Monday, September 6, 2010

life's different...!!

I must admit... blogging is not an easy affair.... the blog setting confuses me at times... in fact, it has been plenty times that i try to read mine.. but end up into somebody else's...(probably i have to stop reading my own blogs...aah). Any ways with a hope I'll learn soon... another post...

life's different... life's 'chuttiless' !!

Last friday, I completed my 800 shows on air without a miss (people call me the most regular RJ of the city!). Urgently I should feel like Muthaiyyaa Muralidharan or Maruti 800, but sorry to say nothing of this track followed me. In fact, it threw me into the backup memories of my life, where I never wanted myself to be an RJ.

I gave in my auditions because my sis wanted me to... and then because it was quite a little far away from my house, I joined my office. I wasn't my immediate boss's choice nor was I extraordinarily smart (in eyes of myself.. but donno about other heads), but still I was in. When I started working- I thought, I should speak...  10 days later, I thought I should be able to speak with the fader on...  another month later I thought I should be able to speak for 45 secs., two months still forward.. I thought I should be able to speak what People wanted from me.... and finally.. within, six months I felt - 'even I can speak of my choice.. which could be people's choice also!!' So Rjing, is not an easy stunt. And I re-learn from it, each day. Sometimes, it's far more from different.. BUT I AM HAPPY..@!

Well now, when U have known a little about my Rjing staircase, back to 800. So, initially when I had begun... I had never thought that I'll spell my life with RJ ing so regularly... I attended the office so regularly, just because of the following reasons. or in other words I owe my thanks to...
1. My thought, "chutti lene ka koi overspecial reason hi nahi"
2. My office guys, they arranged work or me so regularly.
3. My parents and my family never let me do even my work..(college forms..PAN cards etc.)
4. My boss.. who after 500 episodes thought 'I could do it!'
5. My college... where (by god's grace) the exam timings didn't even clash with the show's (jahan regular student hote hue bhi..I don't attend my college that regularly). on exam days I could rush to my show after exam or vice versa..
6. off-course.. my mike and console...that never went off for three regular hours.... my chair that never broke during the show... our traffic authorities and roads...with which i never met with an accident... my mobile that was on... whenever my boss wanted me on air... the machchars of my house n office,,,.. that ne'er ended me into..malaria...n the list is endless...!
(Please observe the repitition of the word 'regularly' because it can remind you.. I really never took a holiday...).

Anyways, after the thanks giving programme of mine, I should actually share, how 'chhuttiless' it feels when you are regularly on work. So now, for a next few lines.. i have to feel worse than a pensioner.. who has to get much... but gets nothing!!

My Experiences in short (not shorts!:)) The side effects of being a regular RJ..
1. After 6mths of my regular RJing, my Mamma Papa have automatically kept me out of any XYZ holiday plan. However (out of my fear), they still ask me..'chalegi kya..???' immediately followed by... 'ye kaise jaayegi..?'
2. No holiday packagers can ever contact me...!... guides NEVER feel free to catch my numbers... I never get any holiday tour sms's (yeee!)
3. When the office mates are actually discussing their trips, none of them fail to ask me... "yaar tu last time out of station kab gayi thi...???" (Which in turn is followed by a few 'non heard-able comments.)
4. The fact is... I am never able to put my 'yaatra'/ journey experiences on air...No Trains...No Buses... no journeys...!?.. (sirf sadko par chalti hoo... khayalon mein travel karti hoon ..!)
5. My Family members now feel skeptical to even launch a family function... followed by....beta tu chutti to le legi na...!?..
6. I almost bury myself into the core of the earth... when my collegues... my listeners.. my kaam waali aunti ji... the pegion next door...or any actor on television...also talks of moving to another city...
7. i almost feel...'na jaana kisi des laado...'or ''agle janam mohe RJ na keejo..'
8. i shall never be able to tell anybody...'ghaat ghaat ka paani pia hai maine..' city change no ghaat change..
9. but with this my office is all happier... Why?/ DOOSRI JOB KE LIYE BHI INTERVIEW DENE BAAHAR HI JAANA PADTA HAI...
10. My CL...(LEAVES....)...
sorry getting sen-tier... can't write any more.. bye..!!


  1. story of an rj ...congs 4 ur continuous efforts ...efforts still continues

  2. thanks jia... ek rj hi rj ko samajh sakta hai...

  3. Nice work.
    Hinglish usage is gud.

    Great expressions...:)



    p.s. RJing is not a piece of cake. I bow down to thee...:P

  4. thank you nipun.. vaise ab yaad aaya.. packing unpacking.. to bhool hi gayi...

  5. ye article poori tarah se sacchi ghatnao par aadharit hai......who else can understand better than me.....

  6. thank u boss... 4th and 3rd points aap hi ko samarpit! vaise aap na hote to ye likhna bhi impossible hota..!