Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A dissatisfied post..!

A listener asked today, “Are you dissatisfied with your life??”
OMG! Usey bhi pata chal gaya ke I am dissatisfied. Ohh No! O s(h)it!!

Originally, I should ponder upon the fact that how did the listener know that I am dissatisfied. Radio par to dikhta bhi nahi. But then, I guess, the technology has advanced in such a way that everything can happen. If Shahrukh can create the super flop ‘Ra- One’ even the listener can gauge my dissatisfaction. In fact, this brings me to a conclusion that- dissatisfaction is like love- chhipaaye nahi chhipta! And the more you try to hide the better will be its visibility.

Vaise, coming back to DISSATISFACTION- the act certainly possesses some symptoms. Or to explain it ‘bitter’ ye sab situations hongi tab aapke dissatisfied hone ki sambhaavnaayen badh jaati hain. So,here I narrate-

SYMPTOM No. 1: Early show: Dear reader, I am a Radio Jockey –who has to present live shows on air. With my show timing being: Morning 7 to 12 noon, I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. In this world of super luxury, imagine when people sleep till 10 in the morning, if I am asked to wake up before 6, tell me is that not a reason of dissatisfaction…??

SYMPTOM No. 2: Regular Shows: Dear Reader, if you have read my previous posts, you’ll know that I am an RJ who has completed 1000 shows on air without a holiday. Ab socho jab 4 saalon se sirf 9 din ki chhutti hi mili ho… dissatisfaction nahi hoga???

SYMPTOM No. 3: Same Job: You know what?? They say one should change his/her private job within 3 years. Now that I have completed 4 years in a single institution, more than I feel, the people’s comments make me feel.. “Saavi.. 4 saalon se ek hi jagah….??? Ohh no! Koi aur offer nahi hoga?? (Well Bro.. this is a secret is the.. radio mein hai naukriyon ka jamghat is the..! I mean- even I had handsome job offers.. but nothing could be finalized, so I am here ) Par log kahan samajhte hain… ab batao nahi hoga dissatisfaction..??

SYMPTOM No. 4: I haven’t had my own Bangla or Gaddi: You guys might not take it that seriously, but people are so ambitious these days that by the time they have worked for 3-4 years they possess their Bangla, Gaddi… and if not both- a 4wheeler Gaddi at least. And look at me- main to aaj bhi Papa ki gaddi mein ghoomti hoon… so kaho… nahi hoga dissatisfaction??

SYMPTOM No. 5: I am a little less flaunting: O yes! I actually can’t display too much. Na mere paas 20 hazar ka mobile hai, na main roz facebook par pictures post karti hoon, and I am not brand cautious either. In fact, you know what I can’t even digest a 15-20 lakh tak ki gaddi. Meaning, I start feeling giddy and my head rolls in all sort of luxury cars. Ab in nakhron ke bina, how will, I turn eligible to be an ‘ameer’ or an ameer RJ. So another cause of my dissatisfaction.

SYMPTOM No.6: I wasn’t born Katrina: You see, life’s pretty worse. Jitne deewane Katrina ke hain… humare kahan??? So, dissatisfaction to hai.. (Are you taking me seriously./…?? Pls. don’t :P)

SYMPTOM No. 7: Absence of a boyfriend : Probably, this one’s the most interesting one. Till date, many have proposed on air but ‘Mera to boyfriend bhi nahi hai’ Reason being I know people don’t fall in love with voices. Aur phir, kiske durdin aaye hain.. ki humein jhele…?? In all, personally I really don’t have time for a boyfriend, but as you let somebody know the fact, they behave awk…- with the mouth wide open they say “WhaaaatT!”

SYMPTOM No. 8: Regular RJing habits: I don’t know whether you know it or not but as an RJ we have to worry about everything. Our links, our shows, our triggers and what not. If even a link of mine is not delivered properly, I am tensed. I dream of studio, links even today. So.. even an improper show is a dissatisfaction.

For now, as I have already narrated so many causes, I should rather jump from a height, or kill myself. But no sweetheart. I mean it- A FEW PIECES OF DISSATISFACTION ARE GOOD FOR LIFE. FOR THEY KEEP YOU WORKING… WORKING HARD! DISSATISFACTION BREEDS PERFECTION!

So dear Listener, yes I am dissatisfied but I enjoy being one!!

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  1. Nice one :)
    can't beleive apka boyfrnd nhi hai . . .
    Nhi . . . Nhi . . . Nhi. .
    Kota ki girls se alag ho aap to. . .baki to ajkal 8 class se hi 4 boyfriend bana leti hai . .lol
    but kuch bi kaho. .
    Ap writer ban jao. . .koi novel likh do. . . Ap shandar likhte ho