Thursday, January 24, 2013

When Saavi Meets someone. Pt 2

A few days after my last blog, I happened to visit the market with my sis. Mujhe sabzi lena nahi aata, so my Mom took safe measure by asking me to get 'pao' for pao bhaaji. (Or rather my sis was sent for shopping. I simply accompanied.).

Originally I learnt a lot that evening. Excerpts:

1. I can now narrate where ever in this world of kota shall we 'not' find pao. We visited at least 10-12 kirana shops.(Beta itni ghumi ghumi to humne morning walk par bhi nahi ki..)

2. The chaupati waale bhaisahab actually charge for paos by looking at the gaddi you come into. (In fact, a bhaisahab charged just the double of what the pao costed. To which I replied - Bhaiya imported pao nahi chahiye!)

3. The chaupati waale bhaisahab(2) actually search a prospective customer in you. His expression is like- "Ab pao nahi mil raha hai to pao bhaji yahin kha lo na" (AB HOW DO I TELL HIM- GHAR PAR MAATAJI MUJHE KHA JAAYENGI!)

4. Breads don't resemble internet browsers. Like Chrome can work in place of Mozilla, the bread cannot. (Mamma tells you on phone line- Get pao only! No bread!)OMG!

However, Dear Reader,before I write the 5th point, I apologize. I mean, I just realized,I have to write regarding my meetings. Yes Saavi, you named your blog 'When Saavi Meets someone. Pt 2' Right??

So, during my search for pao, we came to just next kirana shop. It was a big one. And a boy looking little older than me sat there. My sis asked,"yahan pao milenge" He tried to behave I-don't-know-sorts. Meanwhile, I thought, I had seen him. AAAAAAAAANNND I spoke, "'A'?? 'A'___(His full name)" He said "Yes"

Saavi: You were in Modern? Right?
He (trying to act hideous): Yes
Saavi (happy): I am Saavi! Are tum to bade dikhne lag gaye!
My sis: You were classmates? Good!
He (out of courtsey gesture): You?
My sis: She is a Radio Jockey now.
I could read in his eyes he recognized me. But he somehow didn't want to talk more. Therefore I couldn't ask him more. Because I think he was feeling embarrassed. Probably, what he thought was that he wasn't at a very good place/ in an exclusive profession like others are. So what would I think of him?

But seriously 'A', if you ever read this blog; That moment I felt, If my RJ tag makes you uncomfortable as my classmate- I better avoid the tag. Being an RJ isn't a wonder. And where ever you are it is an equally respectable job. If joined your family business you did your job as a son. And nobody ever can steal this pious feeling from you. It's a mixed feeling, but I am happy for you!

And next time, when you meet me- think you are talking to saavi. Not RJ Saavi!


  1. Bolti to achha ho hi..likhti b kamaal ho..gud..

  2. Saavi, it reflects your true behaviour..... always be like this only...:-) and you have written it well....

  3. Arreyy apne chetan bhagat ko fail kr dia yaar . .
    But one ques ??
    Ap market me ese ghumte hai to kai log autograph mangne bi to aate honge. . . ?