Friday, December 3, 2010

JAB WE MET....My first meetings...!!

Originally, I guess... each hindi film ka director exclusively works on the concept of "how to introduce your actor in the movie..".
subah 10 baje ka time, bikhra sa kamra.. bed par 8-9 pink cushions... barbie alarm clock on the left side... 24*43 ki khidki par purple colour ka parda... and parde se jhaankti... sooraj chachu ki dhai kilo kiranein...and uspar bhi shot OK ho jaaye.. to well and gud...! Sahi bhi hai..first impressions do caste last impressions.. so all I have to do today is- describe my first meetings with the people I know, or to put it better who either- are in my call logs last week.. in my friend list.. or in my office.. or in my memories..:)

So beginning from the very beginning.. my footprints in Tadka.. 95 fm Tadka..
8 of us from Kota up for a training in Jaipur Tadka Office. Jhalana Building at JLN Marg. After entry formalities we reach the Tadka Wing. Alike other offices- glass doors, A saraswati maa ki moorti at the entrance (right side). Ek thought board at the same sight side with an FM Types thought.. (i seriously liked this one..!) We are asked to wait in a 'khopcha' on left side. Chairs are less.. we are asked to pull a few from the office.. By the time the STAR JOCKS OF JAIPUR ARE YET TO COME.. we spend our time watching the cards etc. And for me- feeling like- KAUN AAYEGA...?? YE KYA BALA HAI??

Any ways, after Vikas Sir.. entered two more people.. leaving no space for even a cat to accommodate... N now as the others presented...Presenting..

1. RJ SUFI- With a yellow jacket and payjamas on, entered looooonnng hair waala banda called Sufi.(Please don't mess up with the name SUFI- For though, it sometimes may sound like a female name.. it wasn't one). My co trainee muttered-" Yaar.. ye to RJ hi hai..baal dekh iske... " I think she wanted to compare the hair to a 'ghonsla' but she drank the thought after she noticed others' expressions. Finally, a hand pulled itself out.. and SUFI with a handshake spoke.."AUR LAALE DI JAAN.. KOTA KI TEAM...??" We smiled. He smiled back. Vikas sir introduced him as the 'record holder... non stop Sufi..28 hrs!' WOW..!(But frankly speaking.. Sufi- if you r reading... RJing hi samajh nahi aati thi.. 28 hrs??? wo kya hota hai..!:). But are really an awesome voice.. and we felt the same. Intelligence tumhari nazro se tapak rahi thi...! N bless us.. we were wiping our tears..hehehe
Ek shikayat: Why did you always search triggers for your show at the training meeting.??
Ek Tareef : RJs payjamas main bhi office aa sakte hain...your payjamas gave u da Rj type look. Coooool!!

2. RJ SANJAL: Sanjal...! oye hoye.. humne suna tha ladkiya iss awaaz par marti hain...ooooooo.!! Thadi par girls.. NOT ALLOWED!!
Another morning we sat thinking " aaj kaun sunega links..?" And then- We were told.. Aaj class SUFI nahi lega.. no intros were given to the new companion who sat besides us. Baadaami+ orange.. that was the colour of his T Shirt.. and yes he wore a locket with a star..ek bracelet bhi tha.. We kept talking of the shows. He told "Ek contest tha Sufi ke show ka.. ladko ko shaadi shuda dikhana ho to kya karein??.. Mangal sootr bhi nahi pehante wo to.." One of us asked.."are you shaadi shuda?" He asked "Why?". Co trainee said," ye locket.. ye aapka mangal sootr to nahi??" He immediately put da locket inside..."o sorry yaar... main to bhool hi gaya..!" And there we met Sanjal..Naam to suna hi hoga.. Ultimate humor, darata kam tha.. extremely practical..and near to heart. Socks bech diye they unhone apne on air.. sorry.. pahte socks! Almost all of us said.." sahi hai.."

Ek shikayat: Why did you always say da opposite of what Sufi said.?? (And personally- RJ Sanjal Kota kyo nahi aaya.. Kota to Station head Sanjal aaye they..:( )
Ek Tareef : Haven't met an RJ such down to earth..that's your strength.Coooool!!

3. RJ JIA: Hmmm... Jia...? Beautiful voice.. par miley to sahi..
tadka ke office mein training sirf male Jockeys dete hain.. Aisa laga humein. Ne'er mind.. wo kehte hain na.. jab aap kisi cheez ko shiddat se chahte ho to poori kaaynaat use aapse milane mein lag jaati hai.. SO I SAW JIA.. For the first time, it was from the khopcha itself.. studio dikhta tha wahan se... Sufi.. dressed in red.. told his co RJ.. "Kya kudiye.. kitne dino baad.. ye kaali salwaar pehni hai toone...ha..JIA..??" "ooo To ye Jia hai..?? Jaisi awaaz.. vaise hi darshan...aaye haaye.. ladikyo ka dil chura le.. ladke to kya cheez hai.."- I felt. The girl in white kurta-black salwaar-danglings.. and a khankhanaati voice.. she was JIA THE JINNIE.. SONE KI GINNI..! No training lessons so.. sirf darshan se kaam chalaya.. ye hai,, radio ki maha maaya.. waah!

Ek shikayat: Why didn't you train us...??
Ek Tareef : RJs khoobsoorat bhi hote hai.. match voice with beauty. Jia..!!

Purple colour ki shirt.. with a half jacket on..such solemn personality. It felt as if- iss chashme ke peeche kitni creativity hai re.. phone humesha silent par n ek minute mein hi 15 missed call- that was Vikas Sir.. His best par.. chashme ko centre se press karna.. and yes.. how so humble..! His words, "tu nahi jaayegi.. are ones that I remember the most.." (this was regarding who was to stay back.. finally at the Kota Station as an RJ). Yaar..'puchka'.. bada achcha word hai.. kuch ho skta hai ispar..dekho zara.."
Ek shikayat: mmmm.. pata nahi..
Ek Tareef : Silent creativity..!!.. a good idea comes from a bad one.. keep thinking!

5. VIJAY SIR: (Present Technical Head- Tadka Kota)
Dressed in a skin coloured T shirt.. one couldn't have even imagined, that this man is so... i mean.. he was 36.. but didn't even look like 26.. it was good. Shook hands in his first meeting with a short intro himself, "hi.. I am Vijay Singh Gaur.." Gaur sahab.. tab aur ab to different hain... Then I thought of him.. "so simple.." n today.. "ussey bhi simple..bus.. thoda'khat laga se' hi hai wo.." Thin, clear at heart.. and a 'bana'.

Ek shikayat: Why do you always have that paan masala with you.??
Ek Tareef : Aap achche ho.. bhala hi sochoge.!!

I think I can still write for others but time shall fall short.. readers..comment zaroor dena..!


  1. Nice description of various artists working with you or training you at the Jaipur office.

    Things can't get that easy as you think.

    Complaining is a part of life but is it possible to get all of them resolved.

    The way u have written this post is really awesome..:)
    Why RJs have such beautiful names?

    And yeah, i haven't heard any of these, but I have heard you and you are the best..:)



    p.s. stop complaining start working.. Filmy..hehe

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  3. wow ths is beautiful ....still giggling ..thanx :)
    all the best

  4. @nipun.. thanks for calling it awesome.. that's generosity..! :)par.. 'Things can't get that easy as you think.'.. iska matlab kya hai??

  5. @jia... abhi bhi khilkhilaati hui.. khankhanaati hui.. sone ki ginni... jia d jinnei..:)

  6. Your way of describing things is awesome. . . .
    Waoo. . !! :)