Sunday, December 9, 2012

When Saavi meets someone - Pt:1

To December. 3 months yeah?
To begin with a pathetic joke, Jaise pehli aur doosri santaan ke beech ho 3 saal ka antar, vaise hi do blogs main hai 3 maheeno ka antar..! blaah!

Anyways, it's going to be a very personal blog, (I think so...)which shall describe how does it feel when I meet someone. To be clear, when Saavi meets someone.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl very simple. Her motive was to study and be someone. Pretty competitive, she was Ok with speaking skills. The teachers preferred her zero period talks and English was something she was good at- highest marks most of the times.! Her classmates thought, "wo to kar legi.." But probably with a frown (not everybody is friendly with you).This 'Kya kar legi?' was something even she didn't know. 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th...12th.. School was over. And alike every student even she had the rock-strong confusion- "what will I be?" Though being from commerce, CA karna nahi, Bahar jaana nahi.. to kya? And then an audition changes your life.
She turns an RJ and offcourse the 'She' here is Saavi.

As most of you think, all Radio Jockeys are celebrities and they must be handled well by listeners. Off course the listeners love us. They begin their day with us and end it with our thoughts. They send us gifts and the most precious- their love for us. They believe what we say, they share what they feel. They help you to do good -change lives. We mean to them and they mean to us. They are lovely. In fact, one of the most heart touching moments are- when they come to give you their invitation cards. And the way they force us! There can't be a better feeling than that. They consider you family.

But that's about when you have been introduced to the people as an RJ and they know you an RJ only. The reactions of people are slightly more than different when once you were their classmate but now RJ.

I remember, it was last year that I attended one of my school friend's wedding. One of her friends (who was also my classmate) was also invited, let's name her 'Sn' (original name is what I shan't prefer writing). Sn knew it that I was RJ Saavi, but she purposely asked, " Where are you these days?" I told her. Surprised reaction was something I wasn't expecting either, but she was harsh. Her expression was something like, " So what?" I wanted to tell her, "Dear Sn, even I am not here to be RJ Saavi. If that was the case, my tones should have been flaunting and expression like-' who are you." But... sometimes we keep silent to avoid ill will. On my way to home I cried and told my sis, "It isn't my mistake that the audition chose me. God has been benevolent. And it is because of whom I am here. Why do the people behave that way? Because since years we never talked they think I am prudent??" My sis told don't bother.

Another instance, one of my classmates 'H'; I just caught his sight on Facebook. Sent him a request which he accepted. During a chat with him, I realized he had seen me during Dandia; but never approached me. I asked - why? to which he replied," Tu agar pehchaanti nahi to popat ho jaata" And I laughed. Afterall RJs bhi insaan hi hote hain. Why should we purposely avoid people?

My sis (C) met her colleague (S) in her school. This colleague happened to be my old classmate. And now even 'S'told, " Saavi was an intelligent one, some one who wouldn't prefer talking to people like us." As I got time I sent S a friend request. After all we don't judge people by precentage.

Similar have been other schoolmates who are prejudiced about us/me- as if we shan't talk to them Or as if we are acting celebs. Off course not! We aren't born with a frown. In fact, the prejudice hurts us. Once somebody thinks that I have turned prudent, it makes me feel 5 inch wound in my arm.

However, achchhe reactions bhi aaye hain and many of my classmates are my listeners. P told a few days ago, " Yaar tujhe kai dino se nahi suna.." And I went happier.


  1. I always thought being rj saavi was too cooool

  2. Bravo Saavi....... Plz go ahead.....