Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bura Waqt- English mein Bad time!!

August 2014… that was the last time I wrote my blog!
Dear Sunday Socks, believe me- I have missed you equally. And why didn’t I write? Because offcourse- main busy thi! And now you will probably say- ‘ Busy… huh! Karte kya hain ye RJ- Bas radio par bolte hi to hain! Off course you are right… but the for that bolna- there is a lot of homework- classwork- fieldwork n what not! Ya phir ye keh lijiye… Saavi ki aadaten kharaab hai. Office mein 12 hrs… oh God! Office nahi sasural ho gaya. Guess what! Last year I took mere two holidays- and this time I have been sent on a holiday.
Literally, my Ma’am told – Saavi go for a holiday… GO! GO!
So there I am on a holiday. 7 days. Wow!

And Dear Reader, one more good news it has been seven years in radio now! Seriously Seven years! (Though before being a jock I had been a teacher. Yaani saadhe aath saal to job mein hi ho gaye. Tabhi to itti khadus hu main hahahh… N wid those saadhe aath saal- do you wanna know my age… aah its 25 do din baad 26 years) Khair, to be really frank- these 7 years have taught me a lot. I met some wonderful people- mentors of my radio career- listeners, such lovable ones. In fact, these 7 years have given me an awesome record too. 1000 episodes without a holiday!
But with those aforesaid lines dear reader, if you think this has been just a good journey… believe me- it is not! There have been some real pathetic times too. Jahan meri galti bhi nahi thi… but I was the sufferer. Thanks to some good people and my wonderful family- they kept me going! Nahi to apna fuel to kab ka khatm ho chuka tha. In fact, today I wish to narrate such a struggle knit time itself.

Actually, do you know how did 1000 episodes happen? Nah! I’ll let you know, I was in Kota, my first boss- RJ Sanjal called one fine afternoon n asked, “ Saavi tune shuruwaat se chutti nahi li hai na? Zara batana to kitne episode hue honge tere…” N I literaaly sat with a calendar to count. After say 12-15 minutes I called boss- “ Boss meri calculation kehti hai –aaj 499 hue honge” And then the other day a promo was aired- saying –RJ Saavi ke 500 episode poore! I wasn’t consulted and it actually it came as a wonderful surprise as for the first time a press release was published in my name- Tadka par RJ Saavi ke 500 episode poore. (Because I worked with Rajasthan’s No. 1 daily- press release was placed by my boss’s efforts. Actually, being a real strong media house- we had all coordination with the editorial department!) If you ask me I felt good- kyonki main ek bahut normal bandi hoo- I had never thought that life could be such good- RJ banna meri life ka plan tha bhi nahi. So jitna mila ooparwaale ne diya.

But then after these 500 hundred episodes- the listeners of Kota counted my episodes. More than me they were interested. This is what you call love of listeners. So now, no holiday purposely. I am an asthmatic, but because of the record even on days of bad health, I was on air. And listeners supported!
But the good days continued till 650 episodes only. Say why? Because my boss RJ Sanjal left the organization after my 650 episodes. I don’t know, how many of you believe that but a supportive boss makes it much easier to operate. To do. To accomplish. But without him- such a brotherly figure now what? Dear reader, you would ask me- Saavi show to aapko karna tha…isme boss kya karenge? I’ll tell you. Actually, then the people don’t want your good work to come forward. To explain it better, jab 500 episodes hue they, my boss mailed everyone from the higher authorities to mark my hard work. Many higher authorities of such huge organization called up to congratulate me. Par ab after 650 episodes those authorities who did not have good terms with my previous boss, didn’t even wish to narrate those episodes for which I was still working real hard. I talked to boss on calls after his departure. And I am happy, unhone humesha kaha- Saavi go on! Frankly, maine kabhi apne kaam se gaddari nahi ki- otherwise kai baar man karta hai ki chhodo sab..!

Par ek baat aur hai- sometimes, things have to happen. Bura waqt aata to hai. And it did come.
I remember, I had my exams in year 2011- April 2011- The month when I completed 1000 episodes . Yaani Saavi made for her show in the morning till 11 and then ran for her exam. Already manage karne ke liye itna kuchh aur oopar se… aap sure bhi nahi hain ki ye record set ho jaane ke baad bhi logon ko pata lag bhi paayega ya nahi. Aur kuchh dar sach bhi ho jaate hain.

And now, on 22nd April 2011, I did complete my 1000 episodes on air. But no promo was aired. No press release came in. Imagine, I came from the largest daily of Rajasthan but no one knew I had a record except my listeners. None of my seniors knew that. Why? Because my immediate seniors did not want my record to be displayed. This was the time that I questioned myself – Saavi… kyon itni mehnat ki? Why o why? I cried. Because I gave 1000 precious days of my life to radio. Par ab kya..? I remember, my parents were really happy with my accomplishment. They distributed sweets to my whole staff of 120. Undoubtedly, those who were in Kota office were happy- but no support from head office broke me. As I am reminded, I went to meet the editorial staff- mithai lete time wo bole- achchha aap hain saavi ji? Par khabar kyon naho dilwaayi akhbaar mein? Ab what could I tell them- that my radio seniors don’t want my work to be noticed. Pehli baar laga- Politics ka shikaar ho gayi saavi.

But then, how do I still hold a record? I have the answer. RJ Sanjal. Yes, the same boss did something that my good work was sent to And guess what, it was months later that I realized that I had the record in my name. Yaani 1000 din ki mehnat bekaar nahi gayi! And boss ka wo message “Radio has won today.. “ is still in my memories..!

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  1. Huiiiii ankh Nam :'( .... Saavi mam. Aapki har thing Har word inspire krteeeee mujhe :) _/\_ .. samay sbka aata h lyf mein but jo awasro ko pahchan leta .. jeeet jata h ... ^_^