Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A letter to Marwar...

A letter to Marwar...
From Home to another Home- who beats in my heart...Marwar!

Dear Marwar, How are you? With a hope that you are in best of your health and spirits... finally I have convinced myself to write to you. You must be thinking, 'why a letter to me today...? we haven't met since years..' Ya, I understand I haven't met you since years. But I guess the same guilt forces me to write to you today.

I remember, when I was in class H.K.G., Mamma Papa got me enrolled in city's best school- Modern school- an English medium convent. And you know what- I hated you then. I always took care that by no means I should speak Marwari in school. If 'gaon' had to be mentioned of, I spoke 'MARWAR' in such a spooky English tone that everybody thought -IT IS A MODERN VILLAGE!!(Imagine modern village.) In fact, when papa came to pick me up-I felt like.. "Papa, why do you speak marwari in my school?? What will my friends think?? Will they not find me 'Ganvaar'?? Huh.!. Papa never got good marks in English. So he wanted us to be such good at English that nobody is able to question. His thought got us into English English English. I mean, we children had to converse in English only. Further, English was compulsory in school too. So by any means my greatest way to be in touch with you was a mile away. Yaani angrezi ke chakkar mein marwari kam boli. But ya don't worry- English ke baad sabse zyada Marwari hi boli.

Fondest of my memories regarding you- come from my childhood. I guess I have been at your place twice or thrice. Summer holidays and a wedding! Ya,when I was young, there was a craze.. and if not craze.. a will to move to 'नानाणे- नाना का घर . नानी भाणो देई ... नाना पान लगाई... मैं खेलां ...and what not. But I guess with time everything changes. Your cousins are your competitors and lack of will creates gaps in visiting too. I think that's quite personal to share, but- I think nani always liked her male grandchildren more than me.. so even that created a question mark on my visits.

Recently, there were 2-3 weddings in the family that occurred at your place- Dalu Bhaiya, Sonu, renu jiji.. Somehow, even they didn't force and I guess I hve been busier than Bill Gates..! Earlier studies and now Job... they haven't given me time to visit you. This troubles me. my heart pains too. Papa says, "निकालो महीने भर रो time" and I say a no. No options you see. But I miss you.. I miss that टांके पर bath, बोर्टी री छाया , गाँव री रेत , बाड़ो , मोर रा पंख ... etc, etc.I miss you marwar.

Thanks to facebook. I liked 'पतासी काकी ' today itself and was overwhelmed to see what exists in 'मारवाड़ ' दादी रो लाड , ऊंटा री सवारी , बाजरे री रोटी , केर रो अचार , छत माथे सूणों, मतीरे रो साग .

However,I am sorry. I haven't visited you for more than 10 years just because of my prejudices.I know saying is not enough. But I seriously mean it... I will love you forever. I will definitely take up you in my life as much as I can... whether it be laapsi in food, ghaaghro in clothing, mojadi in foot or language.. BUt please forgive me!

And ya, sorry for writing in English. Actually, my expressions take a better leap in English. Hope you understand.

Thanks and regards

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