya, if read this ever- I loved mentioning your qualities in that describe-your-partner session. What I liked about you was- though you don't mingle up with people hard- but you were soft to me. Why? I don't know! I won't miss you Tanya... but won't forget you either.

THE WONDERFUL SMILE: Mr. Suresh and Mr. Rajesh
By reading the names dear reader, you might be thinking- five star ka advt???@@ AAh no! Mr. suresh and Rajesh were south Indians and I admit the most sweet ones. Their smile ohh it made you feel heavens. I know Iknow you might be thinking Saavi bandon ki smile par fida! Ji nahi inki simplicity par moe-than-happy hoon main! Aur ha, ther best part- ye baithte bhi mere saamne ki row mein they!

Why Mr. Sachin 'I'. Ohh because we had two sachins in the board room. The one I am talking about was from sales. Sachin I guess mujhse age mein 4-6 saal bade to zaroor rahe honge. And by that thinking unka mujhse zyada thoughtfull hona banta bhi tha. But no, this was a liitle different. He has aspirations- and I hope he fulfills them soon. If we were there for lunch, he shan't forget asking me - Saavi! u.. and that was decent too! Dear Sachin, if you are reading, stop thinking- you'll do wonders!

Mr. Amit was the only person in the boardroom whom I knew before joining the new concern. He was my facebook friend. I knew he writes quite emphatically, but the reason I realized was this time in orientation- his singing, his spirituality.

With this long name- you might think- Aanandh must have ben 35+. But no, I guess Aanand is not more than 27. Anyways, blessed with an old Maru gf, he seemed to be the most formal person as I met him. But just seemed. I think due to his proximity in the seating process- he was my internet-chalu-kar-do colleague. Thanks Thorat! you helped me with my phone. But, I should have been happier, if it worked!

With the tag it must be clear Pulkit did ask many questions. Mujhse bhi zyada. In fact sales mein hote hue. You were a genius. When we were in school, ek baat kehte they... sawaal aksar periods nikaal diya karte hain. So pulkit's questions were actually non minded by others. But pulkit, I did not expect that question- Why is your bag that heavy! Oh bless me.!

Ohh everybody in the boardroom knew that- especially after that intro session- where RJ Sachin described Bala. Bala was another south Indian in the group and trust me all I met were good. Khair, best about Bala was- he was simple- simply simple! Bless you Bala- And my suggestion- catch a girlfriend!hahah.

Aayush had to join Goa. He reached the session on the second day I guess. But seriously, I was so very relieved to have a Rajasthani acquaintance! Jaipurite Aayush.. Right??

RJ Sachin: I won't tag this person. But he was good. Phir simple kahoongi to aap kahenge ye bhi simple- wo bhi simple! But then sachin: I'll read your novel.. bas likh lo!

Mr. Girish: He was another person who I think I should mention Akele hindi bhashi! Sir, language power hai!

There are others who I think I should mention. Butttt aap padh nahi paayenge! sO, JUST LAST!

THE BEST MOMENT: The product presentation. Seriously after the presentation- Iwas most satisfied. Ab tak 4 din mujhe lag raha tha... can I and after the presentation- chalo! I am not dead. Creative karke achchha lagta hai!

And dear reader, agar aap padhte padhte nahi thake hain... saavi likhte likhte that gayi hai! so spare me!

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