Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wedding bells..???

Hallo everyone.. (if you are reading..). I must re-admit blogging is an excellent affair. More than you write- you think what to write- this thinking takes more than half of the time- you rethink you have to write - again you waste a couple of days- and then, agar koi moohoort nikal jaaye.. start writing. So, aaj moohurt nikal hi gaya.
43 seconds ago, I received a call stating, "namaskaar, main Airtel company se jaikishan bol raha hoon. Aapka shubh naam jaan na chahoonga. Dhanyawaad.. naam batane ke liye. Main aapko batana chahta hoo ki airtel company ne aapko ek 'abcd' offer ke liye chuna hai..." More than anything I should have noticed his single route hard wave voice, but no... I couldn't notice that. Main kuch aur hi sochne lagi (sry, sochna bandiyon ka janm siddh adhikaar hai.)

My younger sis told me, Jiji.. papa was searching matrimonials.
Me - So.. must be doing it for jiji (my elder sis)
Younger Sis - No.. he said look for 2 guys.
Me - Ha.. to
Younger Sis - To kya.. he was searching it for you.
My expressions suddenly changed to shock.. Itried to smile, but I knew, I was angry.
Don't ask me how old I am, but yes I started my Rjing in my teens. So, you can imagine.
The fact is, with the aforesaid conversation, I suddenly felt a pain in my tummy. Recalled each moment when my office mates said, "Saavi ki bhi shaadi ek din ho jaayegi..phir ye apne bachcho ke saath office aayegi.." "Yaar.. teri shaadi mein dance kareinge..." "Teri shaadi mein dekhna.." "Kaisa ladka milega ise..??". With these lines, I told my colleagues each time, "Dilli abhi door hai..baal vivah karwaaoge kya?? no wedding bells..!" And they often said, "OOO Kyo nahi hogi... tujhe sochna to padega... hoga, aisa bhi hoga" I smiled, for I knew- Dilli really mein door hai.

But since the time my sis has narrated my parents' intentions, I am actually not able to smile. (nahhi... mere saath aisa kaise ho sakta hai... ek shaadi ke prastaav ki dahshat tum kya jaano rames babu..)lo.. phir bhi drama create kar rahi hoo..)Donno why, but this isn't pleasing me. Priyanka Chopra told in 'dostana', "Ye meri life ka plan nahi tha".. So even I guess, my life's not going according what I had planned.At least at this moment, I expect- nobody should even mention my wedding.
I strongly beleive, after a baal vivah the girl/boy is into the big boss house.. where no salman khan arrives, but yes- dolly bindras are always ready to shriek right on your head.An Ammaji from 'na aana iss des laado' is always ready to plot something, and a dadisa... she can ask you to cook loads for the whole gaanv any time.

You might feel... they are merely watching; you aren't getting married tomorrow. Truth. But some thoughts are ne'er too good. Donno how the actresses are able to marry themselves a couple of times..moreover, her dulha also changes each time..(how nirlajj). Here, I am trying to keep myself normal... par shayad ho hi nahi raha. God.. please help me.. so that I can craft my problem to my parents. And more than this, THEY SHOULD UNDERSTAND.

For the first time in my life I have realized- aapke next day ke show ke alawa bhi apko kuch trouble trouble lar sakta hai..! bless me!


  1. lol!! I can totally relate to this post..loved it! =D

  2. thanx.. honeybunchsugarplum... sorry, i'm poor at blog settings/... tried to search your name but couldn't get.. so finally.. another piece of thanx..