Monday, August 26, 2013

The story behind 'Humse bachke Kahan jaaoge babu..!'

A day or two ago my Facebook status read something like..
“I think about you when no one's around, I think about you- when in open air, When others are talking I listen to you… Dear Radio, There are all reasons to fall in love with you.. — feeling wonderful.”

And my sis turned to me asking… “So what were you feeling wonderful about??” Me: Radio…
And I must not lie, radio actually makes you feel wonderful. Those hours when you are on air, that new thought each day, that thirst to be creative each moment, that fear-‘will you be able to do your best..?’! wo!
Anyways, isse zyada senti hone par aap ye blog padhna band kar denge… so aaj ki kaksha ka topic ho hi jaaye.

I mean, just memorizing the past. Often people tell me, “ Saavi aap wo bolte ho na- Humse bachke kahan jaaoge baabu- aap samajh nahi sakte kaisi feeling aati hai..!” Frankly speaking, I really don’t know, how should you be feeling like, I to simply speak ‘Humse bachke..’ and don’t ponder much. Because if I start thinking, I realize- the line ‘Humse Bachke kahan jaoge babu..’ actually doesn’t define me. Sorry to say, but practically, I can’t flirt and nor can I ‘jhelo’ the flirts. I tell the listener, “Boy, you are knocking a wrong door.” And being a Capricorn, I am supported by my instincts equally. So the actual question, ‘ how did ‘Humse Bachke’ happen?

Definitely the year was 2008, beginning of my career. One fine afternoon preceding our launch in Kota, we had our seniors from Jaipur planning the affairs for the grand day (launch of 95 FM Tadka off course!). Now, in Radio we simply don’t have songs- if you have ever heard the jocks are promoted via some audio clips that inform the general public that so and so Jock’s programme is aired at this time, and he speaks somewhat like/… this is the ‘promo’ in our language. So, my promo was being planned, according to what I sound like. And the two seniors (jo itneeee creative the, aur humein pata hi nahi tha... ) came out of the backup studio informing, “ Chalo Saavi ka promo sunte hain..” We jocks followed them,,, and the audio sounded as scripted-

“Bhari dupahriya mein chhukariya..? (Ae babu.. in background assuming saavi is speaking) Ek rahi Saavi, ek rahe hum, ek rahi saavi, ek rahe hum… To batao ka kare bhaiya… saavi kahe kota ko hilaaye, saavi kahe tadka lagai.. humka jaane Kota ki Kitti ban Jaaye.. (followed by) Humse Bachke Kahan Jaoge Babu!

I apologize dear reader, for I cannot produce the audio tape of the promo. But one of my female colleague once told me that as she heard the promo she got a feel as if a ‘chhapra’ in lungi passed through a busy market (with kajal in eyes, and a ‘bidi’ at the end of his lips) and Saavi comes with a Tokri on her head repeating “Humse Backe Kahan Jaoge Babu!” (Ohh! Saavi aur aisi… maine to sapne mein bhi apne bare mein aisa nahi socha tha… nahhhi!! ) Frankly, then I did not approve of the promo- But today I know, this was one of the best production ever made with such an apt Voice over and packaging! I thank Dheeraj Sir (our sound engineer then- and off course now a senior who I will always look high to..) and RJ Shekhar – who lent his versatile voice for the promo- Undoubtedly, though he’s no more today but that each word of my promo still echoes in my ears.

So, practically- these few people- Shekhar Anna, Dheeraj Sir and Vikas Sir (our Group Programming Head then- now with NEWS NATION - a channel you can can on ur TV sets- Please refer to my 'purple shirt waale sir' for his intro! ) were the only reasons behind my words, ‘humse bachke..’ They told and I did. I had no options of refusing them. (Gustaakh ladki tum jaanti hi kya ho radio ke baare mein... Khaamosh!)I remember, on my first multi jock link (link is what RJs speak and multi jock will be many jocks on air at a time), as I spoke the line ‘Humse bachke… my colleagues shouted…”woooooo” I was embarrassed but radio had started happening then.. tab se aaj tak aaj bhi har show ke end mein aata hai.. Humse bachke kahan jaaoge babu!!

Confessions regarding my punch line “ Humse Bachke Kahan Jaoge Babu..”
1. I should never like my Father to listen ‘humse..’.. bhai mein shareef ladki hoon! :P
2. I am actually blank (kora kaagaz) while speaking ‘humse…’, but I do change my tones .
3. Once a girl called me up saying.. “Saavi wo aap bilte ho na Humse bachke,… pata nahi kya ho jaata hai ladki hokar aisa hai, to ladke to na jaane..” I told her, “Apne papa se mat keh dena..”
4. I once heard a jock of competitor station copying my same ‘Humse bachke..” I felt like telling her- Girl! Spare yourself!
5. I still don’t know how to reply when any listener writes- ‘Humse Bachke..’ in any of his comment on my wall… aah!
6. The most embarrassing answer to my question ‘humse bachke..” is.. “to jaana bhi kaun chahta hai saavi???” (oh no boy.. I am single but not ready to mingle!)
Khair, I think I can write more… but isse zyada points aapko bore kar denge.. so shabba khair AND
Humse bachke kahan jaaoge babu!!

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