Monday, July 23, 2012

I never wanted to be a Radio Jockey!

After 4 and a half years the occasion has come when Tadka is searching for its new brand RJ!! Registrations will start on the 25th of July and Auditions will follow. Thereafter- qualifiers and then THE NEW VOICE SHALL BE PUT ON AIR!! It's like... Hi main hoon... RJ...!

Past 5 days, I have been narrating to people how to rehearse to be an RJ. I guess they are confused and excited too. The most frequent questions are:
1. What do we speak??
2. What is the eligibility?
3. Any qualifications?? etc. etc.

Memories float down my eyes when I think of my auditions... the lane to be a Radio Jockey. And because I have promised to write a blog that describes my auditions... here I am with the New Brand Blog Post.. (Before the new Rj off course.. :)!!)

So it was the month of December in 2007. Date is something I'm missing.. but ya I remember the day- It was a Saturday! Cold but sunny. You already know... how much these Saturdays and Sundays count to the students. They are like strawberries in the plate of jamuns! So, I had a plan to sleep all the day to make the best of what you call a holiday. I made my mindset too!! But destiny.. it is carved!

11:30 a.m.:
My sis came up with a newspaper advertisement that contained the pic of a dude-sort-of-boy with headphones. It read " Do you want to be a radio jockey?? Walk in with your resume today!" I yawned, Told my sis.. "So...?? What Do I do??" My sis gave me a friendly glare (Jaise fair and lovely ka advt chal raha ho.. arey audition de..teri kismat badal jaayegi.. chal na try to karte hain...!) And I was like...NNNNNOOO!! To be specific I was a sort of anti-media girl. "Ye media waale na sirf time waste karte hain.. ?(Pehle to mera selection hoga nahi.. aur maan lo... agar ho bhi gaya... to )ye kahenge...aaj nahi, kal aana, kal nahi 7 days baad." I just thought... ye bhi koi life hogi... they'll waste my precious-gold-like days and I will be simply crushed. So I refused. But sweethrt... I tell you an Anandi waali dadisa with rockstrong dialogues.. and two sisters with 'emotional blackmailing talent' are world's deadliest combinations.. they give you no choice!

To chalo... chalna to padega.. Patrika office.

3:45 p.m.
Though I am not a good manager with funds... but ya... I can 'latify' the things. I mean the auditions had to close at 4 and we reached only 15 mins. ago. (ACHCHHA HUA LATE HO GAYE...SHAYAD AUDITIONS KHATM HO GAYE HO..:p)But as we entered.. what do I see... a line of at least 200 people was erect. And I was like.. Chalo badhiya hai... itne logon mein mera selection.. impossible.. such talented people na.. :) Any ways I stood in the line and my sis followed. A lady stood in front of me.. pretty prepared.. she had a paper also.. with something smthing written! Probably she rehearsed. An who-so-ever was visible... everybody wished to be a radio jockey. I was releived... " Chalo, with such prepared people.. at least I won't wate my time! yuuuhuuuu!

With every contestant passing by voices doubled Thet asked the bakra-who-had given-the-audition..." Yaar.. kya pooch rahe hain..?"

Meanwhile... even my chance arrived, I sat on the chair... the person with a light purple shirt and a pair of spectacles asked me " Describe yourself.." I did. He then told,"Koi joke aata hai?" I hardly remember any jokes.. so it was a difficult one.. I narrated a haathi waala joke.. jo aaj bhi mujhe yaad nahi.." On emore question and he told.." You wait don't go.."

Even my sis had finished with her audition and she wasn't asked to stay back. I mumbled.. " yaar ye phir 3 din baad batayenge.. they'll waste my days.. lel's move home." My sis told no...! Stay back.. if they have said.

But they diddn't.. they introduced us to a link (what RJs speak) and asked us to speak about Cricket, Cinema and Kota. I did and re-thought.. ab to direct ghar.. but this still didn't happen. Instead, a girl quite senior to me came to ask me.. "how did u speak?" I told what... ?? like this only.

What happened next is a history... and Out of 8 of us who were sent for the final training at the head office where...only I was left as a radio jockey! Nothing to be over-proud.. but I guess.. RJing was my introduction to me! It is good to be an RJ...especially when you wish to change people's life positively. And they do change... the lives! So far, if you google search "RJ Saavi" you'll find that saavi completed her 1000 episodes last april.

I mean it.. I never did things to show off! God has been generous! and listeners more than good! I just I tried to do it the better way!



  1. Hi.Your response to the first question [" Describe yourself.."] by the spectacled person in violet shirt might have made the difference.
    So I presume,it must have been a great description with lots of punch.
    Please Share those particular moments with us in detail.

  2. haahhahha.. do you really think so..? i think I gave the most normal-cum-wierd description... where I narrated 3 of my ill points... like "I don't actually love to brush my teeth.." but I have to..because of mamma.. :D