Saturday, August 14, 2010

how to hide the poor...???

I heard it once as a famous dialogue, "clear crime...not criminals"
Who spoke and when- is out of my memory, but I know it's one of the heaviest dialogues, for even I could feel the weight on my shoulders. However, don't worry- I do not wish to create any more exaggeration to the matter. It's simply that I heard something similar to this.

To describe, soon it will time for the commonwealth and our government is purely interested in its success (WOW!!). In the same context, the Delhi government is making hard wave efforts to beautify Delhi (however the more it tries, the least it beautifies- eg. rootless poles, blistered roads, and smashing corruption wealth...sounds good!). And now as an extension, they are trying to hide the poor. So the boiling question is...HOW TO ACTUALLY HIDE THE POOR....

Let's Guess...

As the first suggestion, I feel that the Delhites should better close their eyes as soon as they see any poor. In fact, each tourist board for the commonwealth time period should be marked with a note- 'Please close your eyes with the sight of any poor. We shall think you are praying, but OUR WORK IS DONE!!.   And yes- don't forget to mention a Thank you.

If by chance this measure fails and we cannot force 'each one to close tonne', lets ask our officials to avail on rent- metres of curtains. Imagine, on each gully-cum-nukkad, national highway, railway station, bus stand or others, a waterproof curtain (neela waala) is hung along. And with the plan of 'conceal on sight', each so-called-poor shall run to our curtain every now and then. (Giving the couch potato look to each corner of Delhi....luka chuppi bahut hui...!). NOTE-Do not think of -affordability- as our government already has a lot of this..via taxes.

Next to mention is- Let's contact Aamir Khan. The 'oh-teri!' actor is actually known to lend the poor 'peepli' chance to exhibit what they are. Therefore in this case, we shall request Aamir to please construct another movie on a 90 degree angle, with a shooting schedule of at least 47 days. The peeplis shall act then n there and Completion of  Common wealth shall bring the 'poor' back..all in a moved avatar (3-d..!).

If by chance, even this idea fails... catch the contacts of Raamse Brothers. Why? They could lend us plenty 'naqaabs'. In this case, the government could distribute the same veils on each ration store, (that too with a discount). Infact, this shall  not only mark another  success of Government, but also raise its rare vision. And, I am sure, the Commonwealth will GET  IT!



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