Monday, December 30, 2013

Nayi Company..Orientation 1

Hey ooparwaale... Kuch cheezen mini mushkil hoti hain na.... jaise blog likhna... aur wo bhi wo blog likhna, Jisé likhne ki bekaar koshish aap pehle bhi chaar baar kar chuke ho!
Dear reader.... practically I wrote the beginning of this blog thrice before today... and each time due to some or the other work left the blog in between.

Never mind.. trying to be a hardworking blogger... i'll re begin.

First of all an apology to the listeners from kota. I'll soon send my replies to all of you. I hope you understand my situation. Leaving you people actually made me feel guilty. No choice however. Abhi wahi kar Rahi hoo... Jo zindagi karwa rahi hai kar rahi hai.

In fact... I am in jodhpur these days. The sun city. Today itself I completed 10 days of being on air ... ladkiyon ke liye kehte hain na... pyaar ko chahe bhool hi jaaye taareekhen na bhulaye. U'll ask me... howz da place. I an happy with the listeners. But taking time to form any opinion.

Vaise at this moment I wish to describe my first encounter with the new life here. Not in jodhpur... but in mumbai. We had our orientation there. Orientation bole to.... your introduction to the new company.I received my tickets from Delhi office and boarded the train alone for the first time for such a long distance. (I know main gavaar sound kar Rahi hoon... par I'm being genuine.. ha) during the journey I was two things.
1. Ek kilometre me diameter mein there was no girl in my coach.
2. The South Indians who I was travelling with were all non.Veges. so beta saavi ne life mein pehli baar non veg coach share kiya. Haha

Anyways... I reached panvel station from kota at 5 in the morning. Caught a Meru cab for Mumbai. The driver Saab was from UP and good to talk to. An hour long journey ended at meera CHS. The official guest house u see. I reached at 6:30 and the office time was 9. So immediately after the breakfast and mai- panhuch- gayi sort conversations finally headed for the lift. Yahan bhi Pata chalta hai kya. . No girls in my guest house. Sab bande. Ohh. It's not so that I like girls in that way. But hota hai na. Koi smile karne layak to hoti. That's a girly little thing you know. Never mind, CHALIYE AAPKO OFFICE LIYE CHALTE HAIN!.

Office... wo ek mall mein that 4 thi floor par. Again a lift. (Dear reader.. if you don't know this about saavi... I am not really fond of lifts and escalators. I prefer stairs instead.) A huge lady waited to check us up at the office gate. I wish she smiled- I bet she could have looked prettier. What I liked about her was her sincerity while- I mean it- if she smiled- she could have looked like a human being. After our signatures and all we were guided to a board room. In between, the office was huge as a party hall. And trust me- baaraatiyon se zyaada employees they wahan. Bas, department ke hisaab se baaraaten alag alag thi. Finally, I joined a group where many were better than me and almost everyone older to me. You see, jaate hi laga- yahan to sab bade log hain. Finally I acquired a seat on the left. The third seat. which remained mine for the next five days.

On my right was Ranjan- who joined as an on air scheduler. And the only person in the hall who I thought was more bothered than me. There's one thing that I understood out here. Your previous job experiences never move out of your head but you have to forget everything in the present. To proceed further, we were greeted by a lady fairer than the the face-cream-advertisement-waali-girl. Agle Paanch din tak wo ghazal ki tarah aati aur kahaani ki tarah nikal jaati. uff! Khoobsurati bhi bala hoti hai (from the side of the males in the board room.)

So practically, the life was now no less than Chennai express. Train kahan jaayegi ye to pata hai par hit hai ya flop. Pata Nahi. All we could do were 3 things:

1. Ask the person beside us- from where are you??
2. Look at the orientation plan sheet- behaving as if I-am-waiting-u-see.
3. Gaze at the board room walls/ sheeshas- trying to be a super analyst- who would now submit a fresh report on walls of the board room soon!

And one more! Check the 3G phone uselessly.
To be continued....


  1. saavi ji main apko kota mein bahut-2 miss kar raha hoon.(all kota listeners miss you too.) so aap kuch jugaad bitha ke wapas kota mein aa jao (bhale hi apko mera ye comment dikhana pade.) plz saavi ji.

    main abhi mere hometown mein hu aur daily chaat(roof) par jakar tadka sunta hu lekin apki awaaj nahi pa kar niraash hokar wapas aa jata hu. Plz saavi ji jaldi kota aaiye.

  2. good to hear from you

    aapne bahut sahi baat kari hai ki radio jocks ki life shifts mai end nahi hoti,unka kaam unnke saath hamesha raha ta hai.
    you touched my life also in kota jahan mai lakhoon baccho kitaha iitian banne aaya tha!

    thanks for that !