Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Voice-over...

Samajh nahi aaya na...?? When I heard the term for the first time, even I didn't. It was like Sania Mirza asked about coriander, or Sushil Kumar told about 'Salsa'. Aur uspar bolte hain, "Voice-over karna hai Saavi... take the script". And Saavi-Clue-less! Aisa laga jaise 'yaad karte' hain na..vaise hi voiceover bhi karte honge.

However,about the voice-over I'll make it easier for you with the help of a short narration. Here it goes.

One of my male listener from Bihar called up the other day, saying "Congratulation, aap maa ban gaye.." And I was like "What Fish...? Single hona bhi matlab apraadh ho gaya. Maana people take pleasure in creating rumors about us... but ye to limit hi cross kar gaya...Imagine Main maa ban gayi.. aur mujhe pata hi nahi.." Immediately I said," achcha..?? Kab??" Listener- abhi abhi (no nine mths..?)maine aapki aawaaz suni. Ek advertisement main aap hi to apni beti se keh rahi thi..."Phir se itni mehngi Saree? lagta hai tumhe paison ki koi fiqr hi nahi.." Phir aapki beti kehti hai "nahi maa... fiqr hai... tabhi to maine ye saree li hai... ******* designer showroom se.."

For the first time in my life I sank in relief... I told the listener, "Okkk!! that ways...Ha wo to voice-over mein aisa hi hota hai...even we play different characters off air na." (except RJing u see..!)

Yaani character ki awaaz hai- Voice-over.In short VO.

Dear Reader, We are the radio people. And alike TV and film artists even we enact. Bas farq itna hai... wo dikhte hain aur hum sunai dete hain.

Wikipedia defines 'voice-over' as "a production technique where a voice that is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic) is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations.[1] The voice-over may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist voice actor. Also known as off-stage or off camera commentary"

Moral of the story- Jo voices aap radio spots/ television/ films/theaters/ presentation etc. main sunte hain (off course human voice-in language) -they are the voice-overs. In short VO. Pure audio effect, Voice-over has all the capability to enhance or deteriorate the final production.

When Big B narrates a movie in his own voice it is voice-over, when a female voice names its clients before the starting and after the ending of a TV Serial,"Iss programme ke praayojak mad angles- har angle se'muaah', boroplus prickly heat powder, tajmahal tea" it is a voice over. When I say "Phir se itni mehngi Saree? lagta hai tumhe paison ki koi fiqr hi nahi.." in a radio spot it is a voice-over. Even Ravi shastri in his commentary has voice-over.

Most of us think..."VO mein kya hai.. bas bolna hi to hota hai..itni si baat ke bhi paise milte hain in logon ko.." But no! VOs are quite difficult. You have you own style, you can't make it rhyming in informative ones.You should possess clear pronunciation, speed should be correct, you should know the feel and above everything pauses should be correct. Otherwise, your voice-over shan't sound good!
Infact, a bad VO spoils it all. Vedio achchha hai.. par Vo bekar to production bekaar! Personally I like the voice-overs of the lady for Sony TV (CLIENT ENDORSEMENT NAMES), and for colors-Promo male voice over used in serial Madhubala's Promotion! Quite emphatic...

I wish I could give you some sound examples, but main technically itna strong nahi hoon na... so phir kabhi- if you attend a personal class by me..!

Vaise ek baat kahoon.. main aksar TV/Film stars se kehti hoon.."ye log kya kya to advts. kar lete hain na- (remember M.S. Dhoni in mysore sandal soap :P)Dhyan Rakhna chahiye. I even tease them for this. But ab khud Voice-overs karte hain to pata lagta hai... Director jo kehta hai.. karna padta hai.. bOSS HUMSE BHI NAHI POOCHHTE -tUM VO KAROGE KYA?? Bas farmaan milta hai.." Saavi- wife ka chracter hai, bahu ki feel laana... aur maa.. uska role bhi hai.." Real life mein to bane nahi.. par karna padta hai.. That's profession u see..

Aur ab bas...'Voice-over par nibandh lekhan finish.. Good day!

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