Thursday, December 9, 2010

A talking Portrait...

Are all writers so confused before they start...???
If they are not.. at least I am.. but yes the confusions have to end- only then can I start writing.. hmm???

It's 10 of December tomorrow.. The HUMAN RIGHTS DAY. I know most of us do not know what our Human Rights actually are.. so definitely, I am not planning to ask any. But yes, for tomorrow I do have other plans. Means k.. I think I have a surprise (don't worry.. i am not getting married). Actually it's my boss's birthday tomorrow. So all I could think is to write something for him.. something that describes him whole heartedly.

So... I met him at the Tadka Studios, Kota..(6:25 in the evening..approaching spring) In a white shirt and blue jeans, he was a frail man. Hairstyle achcha tha. Personal Height around-6 feet and Zubaan ki length- mat hi poocho. I think he needed no he was all too sunk in strictness ki chaashni; discipline ka powder sprinkled thereafter. Perfect boss they.

We sat in the backup studios where he came with his companion. He begun, "So.. is the whole team here?? No..?? OO.. office hours over?? Ok then. who-so-ever is here.. let them know that I have been sent as your head.. your programming head. Before I begin. who changed da songs in the playlist...?? (NOBODY REPLIED) Who-so ever has done it.. don't expect.. it will be tolerated any more. (Next line) We are 4 Rj's here?? Right?? Shona.. Guru.. Saavi.. Esha.. I came listening to all da stations.. And to be frank enough... the other stations are much better than you.. Esha.. you have a voice much similar to that of vidhi-my fm.. but you are too slow.. Shona.. I wasn't able to listen.. Guru.. I heard him then, he was fine.. and for the afternoon slot... the other station aanchal is doing good... she has a good flow.(ohh no.. kahani to shuru hone se pehle hi khatm ho gayi..afternoon slot mein karti thi)... Two lessons... No more easy working..and yes.. only we.. no body else.. ONLY TADKA.. NO MY FM.. NO BIG FM.."
Meeting khatm hui 42 mins mein, but asar gehra tha mere dost.

Thereafter, each time I met my boss, I knew he was our boss. One of our co RJs left and we two female jocks thought.. males were too different... Rather.. too indifferent.. they made groups.(males being -my boss and my co jock Guru). We talked less. But mind.. work utna hi tha.. jitna work.. work mein utni hi problems. He was rather a man of much expectations. Perfection desired.

Once he decided for a small ground activity. Told us.."Tomorrow evening at 7.. it's all decided. We have to go". My morning jock said,"I can't go.. it's not in my office hours.." AND I KNOW SHE MADE A BLUNDER. I remember his expression till today... he was so furious.. that even BIG B had to improvise. oooooooo my my. I sat next to him. For the first time I spoke to him as I felt, "Boss.. agar aapko bura laga to aapne bola kyo nahi.. " His anger pelted like raindrops. He replied, "That's it... I know what to do.. you guys don't wanna work.. I'll see". I know he was correct. I told my co jock the same matter; but sometimes matter ought to be longer than descriptions. The activity was cancelled. He left for his hometown for another weekend. We thought nothing.

When he returned, we together planned something for the morning show.(I wonder unka gussa thanda kaise hua... any ice cubes) He told us... " u'r doing nothing.. raise your standards... do something on your show. let the people feel you are onair." Mazdoor diwas exclaimed to be our first show types activity an OB..WITH KACHORIS TO MAZDOORS. Frankly speaking, till this moment also I felt- he made special efforts for the other two shows- except for mine. I really felt, he disliked me as an RJ.. As a human being. But sometimes you have no solutions (jab ques hi nahi maaloom ho.. answer kahan se aayega.. RJing was a big question mark.. I was simply a speaker who came to an FM STATION). He kept telling me.. do a ladies show.. but Iwasn't one.. kaise karti.. things are so blank. (Are you readers feeling that my story is too tragic.. if yes.. the major tragedy is yet to arrive.)

So finally, It was for the Royal Breakfast- my sunday show- a client had to be recorded. The client came and yes- as per the English medium arrogance I retorted, "WHAT'S your name...??..I'm saavi..". The interview ended and the client left. I went to ask boss.."Boss...What now??" He didn't answer. I re asked. And then did I face my career's biggest scolding. He shouted.."Do you ask names to your clients?? You have these nill reserves of etiquette.. Thinking as if you are a celeb. And he a fool." Donno y but I cried hard.. half an hour.. I had no reason to stop. I did not know my mistake (I was brought up that way na.. so). The same day I completed my works in office and went home. I realized I was wrong. BUT I FEARED BOSS NOW. I talked still lesser now. And did the most I could. I asked him things, but I knew he wouldn't take it wise. (sorry but I'm crying now..). When I asked him things He told me, But I could read it in his eyes.."this girl doesn't even know this much.??"

Boss.. if you are reading.. I literally knew nothing of RJing... our training was only 8 days old and we were taught almost nill. I was left alone from the batch. least learned. I wasn't a born RJ either. but in you words.."no excuses"

Days have to pass.. and so do the events. My boss.. a strange man.. he suggested us jobs we could leave for (ajeeb hai na..). But I realised.. he wasn't selfish.. he was cruel at teaching, but a good human. He taught us out of his experiences.. told us to be natural.. heartfelt.. but he didn't like me.

Finally things weren't actually too good, till he himself started RJing in Kota. Out of his motivation, our morning jock attained a better job.. and he was on air. The day he started RJing.. I think Rjing in kota got new definitions. The things, feeling, disasters.. that we never thought could be on air went. Can you imagine- we saved a girl's life by collecting funds on air. Humne gaddhe khode.. shaheedo ko shraddhanjali di.. paid lagaye... shaheed ajay ahuja park ki safai ki... cyle chalana.. and what not... we went as the socially interactive radios. We were the visual radio.. just because of him. Hats off to him! The more i heard him.. the more i felt.. mahaan hain wo.. jo achcha sochte hai.. boss you are great. His ideas have been more than inspiring.

But amongst all this.. I think on an Fm station I was lost. I thought... being good like him.. can help.. inspiration was my problem. I was immature.. and I made a mistake on air. meri life ki doosri badi daant.. I cried for two days..(meena kumari part 2) But I still knew I was wrong. I immediately changed. And this change was what I re-learn t from my boss. (re-thanks boss..!) After this.. i tried to be genuine enough... on air also.. and otherwise with ideas also.

Amongst all this.. he asked me to write regarding one of our event Press releases. I wrote it. fine. He asked for a proposal. I wrote.. my second proposal was what he liked.. I remember,, in the studios.. he patted me and said.."yaar tu likhti bahut achcha hai.." I was the happiest person on this earth... !! boss ne kaha achacha.. . That was the day.. I think I have been generously rewarded with writing material and my office mates now know it well. In between he liked a few scripts that I wrote.. and ideas were also rewarded.

For SARA JAHAN AHHAA NAACHE NAACHE.. I remember,.. I was on air for many continuous days.. I cried.. he wiped my tears and said.."pagal hai kya..?" We did many works together.. and I learnt a lot. And meanwhile, ek din he asked... "toone chutti nahi li na.. count kar how many shows..?" By God's Grace I could count.. and I told him on line.. "boss.. kal shayad 500 ho jaayeinge.."
BUT I KNEW. HE MADE MY DAY i wrote back to him
Respected Boss

People might know you as RJ , and surely they miss you at the
Jaipur site. But the gradual fact is that, they are unknown to one
who's my boss.... though too much for words, but you are the best
person as well as a boss I' v seen and met.programming... events...
thoughts... execution...BRANDING....!!

ye baat main apne poore hosh main keh rahi hoon...
baaki zyada senti hone ki nahi rakhi...!!

and possibly as an RJ I might not be that good for your
expectations... but till I am here, I'll work harder.

Thank you boss.
In paanch sau episodes main 499 aapke... ek mera...!!!


SO BOSS.. you are an amazing personality.. who inspired me for
1. your rjing... good rjs make good station heads
2. your feelings.. genuine feeling
3. your talent response
4. your non selfishness
5. your statement, "kisi ke jaane se koifarq nahi padta.."
6. your love towards us.
7. your management skills
8. your dominance
9. your pursuit for changes..
10. your dedication towards tadka (sleeping in back up..) etc.

but yes ... I hate you for going from here.. I hate you for this.. you have stopped all learning processes.. 4th January 2010.. i'll never forget this day.. (ek maheene ke liye.. double shows karwaaye hain aapne mujhse...heheh) bad boss..



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