Saturday, September 11, 2010

driving.........??? aah !!

The day seems not too pleasing... (tabiyat theek nahi hai na..isiliye..), but never mind.. when days are not fine... writings should be. So, after a previous semi-hit Blog post (aisa main samajhti hoo...sry!).. let me re-begin!!

After a dramatic thought over what to write on blogs, I finally decided that I can share another IGNORANCE of mine...Guess what...???

I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE. Ammmazzing isn't it?? (If you didn't feel amazing.. I must specify... YOU HAVE TO FEEL AMAZING!!.. for I write for this purpose itself... @!). Neither a two wheeler nor a four wheeler. But yes, if you can ask me to drive public (crazy) I can still give it a try (RJing..!). I remember, I learnt to ride a bi-cycle in class 8.. and when I shared the same thought with a class mate in those days... she retorted, " itni jaldi hi kyon seekhi... thoda aur late seekh leti..". I almost felt like telling her..'it's at least i have learn t... people don't even learn... and they simply bump into people!!' . But then, I thought it's Ok... if she cannot understand.. why waste words...? (hahhhah).

Well..Similar reactions are what I receive as a frequent gift hamper, as and when any 'driving learnt mahanubhaav' realizes "Saavi ko driving nahi aati???", they leave their mouth that wide open, that even a rat can run in n out,- which is immidiately followed by... "to seekh le  na... Ab to tujhe driving aani chahiye... I tell you... bahut faayda  hoga...yaar... you can go anywhere...!" . As usual, I listen to them, keep my mouth blunt shut... re-decide...'main bhi driving seekhoongi'.. and the idea soon.

It's not this way...that I don't wanna learn driving... but as other works.."kabhi zaroorat hi nahi padi...". Thanks to my parents, my sis and my office mates... who have never troubled me with any driving couches. They are actually too considerate to collect and drop me as a courier parcel (added with a raseed also.. lo jama karwake jaa rahe hain ise... please dekh leejiye auntie...).

And yes,I must admit... my each drive event is all a story of... "how to behave as a back-seater". In fact, to present the advantages of being a back seater...

1. You don't have to worry to be can actually tell the person who's driving..."Yaar.. late kyo aaya.. dekh... ab teri wajah se boss daateinge..."
2. You can actually cherish the thought of being a 'Raaychand'. Please understand with an example:
as my younger sis carries me anywhere and everywhere. as I continuously GUIDE her..." Aisa kar saamne waale ki gaddi main ghusa de... khel khatam ye... na tu.. aur na driving!" 
3. Along with this.. by the time the person in front of you is driving, you can always.. search triggers (rjing ke liye khaas), watch the traffic vyavastha (about which you have to comment the next day), watch girls with better dressing sense.. (however, in this area even guys can enter.. if they deservvvvvv...!.)
4. another petty thought.. you feel lovely to wake up somebody unnecessarily...(without realizing his/her trouble).." Chalo...mujhe chhodne kaun chalega...??"
5. You don't have to wait for anybody.. as the driving one is actually waiting for you.."kab aayegi ye ladki..?"
6. Nobody's papa can ever wake you up for any special driving causes..for example/.. "bhua aa rahi hai.. tu jaa kar le aa..." OR .. "beta... shaadi ke liye gift laana hai...chalo chalte hai.."
7. You actually do not let the people know... that you don't know.. that raasta...(yesssss!)
8. Though you have to act as a carrier backstage.. but it's Ok... It's at least better that holding the -'ilzaam of kar diya na accident..! '
9. Plus.. the Chaalaan charges do not bite your pocket..
10. Licensing formalities..with gaadi ka insurance are other activities that you are saved from.....and...
above thissssss

not to lie.. I think I can still invent a few more points... but  ab jhoot na bola jaayega...purely.. I SIMPLY WANNA LEARN DRIVING..
any tips....???


  1. get a driving license first , than learn driving....this is wht haapns in india.....

  2. Reasons and more reasons..
    I know u can pour out a lot more but I think 10 is enough...:P
    I actually can't help myself laughing because I could so well connect.
    Wish I didn't knew driving..:P
    There was a time when I longed to learn how to drive and that I know, I am going through all the curses which u just mentioned.
    My advice would be to re-drop the idea again and sit behind someone and relax, blaming the other for all the faults..:)

    A very good read Saavy...:)



  3. thanks nipun... i mean it!! chalo koi to hai... jo mujhe driving seekhne ke liye prerit nahi kar raha... mere shabd khatm ho jaate hain.. bt log convince hi nahi hote!!:)